Best 2 Person Camping Tents

Best 2 Person Camping Tents: Amazing Choices For Couples

Camping for a whole bunch of people is a secluded and intimate affair where two people are more than enough to relax outdoors. This statement is true as it so happens that 2 person camping tents are the most popular tent models on the market.

It carries the perfect balance in its dimensions in terms of size and weight. Backpackers and hikers find it twice as lighter to carry and convenient to use. Simply keep in mind the floor print area of the tent as there might be size variations in everyone using them.

Smaller-sized tents do not however mean that they lack durability or functionality. The number of people using the tent may be less in number and but there are features that are unique to each tent. Making smart camping choices also entails buying a tent that suits your space requirements for you and your gear.

Camping may involve hiking up steep trails where a heavy tent might weigh you down. 2 person tents also come included with vestibule space areas, double-walled designs, double doors and so much more.

The structure of the tent may depend on the tensile strength, pole strength, water-resistant and weather-resistant qualities of its materials.

Here are some of the best 2 person tents shortlisted for all types of camping activities.

10 Best 2 Person Camping Tents:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.7/5
KAZOO Waterproof Ultralight 2 Person Camping TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.4/5
Coleman 2 Person Sundome TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.9/5
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.8/5
Bessport 2 Person Tent for CampingBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.2/5
Alvantor Backpacking Lightweight TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents3.7/5
Fltom Ultralight Teepee Tent for 2-3 PersonsBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.3/5
MOON LENCE 2/4/6 Person Camping TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.5/5
Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent for 2-3 PersonsBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.6/5
OneTigris COSMITTO 2 Person Backpacking TentBest 2 Person Camping Tents4.3/5

1. MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


MSR Hubba Hubba NX-2 is arguably the ultimate waterproof 2 person Tent. It weighs only 1.6kg. This lightweight tent occupies less space inside any backpack.

It is really easy to set. Right after fixing the poles, the nylon fabric is spread out following an instinctually easy process. Proper air ventilation is facilitated through the gaps that make the interior breathable. The floor space of the tent is spacious for two people.

The ovular shape of the NX2 allows efficient utilization of the whole space inside the tent. The rainfly provides extra protection in case of wet weather. The MSR fabric coating itself provides three times greater protection against rainfall.

This round-shaped tent provides 29sq. feet floor area although its 39 inches in height doesn’t make much room for headspace. Then again, you can use this tent for stargazing with your partner, given its 17.5 sq. feet vestibule area.

Key Features:

  • Xtreme Shield Waterproof Coating accounts for double resistance.
  • Easton Syclone Poles give it extra durability.
  • Includes a 17 sq. ft. vestibule area.
  • Includes poles/stakes, rainfly, and guy lines.
  • Shape of the tent maximizes space.
  • Has a lightweight freestanding design.
  • Not enough height to support standing up.

2. KAZOO Waterproof Ultralight 2 Person Camping Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


Kazoo Waterproof Backpacking Tent is popular for being lightweight, environment-friendly, strong, and ultra-weatherproof. It weighs 2.39kg.

Its liner is made of B3 mesh and 190T breathable polyester. The rainfly is with 210T Ripstop Polyester material. Such lightweight materials are credible for providing the best service with 2 years Warranty.

In order to make it sturdy enough for two people inside the tent, a premium 7001 Aluminum Poles area is used. Setting up the tent takes only 3 minutes.

It offers a room-like feeling with 51” x 82” x 39” space inside. The dual porches in both the doorways provide enough storage area for your camping gear. It is available in two colors i.e. light yellow and green.

Key Features:

  • Weighs only 5 pounds making it an ultra-light tent.
  • Consists of two layers – B3 mesh and 190T breathable Polyester.
  • Gear storage facilities are embedded in the design of the tent.
  • Mesh panels are available on the walls and above the door.
  • Superbly spacious as a lightweight tent.
  • The aluminum pole structure gives you standard stability.
  • Well ventilated interiors.
  • Not designed to withstand high wind speeds.

3. Coleman 2 Person Sundome Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


Next up on our list is the Coleman 2 Person Sundome Tent. A classic selection when opting for a tent that is both waterproof as well as windproof.

Its fiberglass material deals robustly with the strong blow of wind. Its large mesh windows and doors allow for excellent airflow. The ground vent is useful too in making the tent even airier.

The imported Polyester Taffeta 75 denier flysheet never allows a single drop of water to get through, even under heavy rainfall. The welded corners and inverted seams of this round-shaped tent help the water to flow right outside the tent.

In addition to that, there is a rainfly. This 3.4 kg tent takes 10 minutes to set up. Its e-port allows electric power inside.

Available in both navy and grey combination along with green, it is one of the best 2 person camping tents.

