Best 2 Burner Camp Stoves

Best 2 Burner Camp Stoves: 6 Excellent Choices

Camping no longer includes dehydrated foods, or just eating what is available. The market today is flooded with excellent camping stoves, most of which are budget-friendly and allow you to cook scrumptious meals in no time.

Campers can now pick from the best 2 burner camp stoves that are available online as these are perfect to cook three-course meals with ease. Similar to other types of camping gear, the online market is filled with various options, and picking the best amongst them can be challenging.

Most often people might end up buying a low-quality product as it is available for a cheaper price, only to get disappointed at a later stage.

Adventure and good food go hand in hand when camping, and having a 2 burner camp stove you can rely on is a must. We have listed out the best camping stoves available online, making the choice a lot easier for you.

Best 2-Burner Camp Stoves

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the perfect 2 burner camp stoves available for purchase online.

6 Best 2-Burner Camp Stoves:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.8/5
GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.4/5
Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.3/5
Coleman Classic 2-Burner Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.9/5
Coleman Triton 2-Burner Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.7/5
Texsport Rainier Propane Camp StoveBest 2 Burner Camp Stove4.7/5

1. The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Camp Stove

Best 2 Burner Camp Stove


If you are looking for a top-quality 2-burner camping stove, the Camp Chef Everest Camp stove is worth a look. Known among the campers as one of the most powerful stoves available, it is easy to carry along.

The camp stove is known for its reliability, and cooking power, and these features make it stand out from the others.

The Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove includes two burners that are large enough to cook a decent meal in no time. The camp stove also features a simmer control, thus making it a must-have if you are planning on cooking diverse recipes.

Some of the added features of this camping stove are a carry handle, windshields, and its weight.

Though many campers might shy away from its price tag, this camp stove is a one-time worthy investment. The quality of the materials used, and the cooking power of this stove are incredible, thus making it a better choice when compared to the other alternatives available.

One noteworthy feature of this stove is the inclusion of a drip tray, which makes it easy to clean.

  • Amazing cooking power
  • Includes shields on the three sides
  • An easy to carry handle
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Can seem a little bulky when compared to other models in the market.

2. GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 Camp Stove

Best 2 Burner Camp Stove


Every camper looks out for a durable camp stove that is efficient at the same time. The GSI Selkirk 540 is one such 2-burner camp stove, which meets all the requirements of a camper, especially those who are camping the very first time.

The camp stove is loved for its compact design, and high portability. Though the stove has a low BTU, the food is cooked fast, and the flame does not fickle much with the wind too. One of the impressive features of this camp stove is the Piezo igniter, and the inclusion of an easy-to-carry handle makes it the best companion for camping.

The camp stove also includes windscreens that are releasable and easy to store due to their size. Apart from all the practical features, the camp stove looks amazing with its sleek design and a powder coat in orange.

The users did not have any issues using this stove, and some of them suggested carrying matches, just in case the auto-ignition flickers.

  • An efficient and durable camp stove
  • Performs exceptionally well even in windy conditions
  • Features auto-igniter
  • The ignition tends to fickle at times
  • Burners are slightly close to one another

3. Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Camp Stove

Best 2 Burner Camp Stove


If you are in search of the best 2-burner camp stove that is known for its performance, you might not find anything better than the Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner stove. The quality of the camp stove is worth every penny spent, and this is what makes it the best buy.

The Camp Chef 2 burner camp stove has a BTU of 60000, and it is perfect for large camp outings. The stove can also be used for cooking in the backyard of your home.

The freestanding camp stove has very sturdy legs and each of which can be easily adjusted. This way, you can ensure that the stove stands sturdy when even the surface is uneven. The price of the camp stove is pretty budget-friendly, however, it also lacks a few advanced features like auto-ignition and there is no additional protection for the burners as well.

One of the advantages of this camp stove is its simple design and its ease of use. The stove is perfect for those larger outings and even for those beginner campers. So, if you are looking for a performer within a budget, this is the one to choose.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and adjustable legs
  • High BTU
  • A little on the heavier side

4. Coleman Classic 2-Burner Camp Stove

Best 2 Burner Camp Stove


If you are thinking that there might be nothing special about the Coleman Classic camp stove, you might be wrong. As the saying goes, the first looks might be deceiving, and the stove that looks simple might be a great performer. The same goes for the Coleman Classic 2 burner camp stove.

The camp stove is available for a thrifty price, and it performs quite well. The stove comes with windscreens that provide resistance from wind and of course its compact size. Though the camp stove looks small, the cooking area is large enough to cook two meals at once. And, this verdict comes from those who have tried and tested it.

The camp stove has a BTU of 22,000 and includes the bush button ignition option. The adjustable burners make it easy to control the temperature, and the pressure regulator provides highly consistent performance.

If you are looking for a camp stove with a pocket-friendly price, that is easy to clean and maintain, the Coleman Classic camp stove is the one to pick. Above all, it also comes with an impressive three-year warranty.

  • Affordable price
  • Windscreens can be adjusted
  • Good and convenient size
  • The handle of the stove is a little sharp

5. Coleman Triton 2-Burner Camp Stove

Best 2 Burner Camp Stove


The Coleman Triton Camp Stove is an excellent pick as it not only provides good cooking power but is reliable and available at a competitive price. The camp stove has a tabletop design and includes two high-performing and adjustable burners. The stove can be run with the help of a propane canister of 16 ounces.

The camp stove has good simmer control and is one of the few stoves available at this price range that can be used to cook a diverse range of recipes. Also, the stove weighs about 11 pounds, which is quite a manageable weight for campers.

So, you can easily carry it in your car, or store it in your house without worrying about space. This is one camp stove that is perfect for backyard camping too.

