How to Repel Bears While Camping: 7 Actionable Tips

Camping in Bear Country? Here’s Everything You Need to Know How to Repel Bears while Camping

In North America, bears are common. Black beer, grizzly bears, brown bears are mostly seen. We all are excited to see a beer during camping in the forest but from an appropriate distance.

Confronting a bear while camping can be an exhilarating experience as bears are one of the most dangerous animals. The encounter with a beer can often result in a tragedy if you do not know the ways to handle the situation.

So, you need to be prepared from the first to get rid of this unknown campsite visitor. However, in this article, you will get to know how to Repel Bears while camping.

All you Need to Know about Bear Behaviour 

Before knowing how to repel bears while camping, you have to understand their behavior first. Bears are very unpredictable and instinctive.

How to Repel Bear While Camping

Moreover, you have to know that bears are wild animals. Being a camper, you have to remember that beers do not hunt people, they hunt people’s food. Bears are not habituated with humans and thus, they try to avoid interaction with the camper.

First of all, being a good camper, you should look at the posture of the bears when you face off a bear. If a bear stands on hind legs, it implies curiosity rather than aggression. It means they try to look at what is going on at the campsite.

So, bears give a deep focus on investigating an object and mostly follow the scent.

They are not so much aware, so don’t try to surprise a bear. Bears are mainly active from sunrise to sunset. Bears’ behavior is different from species to species. Black bears are mainly shy. On the contrary, brown bears try to defend themselves and are more aggressive.

What attracts a bear while camping? 

Bears always want and expect food at the campsite. Foods make beer extremely aggressive. However, they are not attracted by all foods like frozen and dried foods, so you have to know the edible foodies for bears which your campsite can offer them.

Their edible foodies include:

  • Garbage
  • Cosmetics
  • Cooking oil
  • Pet or human food
  • Fuel for lantern and stove
  • Toothpaste
  • Cooking utensils

However, without these elements camping is not possible. Therefore, you should take necessary steps for safety precautions and know the strategies for lessening the campground threats that come from bears.

How To Keep Bears Away While Camping- 7 Strategies That Can Help You!

If you want to avoid such a situation, just read on. We are giving you some valuable tips which will successfully repel the bears and you can enjoy your camping without any fear.

1. Choose Your Campsite Wisely

To avoid bears, you have to think like a bear. These wild animals are mainly attracted to sources of food like lakes and berry patches. Thus, you have to choose some boring area for camping if possible.

It is also very vital to check the place twice for any sign of bear activity. Some signs which can help you out to find the bear activity are:

  • Bear tracks: It is a sure sign of the existence of the bear and you should avoid such places.
  • Claw marks: Oops! This can be the territory of the bears.
  • Bear droppings: Do you know that bears only poop where they lived and wander!
  • Diggings of Grizzly: Don’t look back twice! Run quickly as they are very dangerous.

2. Always Carry a Bear Spray

Bear Spray is very useful while confronting a bear. This bear spray is mainly designed to repel the dangerous bear. It contains derivatives of red pepper which make effects on the respiratory system and eyes.

Bear Spray For Camping
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However, this bear spray is effective only within 12-30 feet of distance and evacuated within 9 seconds. But, you should know the ways to use it properly.

At first, you have to break the safety clip and then crush the nozzle. But before using it, here are some tips for you:

  • Use precaution when the wind blows heavily in your face as it can harm your eyesight as well.
  • Don’t keep it in an outside mesh pocket as it can be exhausted. So, better carry it in a holster.
  • Practice removing the safety pin properly at home till you become an expert.
  • Remember bear spray is an aerosol. So, check out the guidelines and international restrictions before carrying them in your bag.

3. Store the Scented Food Safely

Especially this tip of how to repel bears while camping can save your life. Put all the scented food in your cooler.

If you find a cooler expensive, then go through the affordable alternatives which can help you out by keeping your food away from these unwanted guests.

4. Beer Hangs

To create a beer hang, all you need to have a suitable tree. You have to pick a branch that is at least 15 feet high from the ground.

You have to make this bear hang in such a way that the bear faces difficulty in reaching your edibles.

5. Bear Tubes or Kegs

These tubes are convenient, affordable, and lightweight which makes them perfect for campers. This can store an individual’s foods for 6 days. Just assure that the bear tube is approved by IGBC (Interagency Grizzly bear Committee).

A small tip for you! Store this food container 100 yards away from your sleeping place.

6. Unscented Trash Bags

This tip is for those who love car camping. Hide your edibles by storing them in odor-proof bags as the bears can easily break the car windows for food.

7. Don’t Be Afraid, Be Proactive!!

For camping in the active areas of bears, you should be proactive to avoid confrontation with such predatory wild animals. We have told about several strategies on how to repel bears while camping. Hope it will be beneficial to defend yourself from an unknown encounter with the bears.

Anything can happen! But, trying our tricks can lessen the chance of seeing a bear near your campsite. Don’t be afraid while seeing a beer! Always carry a bear spray while camping.

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