Key Features:

  • Excellent weatherproofing with inverted seams and welded corners.
  • Tested against rain as strong as 35 mph.
  • Windows and ground vents make it extra airy.
  • Comes included with an E port for convenient use.
  • Expect superb amount of ventilation.
  • Excellent weatherproofing and wind resistance.
  • Does not have too much room for camping gear.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx tent has only two aluminum poles which make for an easy to set up tent structure. The waterproof and UV proof polyester material utilized in the rainfly is useful giving you extra storage space.

It has double doors and two vestibules facilitating more airflow to make it feel evenly breathable. The gear-loft is the safest place to keep important items along with the side mesh storage pockets in the tent.

The floor of the tent is seamed into the fabric by the manufacturer, so as to provide the ultimate weather protection even under the harshest of downpours. Its 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with 2000mm coating reassures you of more safety. Its base size is 5’ x 7’6 while the center height is only 46”.

The tent area is 37 square feet wide, and the vestibule area is 20 sq ft. This 5lbs. (almost) lightweight tent occupies 6” x 20” of space when packed. It is definitely one of the best 2 person camping tents on this list.

Key Features:

  • It has a two-pole aluminum freestanding tent design.
  • Two large window panels on both sides for extra ventilation.
  • Rainfly is made from Polyester for extra rain and UV resistance.
  • Superbly lightweight tent useful for mountaineering trips.
  • Plenty of facilities like extra storage, guy lines, and aluminum stakes.
  • Has two vestibules.
  • May not be reliable against heavy wind speeds.

5. Bessport 2 Person Tent for Camping

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


This Bessport Tent is ideal for when you want to shift your tent frequently even after setting it. The sun’s harsh rays shifts as the day get brighter.

To keep the tent cool, it is important to shift the tent from underneath direct sunlight. This 2 person tent weighs 5.2 pounds with 7001 series aluminum alloy stakes reinforced with ultra-lightweight mesh walls and a rainfly.

It occupies a 43.5” H x 86.6 L x 48.4” W area along with a 31 square foot canopy interior area. Suitable for all seasons. Available in six different colors.

The Speciality of the Bessport Brand is that they guarantee quality otherwise you can avail of their replacement or refund policy.

Key Features:

  • Two vestibules are accessed by large D-shaped doors.
  • Its in-taped seams make it an impenetrable barrier against humid weather.
  • Rainfly gives you complete coverage from the rain.
  • Freestanding ultra-lightweight tent.
  • This tent is highly easy to set up.
  • Durable and has impressive weather resistance.
  • Can be transported even in set up condition.
  • The tent does not have see-through mesh layering.

6. Alvantor Backpacking Lightweight Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


The Alvantor backpacking tent is a lightweight tent with impressive waterproofing. The tent weighs approximately 1.8 kg and is designed as a teal-colored dome occupying 83” x 55” x 42” of space when popped open.

Perfect for 2 heads! Suitable for all three seasons. Packing it is as easy as setting it. Occupies 18” x 5.5” space when packed.

Besides being lightweight, its unique design makes it highly favored amongst users. To keep it sturdy against strong wind speeds and to protect from small critters the ‘No-See-Um’ mesh is used as a perfect shielding measure.

Even though Alvantor is a US-based company, they provide certifiable speedy services to their product users living anywhere in the world. It is one of the best budget-friendly 2 person camping tents.

Key Features:

  • High-quality lightweight tent material.
  • Tub-shaped floor made from durable PE tarpaulin.
  • U-mesh windows provide excellent ventilation.
  • Triple cross pole design for extra endurance.
  • The unique shape of the tent amplifies weather resistance.
  • You can set it up or dismantle it in no time.
  • Recommended for backpacking, overnight camping, and even sporting events.
  • Tent design may take a bit of backyard practice.

7. Fltom Ultralight Teepee Tent for 2-3 Persons

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


This 2 person camping tent weighs only 1.45kg (3.2lbs). It has a heat-resistant stove jack inside. Fltom’s exceptional manufacturing strategies have made this tent exceptionally lightweight than any other tent in the market.

The olive green tent comes with a single-pole, a Teepee Tent, 1 Hot Flue Pipes Cover, 4 Ropes, and 12 Aluminum Stakes. Both the doors on either side of the tent have extra door panels to make it breathable with Velcro closure.

The cone-shaped design helps the snow to slip down faster during winter. To facilitate extra endurance against the UV rays on summer days, its 210D 100% polyester is PU coated. It is efficient enough to protect the tent in the monsoon too with PU300 waterproof rating.

The 3000mm rainproof rainfly is manufactured with high density and rip-stop polyester. All said and done, the Fltom Camping Hot tent is an affordable yet efficient solution for two people.