Though the camp stove has impressive features, it falls short of the cooking space. However, the stove can easily accommodate two 10 inch frying pans. If that is one factor that you are willing to overlook, the Coleman Triton is indeed a good investment and will stay for years with you during your camping adventure.

  • A durable high performing stove
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent price
  • No auto ignition
  • Does not provide much protection from the wind

6. Texsport Rainier Propane Camp Stove

Texsport Rainier Propane Camp Stove


Our list of the best 2 burner camp stoves cannot be complete without the inclusion of the Texsport Rainier Propane Camp stove. The compact style of the stove sets it apart from others in the list, and as the same suggests, it works with propane.

The stove also includes both sides as well as rear windscreens, which provide good resistance from the wind.

The chrome-plated grid of the stove makes it easy to clean and helps it last longer. The two burners are adjustable and are anti-clog. So, the next time you are out camping, and something spills, you need not worry about the clogging of the burners at all.

The overall look of the Texsport Rainier camp stove is quite impressive. The stove is made of heavy gauge steel and comes with a bright red powder-coated finish. The propane cylinder is not included with the stove, but campers can easily buy one online.

If you are looking for one great camping stove at a great price, the Texsport Rainier Propane Camp stove is worth a try.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good temperature control
  • Inclusion of rear and side windscreens
  • Does not include auto ignition

Factors You Need To Consider When Buying A 2 Burner Camp Stove

As there are various types of camp stoves online, there are a few factors you can keep in mind to make a perfect pick. We have listed a few below.

The burner power

The heat generated by these burner camp stoves is always measured as British thermal units. The more the BTU, the faster the food gets cooked. Hence, it is important to check the BTU of the camping stove before making a purchase.

The fuel used

Most of the camping stoves are run using propane. As propane works well in any season and can be found easily, the camp stoves run easily with this fuel.

But, there can be a problem when the temperatures are low, or when it is literally freezing outside. The performance of the camp stove that uses propane might diminish.

This is what makes it important to choose a camp stove that runs on liquid fuel. If you are an all-season camper, you can pick a camping stove that runs on butane. If you do not want to worry about gas or fuel, you can always buy a wood camping stove instead.

Grills or griddles

One of the most common types of camp stoves you can find mostly has two burners and include one grate. If you are planning to cook a variety of recipes, you should look for camp stoves that have a grill included or can be used with various grill attachments.

Many of these attachments are available separately and can be purchased online with just a click.

Type of ignition

If you want to have a hassle-free cooking experience when camping, you need to opt for the button ignition. Though the traditional match style of ignition can be fun, you can be safe when you opt for automatic ignition.

But, a single-click button ignition does come with a price tag, so be prepared for it.

The burners

A two-burner camp stove works like a charm for most campers. If you are looking for a lightweight option, you can opt for a one-burner camp stove, but if you are on a family or group adventure, it is a must to have a two or three-burner camp stove.

Ensure to pick a camp stove with the right number of burners based on the style of cooking you wish to do, and the people on the trip.

Ability to simmer

Once you spend money on a high-quality burner camp stove, it should include some impressive features like simmer control. This option provides an added advantage as you can prevent cold spots or need not worry about any scorched food.

A camp stove with simmer ability also saves on fuel, thus helping you save money in the longer run.

The type of camp stove

Campers can make a pick from the two popular styles of stoves available in the market – the tabletop and the freestanding stoves. You can pick one based on the travel style. If you are looking for a stove with a higher output, you can pick the freestanding stoves.

But one important thing to remember is that these stoves are larger as they have four removable legs. If you are looking for one lightweight option, you can pick the tabletop stoves, which are easy to carry around, and hassle-free.

The size and the weight of the stove

If you can ride your vehicle near the camping site, you need not worry about the weight or the size of the camp stove. However, if you are planning to backpack or are worried about the space in your tent, you should give these factors a second thought.

The more the burners, the heavier and larger the camping stove would be. So, make sure you pick a 2 burner camp stove that is light in weight and can be carried with ease.

The wind performance

If you wondering what a wind performance is, well let us explain! The camp stove you pick needs to withstand the strong winds, enabling you to cook your meal.

As the flames are always wind-sensitive, you need to pick a stove that has windshields on the sides. A camp stove needs to have a windshield even when the weather is perfect as even the slightest wind can disrupt the flames and the cooking.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best 2-burner camp stove can be quite challenging when you have an impressive range to pick from. However, the choice can be made easily by deciding on the number of burners you want on the stove, and then the design.

Campers can pick from a freestanding camp stove like Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner or a compact one like The Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove, which happens to be our personal favorite.

Whatever choice you make, make sure you pick one based on the space available, the type of cookware you use, and the number of people you are cooking for. We hope our reviews will be able to help you make the right choice based on your budget and appetite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get a tabletop or a freestanding camp stove?

The choice of stove depends on the style of cooking and the place of camping. If you are looking for a larger high output model, you can always choose a freestanding stove.

A tabletop camping stove is ideal for camping as most of the models are lightweight, and compact, making it easy to carry around.

What is the ideal BTU I need to look for?

Most campers prefer camping stoves that have a BTU of 20,000 or more. But, you also need to consider fuel consumption as the more the BTU, the more fuel it consumes.

So, if you are using a propane camp stove, it is always helpful to carry a few extra canisters.

Is simmer control a must?

If you are planning to cook recipes with a little finesse, you certainly need to invest in a 2 burner camp stove that has simmer control. If you want to master the art of cooking a perfect camping meal, you certainly shouldn’t think twice about buying a high-end model like Camp Chef Everest.

Where can I buy the best 2 burner camp stoves with ease?

Most of the high-end 2-burner camp stoves are available for purchase online. Just check the specifications, and you are good to bring home a camp stove for your next adventure.

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