What is ADA Camping?

What is ADA, and what basically is ADA camping?

ADA stands for “American Disabilities Act”. It is an act that states that no discrimination shall be made against a qualified person with a disability in the different employment aspects such as hiring, training, promotion, appraisals, and more.

The act is enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and can be considered a federal law.

Coming to the facts related to ADA camping, there are hundreds of people who enjoy camping and camp-related activities at public camping sites. They enjoy themselves with their family and friends, while on the other hand, camping can have a profound impact on improving the mental health of an individual.

It is all about exploring and enjoying. But, people with disabilities can have specific problems or, to be precise, are limited when visiting these camping sites. It becomes hard for them to visit the average camping site in most circumstances.

Therefore, in order to help these people out with camping and to provide them with all the possible camping fun, there is something called “ADA Camping.”

What is ADA Camping

Who regulates ADA camping?

Now, this might be a question of debate. There are no set rules sponsored by an organization that does state a clear view on the necessities or the rules that ADA Camping sites should have.

There are no such guidelines to date for such camping. Thankfully, there is a definite proposal for the guidelines, and soon we will be witnessing the official guidelines for such camping activities.


Talking of regulation, there might not be many restrictions and legal attachments when we talk of ADA and its ideal approach, but camp owners must be aware of the limitation that ADA poses for the camping sites.

It is a better option to go with some of the basic regulations if you are operating a large camping site. Not only will this be legal, but it will be an ethical thing to do.

There are some exceptions in which these regulations could be violated. If the campsite is covered under some serious religious group or if it is owned by a non-profitable organization, then one can have some extraordinary relief on these regulations.

The regulation states that if your group is as big as the fact that you have 15 or more staff workers working under your guidance, then you will have to adhere to these regulations.

A thing that you must keep in mind regarding business is the fact that ADA camping not only brings you more revenue but also uplifts your name in the market.

This could be a significant advantage for you in the camping scenario.

More about ADA Camping

There can be a lot of things to consider when you are going to follow the strict ADA compliance with your campsite. There are a number of prerequisites that you would need to take care of.

One of these basics should be the providing of facilities as a complete solution for transport of the disabled person to the campsite. Although it is never necessary that you make the arrangements to do the same, you will have to provide the best possible way to reach the camp.

A big issue that occurs while planning and building your campsite according to the ADA regulation is the matter of washrooms. You must go through a tight process of making the restrooms accessible to handicapped people. There must be an assigned washroom, especially for the purpose of the handicapped.

Even for easy spotting, one should have proper signs denoting it to be a washroom for the specially-abled.

Tips on ADA Camping

There are a set of Tips that you can have a look at while ADA camping. Many people don’t know the laid out guidelines to ADA camping and hence it becomes a little difficult for them to expect.

But, here are some of the facts that are a must in ADA camping. The facts are as follows;

    • While at camp, there are certain criteria that might be taken into a consideration to call the activity proper camping. The activities like camping near a campsite must be included during the season.
      Also, there must be a clear view of the scenery visible from the spot the person is camping.


  • If the camp is near a beach or accessible water body, the camping site needs to be at such a place that there must be a clear pathway or access to it.

Even if the site is a forest or something related to the wild, the camp must be at a location where an individual can enjoy and witness nature to its fullest.


    • Helping to reach these areas must be the responsibility of the camp owners.


  • If you stick to the ADA guidelines there is clear instruction given to all the people with such special abilities to read and learn about the site very carefully at the learning center.


    • Learning everything about the area and its significance should be important.

Also, on the other hand, you must know the hazards and risky situations one can face while camping at the given site.

  • Even then there is a criterion that campsites must fulfill with respect to the disabled. Wheelchairs are a big part of these people and hence every door must have a width of more or less 32 inches to provide easy access to washrooms and other facilities.

One primary thing you might look for in an ADA camping site

Never try to force yourself into a situation where your campsite becomes a hard place for physically challenged people to be at. This will cause you a serious legal issue.

Basic supplies like wheelchairs and unique tables at eating places could quickly help you with making your site a wonderful place to be, even for the physically challenged.


ADA camping can be a good idea. In this article, we talked about both the aspects of you being on the side of choosing such as in a camp and also as a provider of any such camping experience.

However, ADA camping makes physically disabled people happier, so whatever the struggle it is always a good idea.

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