Key Features:

  • 210D highly dense polyester with PU3000 waterproof rating.
  • Octagon cone-shaped tent with 2 door design.
  • Included with a stove ventilation hole to avoid condensation within the tent.
  • Easy to assemble tent design.
  • Sturdy tent against varying weather.
  • Enough space for two individuals.
  • Available only in one color i.e. Olive Green

8. MOON LENCE 2/4/6 Person Camping Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


Moon Lence tent comes in two other size variants among which all are waterproof, wind-friendly, and provides excellent UV protection. This lightweight (2.7kg) tent can be disassembled easily and carried in a bag.

A single camper can easily be set it up within 15 minutes and there is plenty of room for 2 adults inside. The 190T Polyurethane material protects you from rainfall as dense as 1000mm, and from UV rays as well. Given that it is a double-layered tent, it is able to protect you from any kind of extreme weather conditions.

A single D-shaped door and two windows along with ground vents over a large portion of the mesh make it highly breathable. The design of the tent doesn’t resist the wind but lets it slide by it, making the tent greatly useful on harsh windy days.

A portable night lamp can be hung at the intersecting part of the two poles. There is a mesh pocket with two sections to place small essential items. It is one of the best 2 person camping tents that doesn’t cost much.

Key Features:

  • A highly spacious 2 person tent.
  • All-round weather protection; water resistance, UV resistance, rainfly.
  • D-shaped doors with dual zippers.
  • Ground vents and two windows to facilitate ventilation.
  • Highly durable in harsh weather conditions.
  • Excellent ventilation within the interior of the tent.
  • Fully set up design stands strong against strong winds.
  • May lack sufficient vestibule space.

9. Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent for 2-3 Persons

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


The portable automatic Hewolf tent opens up in 3 seconds! This family tent takes about the same amount of time to be packed up again.

The hexagon shape of its design is suitable for housing 2-3 adults, or about 4 children. It is a 54.3’ high tent on the inside the tent giving you plenty of head area to sit upright.

The mesh rooftop allows daylight in during the daytime. There are two double-layered doors. Its doors are aligned with polyester fabric and can be used as a canopy. It helps to keep protected from sunlight while enjoying the outer view.

The mesh door helps to keep unwanted guests out at night. Using the mesh doors with a ziplock system, the tent can be made airy at night. When the night sky is completely clear, one can remove the rainfly and enjoy the star-lit night through the stargazer.

Hewolf Brand offers a lifetime warranty and easy pole replacement service.

Key Features:

  • Double layered waterproofing.
  • Instant setup mechanism.
  • Lined with breathable polyester for excellent ventilation.
  • Superbly sturdy designed with the help of guylines.
  • The tent is well ventilated and offers super weather resistance.
  • The design has a stable support system that fixes it to the ground.
  • Hewolf offers a lifetime guarantee for the product.
  • Might be slightly pricier than other tents.

10. OneTigris COSMITTO 2 Person Backpacking Tent

Best 2 Person Camping Tents


Another one of the best 2 person camping tents, this OneTigrisTent is a long-lasting companion and has proven to be a great performer in all seasons. The silver-coated fabric protects your tent’s interior from UV Rays.

With two 7001 Aluminum Alloy poles and 20D Plaid Ripstop Polyester construction, it is a tear-free tent with high longevity. The tent’s bottom has rugged durability while being covered with 75D Nylon material.

It has a 1500mm waterproof rating.

With 2.4kg of weight, this dome-shaped tent provides 2ft x 4.3ft x 3.6ft space inside. In addition to two adults, all your belongings have plenty of room inside the tent. This user-friendly shelter takes up only 23.6” x 6.3” fully packed space inside your backpack.

With two zippered doors, it is quite airy and well ventilated. In two large mesh pockets, you can make space for essentials conveniently. You can spend comfortable and relaxing nights in this tent.

The hexagonal shape of the outer tent provides strong wind resistance given its perfect structure.

Key Features:

  • Tent material aligned with 20D plaid ripstop polyester.
  • 75D nylon makes the tent bottom highly durable.
  • 1500mm waterproof coating.
  • Super easy set up design with 2 zippered entrances.
  • Ideal for backpacking trips in a highly humid climate.
  • Highly spacious interior for two adults.
  • The hexagonal design resists wind super efficiently.
  • Not an instant set up tent.

Best 2 Person Camping Tents: Buyer’s Guide

Before you make a decision to choose a tent, you must look take the following factors into consideration. So that you buy the best 2 person camping tent according to your needs.


Two-person tents are actually the base level of tent sizes. On most occasions, individuals would buy tents for solo trips so that they can enjoy the extra space for their leisure.

Two-person tents often used for two individuals may feel slightly claustrophobic. There is not enough legroom or headspace to stand up in. In case of cold weather, you would need to snuggle up with your partner to beat the cold.

The floor space of a 2 person tent doesn’t support enough room to fit in any air beds. So it’s best to resort to lighter bedding measures like a sleeping bag.


