Best Camping Tents For Family

Camping with family and kids is the perfect way to unwind and bond with your family at the same time. It is crucial to find the best camping tents for family that has enough space in it while ensuring it is easy to set up.

Because the last thing you want while camping with your family is to spend half of the day trying to set up a tent, let alone cramping your entire family in it.

A tent is of course the most essential gear of a camping trip. They are your only viable shelter when you are outdoors, so buying the right tent is the first step towards a safe and happy outdoor journey.

Even if you can afford an RV for a camping journey with your family, the tent is an indispensable asset.

There are endless options both online and offline in the market for tents. Do not let the vast range of tents puzzle you.

To save you from trouble and buy you some more time for the planning and preparations of your camping trip, we have made a list of the best camping tents for your family.

Best Camping Tents For Family

After days of research and testing, we have enlisted the 8 best tents that you can choose from while buying a tent for camping with your family.

At the end of this article, there is a buyer’s guide to help you understand what your best pick should be.

Let’s dig in!

8 Best Camping Tents For Family:

NameImageRatingNumber of PersonsWhere To Buy
Zone Tech Family Instant Pop Up TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.6/53-4 Persons
KTT Large TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.8/58-10 Persons
KAZOO Waterproof Family Camping TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.4/56-8 Persons
CAMPROS 9-Person Camping TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.9/59 Persons
Keenso Outdoor Family Camping TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.3/53-4 Persons
CAMEL CROWN Camping Dome TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.1/52-5 Persons
Noti Four Seasons Camping TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.7/510 Persons
NTK Philly GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping TentBest Camping Tents For Family4.5/53-9 Persons

1. Zone Tech Family Instant Pop Up Tent (3-4 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


The Zone Tech tent is one of the best pop-up tents you can have in the market when it comes to camping tents for a family. It is quite spacious and extremely comfortable for housing over 3-4 people comfortably.

It is also a great choice for any outdoor camping trip, especially when it comes to accompanying your family. The tent comes with special features like two doors which are not generally seen in others. The ventilation is amazing and supported with unique quality mesh.

Mostly, the meshwork is manufactured in such a way that you can easily have fresh air in your tent while keeping it completely impermeable to mosquitoes. Constructed with 190T PU material with the combination of 210D Oxford Ground Sheets makes it a premium quality product for use.

The setup is easy, and you will get good customer support with any problem regarding the tent. And this tent costs less than $100.


  • High Quality 190T PU fabric available.
  • The tent comes with special SBS zippers.
  • The camp hood comes with double ventilation.
  • Provides excellent protection from UV rays.
  • Easy Pop-Up design that helps you with quick setup.
  • The material fabric is tough.
  • You have two doors.
  • The zippers are durable and great.
  • Lacks stability.
  • Not good for more than 4 people.

2. KTT Large Tent (8-10 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


If you are looking for something really big, then this is the best option you have in the market. The material comprises waterproof Polyester which is enough to give the assurance of being resistant to extreme weather conditions.

It is really humongous with 3 doors covered in meshed fabric. This tent is sufficient enough to house 8-10 people at once. More so, there is a separation curtain in between the tent, which makes it look like two different rooms.

If two families want to spend a night out camping, there cannot be a better way to have fun than sharing a tent. The tent has a double layer to avoid water.

You can have many special advantages while using the tent. As you can have a sunshade by supporting the door fabric with two sticks. Even the ground support is very firm, and the tent easily gets raised to provide ultimate safety to you and your family.


  • The tent is enough for 10 people.
  • It can fit 4 mattresses at once.
  • It comes with a number of accessories.
  • Has a mesh with great density.
  • You get two rooms separated by a curtain.
  • Looks big but very lightweight.
  • The Interior comes with a great design.
  • Spacious and good for a big family.
  • It requires a lot of time to set up.
  • Many additional support stands are needed to set up and secure.

3. KAZOO Waterproof Family Camping Tent (6-8 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


This tent comes with its own special fabric known as the 210T Ripstop Fabric. This fabric is special due to it being extraordinarily lightweight and extremely durable.

The material is excellent for providing you protection against water which makes it a great choice if you are going to camp in the rainy season.

It is a cabin-shaped tent and can be installed in minutes. It is almost like opening an umbrella to set up the tent. You can easily do it in 30 seconds once you know the technique. It is good enough for 6 fully grown people to fit inside.

The company is very specific about the quality, and they assure you of the quality of your tent with multiple manufacturing tests done on the item. They have kept an eye on different details regarding the quality. Even the slightest detail is kept in mind.

It is a good product for hiking, camping, trips, and outdoor parties. At the time of manufacturing, it is checked for quality with utmost scrutiny before delivery, while also offering a two years warranty with the tent.


