How to Go Camping for the First Time: 6 Things You Should Know

How to Go Camping for the First Time?

If you are an adventure lover and want to travel the world and enjoy the beautiful scenes across the world. Then you have to understand everything about camping.

Camping is always a memorable moment in life. Living in a new place for a while and then moving to the next destination is still a dream for many travelers.

But now is the time when your dreams come true. Today we are here with a complete guide to camping from the beginning so that you can start your amazing journey.

How to go camping for the first time

So without wasting a single moment, let’s jump into the article.

How to Go Camping for the First Time: 6 Things You Should Know

1. Beginning with camping

Camping is a superb way to get out with family, kids, and friends or even on your own. You may go camping in several national and state parks, even at private campgrounds, in the backcountry, or perhaps in your backyard.

Many campsites include a picnic table, a place to park your vehicle, and a place to pitch your tent.

Part of the joy of camping would be needing hardly any equipment to existing outside. However, it is also wonderful to have a comfortable, convenient, and homey campsite. When it is your first time camping, then it may be best to borrow or lease several things.

When you become a more seasoned camper, you will discover that a part of the fun is figuring out exactly what things to bring along to fulfill your requirements.

A couple of days before your trip, starting to make ice and keeping it in plastic bags. Filling utilized plastic jugs or jars with water and freezing them in coolers.

This way, you’ll have a mixture of block and cubed ice in your coolers. Freezing a few of your meals in the home means it’ll last longer on your cooler for excursions of over a couple of days.

Take your paper towels, toilet paper, wash soap up and hand soap, and a bin for washing up in. You cannot rely on the campground constantly using them and you’re more inclined to utilize them if they’re in camp. It is not okay to ditch used water into lakes or streams, so locate a designated place away from those water resources.

Pack a mixture of food that needs to and does not have to be cooked. Premade banana sandwiches or bread with cut-up fruit and vegetable dips might come in handy if your day outside gets active. Bagged salad blends are just another simple way to eat well.

There are too many alternatives for a vegetarian and it’s always better to eat a vegetarian diet on normal days.

And if it’s a journey day then vegetarian food is considered as best. You can also find vegetarian food during your journey and you can feel nature by putting off the fruit from the tree. If you’re a non-vegetarian then also there are many alternatives. To the hot cooked foods, precook whatever you can in home-like meat.

Split open eggs in your home and put them a jar or Ziploc bag you can just pour them in the pan, the same together with the pancake mixture. Taking food you just have to add hot water to means less cooking time and cleaning up. Rice, oatmeal, or polenta are a few examples.

Have a source of used store bags and paper sacks. They come in useful for keeping things that get moist, sacks for keeping garbage around camp, and also for fire starters. A table fabric for your picnic table helps to keep the eating area clean.

2. Things to Remember Before Camping

Now if you are finally decided to plan camping then there are several things that you must have to remember. As much the camping looks cool, the much it can be dangerous or problematic. So it is always better to pre-planned for every possibility.

Here are some points you must have to remember:

Select Correct equipment

You need a complete package to carry with you while camping. If it’s your first experience then you don’t have to worry about carrying the equipment that professional campers use. But you have to use some necessary equipment for your comfort and safety.

The most important thing to carry is your tent, commonsense! There’s no camping without a tent. So you must select the correct tent for your camping. If you want to start your camping with some low-budget but durable tents then you can go with tents that cost less than $100.

You can also buy Ezone’s tent that has multiple extraordinary features. This is a waterproof tent that has an instant pop-up feature that means you didn’t need any extra effort or keels to set up this tent.

It pops up surprisingly and can carry 3 to 4 persons inside it. You can easily fold it like a bag pack or out inside your travel suitcase and use it whenever you want.

You’re definitely going to love it:

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Apart from a tent, you also need to carry some important equipment like lanterns, firewood, tools for safety from wild animals, etc.

Pre-check the equipment

This is not a thing to say but it’s always better to pre-check the equipment that you’re carrying to camping. It will save you if your equipment has any problem.

Before coming out of your home, use a ten-minute checking trick through which you make a checklist of items and check for all those requirements are available or not.

Always use your tent at least one time before you carry it because sometimes the tents have some demerits or sometimes even pop up don’t work. So if you use it before carrying it, you still have a chance to return or buy a new one.

Choose the tools and equipment that are comfortable for you and also you’re feeling the correct level of temperature.