The material used to construct tent covers is a choice between polyester and nylon. Nylon mixed tents are more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions at half the price of polyester tents.

Polyester tents are more useful for summer use to make the interiors feel more breathable. The latest range of tents is equipped with cuben fiber or Dyneema material which makes the tent lighter in weight and twice as strong.

There is only one drawback to this material is that on goes the risk of abrasion. Best suited for short-term use and as ideal trade for lighter weight.


Traveling away from your home and carrying a temporary setup to a location free of urbanity is the entire point of camping. Being able to transport your tent with ease is marked as the most essential feature to campers who travel solo.

You will need to consider the volume of the tent in its folded form and whether a carrying bag comes included with it. Two-person tents are designed to be convenient so that you have no trouble tucking it up in your backpack and walking up to any hill you choose.

Irrespective of size, tent manufacturers must always pay attention to your tent’s need to deliver on portability.


Truly convenient camper-oriented tent designs are one’s that don’t leave any room for confusion when setting up the tent. Campers may need to pitch their tents at any time during the day without foreseeing what type of circumstances they would be in ahead of time.

So whether it is in the rain, at night or at mid-afternoon. Setting up the tent should be the easy part. Backpacking trips are already exhausting as it is and the hiking trail may not always be the best spot to camp.

Off-trail camping locations can be tricky, therefore the process of pitching the tent should be easy to follow.

Weather Resistance

Your tent’s ability to withstand weather conditions is the foremost box to tick off on your tent checklist. Living outdoors requires some degree of preparation otherwise you could end up high and dry.

There needs to be a rain fly or water-resistant material protecting you from the moisture. The flysheet prevents the morning dew from seeping in through the outer layer of the tent, which otherwise would have made the interior feel damp.

There are different resistance ratings on varying tent models. The more season coverage you have on your tents, the more durability and longevity you would get.

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A 2 person tent is a budget tent for campers, hence price plays a key factor in delivering quality. You would pretty much get the quality you are hoping for if you pay close attention to the pricing of the tent.

Camping expeditions require tents that keep them safe and ready for uncomfortable situations which is why you can’t replace price with affordability. A standard quality tent comes in around $200 to $250.

This price is subject to change depending on the weather resistance and additional features like quiet zippers, extra waterproofing, star gazing features, and so on.

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In order to use the tent longer, it has to last longer without giving way. Your tent’s durability is a question of the combination of fabric and structure material.

If you are doubtful regarding the quality of construction behind your tent, you can test out the tent in your backyard if need be.

After set up is complete, your tent should be able to stand against wind speeds, the weight of rain and retain minimal or no damage to its structure.

Doors & Windows

Tents with two doors and two windows give you the ideal amount of ventilation you need. There is twice as much airflow within the tent that way.

Many of the two-person backpacking and free-standing tents on our list possess a pair of windows and doors.

Consider a tent with an added vestibule area which makes it further convenient to move in and out of the tent without trampling over each other. The vestibule also serves as an added porch area that lets you store essential gear just outside your tent space.

Usually, the doors of your tent are on opposing sides which means that anyone can get in or out of the tent from either of the sides.


What is the difference between a freestanding tent and a non-freestanding tent?

When the fabric of the tent is laid out over the structural framing to create a pre-attached support system, it is called a free-standing tent. Conventionally, non-freestanding tents are dependent on trekking poles or tent sticks to help them stand upright and are then tied down to the ground to keep the structure firm.

Campers who like to camp the traditional way prefer your usual tents while lighter alternatives like freestanding tents appeal to the minimalist camper. It makes a greater concession for saving space and weight.

Difference between packed weight and minimal weight?

You might have all come across these two subtle terms that phonetically don’t sound any different. When packing your tent you will need to make extra room for your tent kit, stakes, weight sacks (minus the sand), and other accessories.

These added items would add to the weight and the total weight is called the ‘packed weight’ of your tent. On the other hand, an inflatable tent makes up for the lack of functionality by making your burden lighter.

The lightest weight of your tent minus all other tools and amenities is known as the ‘trail weight’ or ‘minimal weight’ of your tent.

What is the standard size of a two-person tent?

There is no standard size when it comes to tents, which means one needs to assess the true dimensions of the tent themselves. Your tent’s weight, height, and size are compulsorily mentioned on your tent’s packaging by the manufacturer.

Most two-person tents are ideal for solo campers. Unless you are carrying a larger two-people tent that has an extra vestibule space for camping luggage, you may need to consider if a two-person tent is truly the capacity you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Two-person tents present the lightest, easy-to-setup, most conveniently portable tent solution you can opt for. Every tent is different, except for a few key features which remain consistent under a category of tents.

In our list of best 2 person camping tents, each design has its own unique traits that swap one advantage for another and adjusts it into the price of the tent.

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