  • There are two large doors with the tent.
  • It is convenient for 6-8 people.
  • Uniquely shaped like a cabin.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • The polymer is breathable and waterproof.
  • Unique safety features in place.
  • The material quality is amazing.
  • You can set it up in just 30 seconds.
  • It is not good with tolerating harsh winds.
  • The mesh is not that efficient.

4. CAMPROS 9-Person Camping Tent (With Rainfly)

Best Camping Tents For Family


What’s better than having a colorful tent at your campsite? The bright blue color of the tent directly strikes the eyes from a distance making it an attractive tent for use. It has enough space for accommodating 9 adults.

The special design also provides extra protection from the sun and rain. There is enough space inside the tent for 9 sleeping bags to fit in. Manufactured with 185 T polyester makes it a highly durable product. It also comes up with tested PU1000mm water resistance.

Not only this, but the company adds a special outer coating that makes it good for resisting UV and water. The tents’ special coating provides a warm environment inside the tent. There are two-way zippers available with the tent.

Other features of the tent can include one large entrance door and four mesh windows to keep the tent ventilated.


  • You get two zippers with small mesh pockets in the tent.
  • It has space for nine people.
  • There are theatre curtains in the tent on which you can project and enjoy movies.
  • It comes with an 8.5mm Fiberglass pole.
  • The Company offers one-year quality assurance.
  • The design provides extra comfort.
  • The appearance is catchy.
  • Good with keeping the inside warm.
  • It is very hard to set up.
  • Not good for summers.

5. Keenso Outdoor Family Camping Tent (3-4 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


Here is a tent that qualifies as something sweet, simple, and fancy at the same time. The tent has a camouflage lookout, and it is great with space management.

It is made up of a special 170 T polyester fabric that is great for protecting you and your loved ones from sunburn. The bottom of the tent is a great attraction while being greatly durable and made of a resistant material that keeps you at a safe distance from the ground.

The camouflage is not just only for design; this tent can get you spotted easily from far distances. In situations where you might need help, this tent can be a lifesaver. It is made in such a way that it can provide you high security.

It is highly portable, and moreover, you won’t find it hard to set up. The lightweight material makes it good for use in camping, hiking, and other such events.


  • UV protection above 40 + is the main highlight.
  • Comes with camouflage coloring.
  • It has an additional mesh to keep your people safe.
  • Good enough for fitting 3-4 people.
  • It comes with thick base protection.
  • The color gets you spotted easily.
  • It is compact.
  • Additional mesh is really strong.
  • Not good for tall people.
  • Single door.

6. CAMEL CROWN Camping Dome Tent (2-5 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


There are a number of things that make this product a special one. It is all about the premium quality materials and the ease of setting the tent up.

It is available in many eye-catching colors. There is a polyester shell present outside the tent with an 8.5 mm glass fiber bracket. The premium Oxford PU2000 makes the internal proofing a very strong one.

You have four different windproof ropes and a number of stakes for holding the tent high. It comes along with a spiel mesh that can serve a dual purpose.

Facilitated with a great amount of ventilation, and on the other, you can be sure that the special netting will keep you safe from mosquitoes. The air circulation remains good, and also you can enjoy the scenery in the open.

The assembling is simple, and the tent is highly portable. It’s a great tent for couples.


  • It comes with an internal coating to make the tent resistant to the elements.
  • The external mosquito net saves you.
  • It has breathable screens.
  • The Aluminum poles are rust-free.
  • Comes with an easy backpack.
  • It comes in shiny colors.
  • The tent has excellent ventilation.
  • Made with double layers of coating.
  • The compactness sometimes creates problems.
  • The internal coating is very thick.

7. Noti Four Seasons Camping Tent (10 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


Next on the list of the best camping tents for family, we have a wonderful camp tent that can easily accommodate space for at least ten people. It comes with a 3 sided mesh network that will provide you a clear view of the sky.

On the other hand, the tent becomes repellent of any pest or insects. It is only about 23 pounds in weight, making it quite easy for carrying it off to camping.

You are provided with a complete solution about the attachments and the connection for setting up the tent. If one gets used to the technique, he can easily set up the entire thing within minutes.

You also get a D-shaped door with the tent along with two zipped windows.

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  • Made up of Polyester 185T PU1000mm fabric.
  • It has a D shed door.
  • The coverage lengthwise is long.
  • It is stitched tightly to resist rain.
  • Has 2 storage pockets for special purposes.
  • Looks amazing.
  • 185T PU1000mm fabric is good to use.
  • A large family tent.
  • Needs two people for setup.
  • Requires lots of support.

8. NTK Philly GT Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent (3-9 Persons)

Best Camping Tents For Family


Next up is one of the best tents on the list that can easily accommodate up to 9 people at once. It is designed in an amazing way to ensure that the setting up should be quick and easy.

