How To Stay Clean While Camping

Maintaining Body Hygiene While Camping: Stay Clean and Fresh!

If you have ever done camping in your life, you must know the challenges it throws at us. The most common is to maintain proper hygiene as the resources will be quite limited when it comes to the availability of water or space.

However, with all the sweat, dirt, and stickiness, a camping experience isn’t completed and these are the parts of joy that one shouldn’t miss. There are very high chances that you are also planning to go camping and doing your extensive research.

Going on camping will allow you to feel some connection to nature, all the way away from the concrete jungle that you are stuck in.

It can all be fun and adventurous until you are unable to do certain routine chores. The most important one is bathing and maintaining proper hygiene. It is the issue that’s mostly happening with the campers that are going in the summer season.

Not only your hygiene, but you must also avoid any product that is harmful to the environment. We hope that you find the article helpful as we are compiling a few tips to keep yourself clean.

How To Stay Clean While Camping

Before we dive into all the tips, you must bring the hand sanitizer with you that’s unscented. It will save you from bad odors and you will also need to use less water.

There is also another reason to avoid scented items is that these products will attract brutes. Now, it’s time we go through the tips that will help you stay clean.

How To Stay Clean While Camping

Cleaning Kit and Some Water

To get yourself saved from any stickiness, you will not have to waste a significant amount of water. All you need to do is grab your cleaning kit and a bottle of water. If you want hot water then check out this article.

If your camping ground is somewhere near the pond or stream, you should get at least 200 feet away from it to put a curb on the water pollution.

Create the Lather with Few Drops

To get the most lather, you will need to get a few drops of soap on your hand. You can also get it on a small piece of cloth for a better rinse.

Make sure the soap that you are using is not a scented one as it might attract wild animals or even mosquitoes.

Pack Multiple Outfits

As you are going to stay in the camp for multiple days, you must not just pack with a single outfit. It is going to be the summer season and you will be able to wash your clothes quite easily.

When you will pack two outfits, you can wash one each night to get rid of all the odor.

Skip Washing your Hair

The most amount of water will be consumed when you will wash your hair. It will also allow you to save a lot of time.

In case you have an oily scalp and you don’t have an option of skipping the hair wash, you can use dry shampoo products like this one here:

Dry Shampoo
(Click Image To See Details)

Finding the Right Bathing Method for Camping

After going through the tips that will help you in using the water efficiently, it’s time we go through the methods that you can opt for when it comes to taking showers.

Portable shower

As technology is getting advanced by each day, there are a number of showers that you will find in the market. You can also understand in this way that the only thing that’s stopping you from getting the right tool is your vehicle’s space, budget, and how creative you are in actually installing it.

Here are a few categories that you can choose from.

  • The most common one used by a lot of campers is a pressurized camping shower. It will provide much force without using a huge amount of water.
  • Gravity showers
  • Electric showers, etc.
(Pressurized Shower for Camping, Click Image To See Details)

Bathing with Sponge

Yes, it is also a very effective way to keep yourself clean. This is the method that should be used by those campers who have water scarcity. The process is quite simple and straightforward. The first thing you need to do is get some water warmed up on the stove.

On the sponge or the towel cloth, add a few drops of unscented Castile soap. Then, wash your whole body section by section. After completing one section, rinse the sponge thoroughly. You can also make use of wet wipes.

Using Natural Source

If the campsite that you have chosen is somewhere near a water body like a stream, river, pond, or lake, you must not miss taking advantage.

However, you need to keep in mind that you have all the necessary permissions.


Also, never use any product that is not biodegradable. The soap and every other body care product should be picked wisely so that you don’t end up hurting the environment.

Use public showers

The government has always kept campers and travelers in mind. There are multiple showers installed for public use across the country.

However, the area where you may face hurdles is to find these showers. While you are on the road or planning to go camping, try to find a spot that is somewhere near these showers.

Here are a few spots where you can find them.

  • Public showers should be available on public beaches.
  • The truck stops will also have these showers for you. These will be the ones where you will need to pay to use.
  • Apart from these, the government has also set up campgrounds where you will be able to find the public shower.

Final thoughts…

We hope that our small but essential compilation of tips would have been helpful to you. If you are a beginner and going on your first camping trip, we would like to recommend going with a group and once you gain some real-life experience, then plan one all by yourself.

Before wrapping it up, here is a bonus tip for you. When you are packing, take a pair of sleepwear with you. It will allow you to get rid of all the night sweat and stickiness without any extra hassle.

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