Lighting facilities are the most important items you must have to carry while camping to survive at night. For this, you can use Tansoren’s brand-new lanterns that provide a waterproof facility.

Apart from that, this lantern is can be charged with solar energy so you didn’t need any electricity source on top of the mountain or middle of a forest. So you can lighten up your nearby without any fear.

You can also use this lantern for your domestic purposes because it also supports USB charging. And in case of an emergency, you can charge it from your phone by OTG.

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In the end, you are not going to last more without enough water and food. So it’s better that you carry some food that you can cook anywhere.

For cooking, you also need to have a cooking pot and a medium of fire. Cooking and eating it while camping will be the best memory of your life so make sure that you have all the facilities for this such as stoves and cookware.

You can also carry some food materials that don’t need to be cooked for emergency purposes because these kinds of stuff are not good for your health and you never wanted to get sick during camping.

3. Create Checklists

As it is your first time camping, you might not understand just what to bring along with you. You will indeed know some of the things, but odds are slim you understand from your mind everything you will need.

Do not worry, you will find a checklists pad on the market to assist you to pack all the things that you will ever want for the inaugural trip. From spare batteries to sunscreen, toilet paper into suits, there are a whole lot of small things to keep in mind that you will feel seriously sorry if you neglect or forget.

You do not need to arrive at the campground just to discover that you simply forgot the sleeping bags for your tent. That is a bad way to begin your very first camping experience.

Just take a while to collect a list that is suitable for your camping needs and needs, and use it not just on your very first camping trip, but on those afterward.

Finally, you will get to a place at which you won’t require a listing, but do not feel ashamed about using a single for today.

Here is a list that you must have to check:

  1. Tent
  2. One extra pair of clothes
  3. Personal towel for each person.
  4. Soaps
  5. Toilet papers
  6. One flashlight or lantern per head.
  7. Sleeping bag for each person. Personal sleeping bags.
  8. Eating and cooking kits and always make it simple. Carry just a saucepan, fry pan, and coffeepot to make your water hot. It is better that you’re carrying a solar charging coffeepot.
  9. Plates, glass, knife, spoons, and fork.
  10. Food that can be prepared easily like Noodles.
  11. Dishpan
  12. First aid kit.
  13. Map of the place. (In case of low tower of mobile).

4. Construct a Community of Like-Minded Buddies

Become involved with the wider indoor and outside camping community. The absolute amount of people embracing the advantages of being on the outside grows significantly every year.

The more you raise your community of people who discuss your pleasure, the more you are going to learn new things, grow, and become a happier person. The same is true in regards to the rise of available tools and studying both offline and online.

It is about maximizing our comparatively short time we must explore and embrace the natural beauty of the place called earth.

5. Never Dare to Put Your Tent Inside a Tree

If you’re traveling to different places then safety comes first. You have to know the safety tips because a simple mistake is enough to take your life. But as you are an adventure freak, it doesn’t scare you.

But still, you have to follow these safety rules while traveling to different places.

And the first and most important tip is never put your tent inside a tree. A normal tree always produces a large amount of carbon dioxide at night, so you’ll face difficulties breathing and it also leads to serious health problems like asthma.

Apart from that, during the rainy season, the thunder falls on the tree so if you’re under it then maybe your journey ends.

6. Destination

It’s your first camping trip, so the number one thing you have to consider is where you are going. There are many places where you can go camping such as forests, mountains, deserts, the sea, water streams, beaches, lakes, or even an island.

So just look out for your nearby locations and then choose the best place for you according to your budget.

If you’re a family person then it’ll be difficult for you because you have to take the responsibilities for your kids also. Your family members will also like the idea of camping because everyone loves it, so you can go camping with your kids on a special occasion such as a birthday.

By the way, that’s not that easy, you don’t have to choose a destination where you have to use your feet for long hours, most probably an airplane or a boring car driving. It’s not always like that you’re choosing a destination thousands of kilometers away from your home.

If you take consultancy of your nearby tour guides then you can find amazing locations to visit even in your own city.


So finally you’re here! Now you’re completely prepared for your camping. This article is made after good research and statements of experience tourists, so it’ll definitely going to help you.

Now you’re aware of all the problems and solutions that you’re going to face on your trip. Now it’s your duty to prepare in advance and choose the most attractive destination for camping.

Going camping is not a big deal but because of some small mistakes and lack of planning, people are stuck in dangerous situations. But now you’re ready to take care of yourself, your friends, and your family members.

Enjoy camping!

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