A highly spacious tent with an amazing fabric cover. The outer layer is laminated with a special polyester making it entirely waterproof. With its additional protection, it can very easily protect up to 3000mm water columns at once.

You get a D-style door with huge zippers; hence you won’t have a problem finding the way out. The main framework is made up of Nano-flex fiberglass poles that are really amazing with providing strength.

There is even an additional micro-thin mesh mosquito framework available with the tent.


  • NTK PHILLY GT can provide space for nine people.
  • It is a tent that can be used in various seasons.
  • Comes with a 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane coating.
  • There is an E- Port zipper for cable attachments.
  • UV 50+ protection with complete waterproofing available.
  • The Electric zipper is a huge advantage.
  • The framework is really strong.
  • Water Resistance is awesome.
  • Not a comfortable space for 9.
  • The surface attachments are not good.

How to Pick the Best Camping Tent For Family: Buyer’s Guide

After spending hours reading customer reviews and consulting experts. We have prepared this buyer’s guide that will help you to find the best camping tents for your family.

Size & Space

Choosing the right size is the first step towards buying a family tent. Tents are available in different sizes. Size depends on the number of persons the tent is meant to provide shelter for.

Originally, family tents come in 4 to 12 person tents. A dome-style four-person tent spreads up to 60 sq ft. which is the size of a full-sized air mattress.

For a four-person tent, the footprint is required to be 80 to 100 sq ft. which takes up almost the area of a double-sized air mattress or a queen-sized air mattress. Tent size that leaves you enough room for your camping gears after you have set up your sleeping bags or sleeping pads is right in size.

Peak height and pole structure

Peak height and pole structure are as important as the floor area. The peak height decides whether you have the option to stand up straight inside your tent.

The peak interior height should be a minimum of 6 ft. so that an adult can easily stand up inside the tent.

Pole structure and wall slope are also necessary to look at. Dome-shaped tent designs only position the peak height in the middle of the tent. Tents that form a vertical wall allow you enough height to stand up and walk around.


The tent is not for one-time use. So when purchasing one make sure it is durable. When your tent is outdoors it is open to damage. Poor handling, weather are two main reasons for tent damage.

Even if you invest in a good quality tent, it still is at a certain risk.

So, what makes a tent durable?

Good quality material with coated roof and walls, the material used for its structure, and material used in tent floor. The tent floor is the most sensitive part of your and can get easily damaged.

So, the right thing to do to protect your tent floor is to use groundsheets inside as well as outside the tent.


Heat, snow, water can cause significant damage to your tent. There are tents for every unique season. But, it is not possible to buy one for each season if you are planning to camp during every one of them.

So, the best thing that you can do is invest in a three-season or a four-season tent. These tents are in general weatherproofed and waterproofed. Though, there are a few other things to ensure before you make your pick.

To avoid leakage make sure your tent comes with steep walls and a coated fly.


Mainly two types of materials are used in a tent- fabric and pole material. The fabric used for tent walls and flies is primarily polyester or nylon. Nylon tents are more stretchable but are sensitive to UV rays and heat.

Whereas, polyester is stiffer but can take up UV exposure for long hours. Polyester absorbs less water than nylon. And nylon is more expensive than polyester. So, polyester is an affordable and durable option if your tent hours include long hours of sun exposure.

Another important factor you should note when choosing tents is their fabrics rip strength.

Pole material is either steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Tent poles made of aluminum are lighter and easier to slide together. Whereas fiberglass and steel are comparatively heavier but provides maximum strength and protection against wind.

It takes more time and effort to put together and set up. If you want to learn more about this topic, then check out how tents are made.

Easy to pitch

Self-standing tents are easy to pitch, they stay up without the support of stakes. But it is important to stake them down soon after setting them up as stakes ensure security and protect your shelter.

So, invest in a tent that has guy lines, that way your tent will be easier to pitch even on a hard surface.


Price is the most important consideration when it comes to purchasing and tents are the most expensive among other camping gears. Research shows that 100 to 150 dollars are a rational price for a four-person tent.

150 to 300 dollars can get you a good quality 6 to 10 person tent. A high price does not always guarantee the best quality, however. So, analyze materials used, length extra features, and then compare the prices before making the final decision.

Other features

Few other features that can benefit you in many ways while camping:

  • Pole strength
  • Ground dimension
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Pole arrangements
  • Rain-fly
  • Door construction
  • Number of doors
  • Zipper strength
  • Gear loft managing place
  • Ventilation
  • Build quality
  • Headroom
  • Vestibules
  • Stakes
  • Guy-line
  • Brand name

We have gathered all the necessary factors that you should check before buying a tent for your family. Now, make a choice, place your order and enjoy a happy camping journey with your family.

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