What is Rick of Wood?

What is Rick of Wood? Let’s Find Out!

Camping is fun and exciting! Moreover, if it’s going to be with your besties, then you are going to rock the experience even more. While camping there are a few essentials that are of great importance.

Whichever place you choose to camp, you will need a lot of firewood at that location to keep you warm.

Although you should know that there are many known camp areas, it is restricted to transport firewood unless you get a few permits and pass inspection.

Rick of Wood for Camping:

Now, when it comes to most camping activities – from cooking to camping, fire is an unavoidable asset. They are used mainly for heating up, especially in extreme winters. Next comes camping in the list.

There can be no camping plans without fire. And to make this fire, wood is the primary requirement.

Rick of wood

Rick of wood is nothing but a heap of firewood that measures 4 by 8 feet. The width normally varies depending on the place. Usually, the logs are cut into 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches in length. The common width of a rick of wood can be 16 inches.

  • Dimensions: The dimension of a rick of wood is not different from the cord of wood. As mentioned above, they are 4 feet high and 8 feet long.
  • Weight: While comparing the weight, the rick of wood weighs less than the cord of wood. The weight of the wood may vary between 670lbs to 2000lbs.
  • Volume: The volume of a rick of wood doesn’t exceed more than 128 cubic feet.
  • Cost: Rick of wood is comparatively less costly than a cord of wood.

Is Rick of Wood Related to Cord of Wood?

A cord of wood is a wood stack that measures 4feet in width and height, and 8 feet in length. Though the rick of wood and cord of wood are equal in length, they are a small portion of the cord of wood.

In short, the cord of wood has numerous ricks of wood in it. To know the actual number of a rick of wood in a cord, the individual width of single rick has to be checked.

How Much Firewood Is In a Bundle?

Generally, one bundle of firewood contains around 4 to 5 sticks. Similarly, long wood tends to burn luminously.

Hence, it’s essential to consider what type of wood to use for camping.

You can also check our detailed article on how much firewood is needed for camping for more information.

Types of Firewood that are Used for Camping:

To make your camping experience memorable, a campfire is a must. Therefore, a good fire is very much needed. Fire with less smoke and spark is the perfect one.

Types of wood

This is solely dependent on the type of wood that you are using for your camping purpose. A freshly cut wood that is completely dried out is best for the campfire. Usually, seasoned ones are available to meet this purpose.

Whilst you plan camping, it’s better to decide upon what type of wood you will use for the campfire. Some of the different types of wood that are used for camping are listed below;

Ash Wood

Also known as American wood; they are pretty good. The ash wood burns slowly and steadily. The best advantage of this particular wood is, they are lightweight, and so they are easier to split.

They burn hot, and so most people prefer ash wood for wintertime.

Cherry Wood

This wonderful wood produces a good aroma while burning. They are not as hot as ash wood while burning but are easier to split and handle. When it comes to smoke, cherry wood emits lesser fumes compared to other types of wood.

These woods are preferred, especially while smoking meats, like chicken, pork, beef, and even fish. It gives a perfect color and Smokey flavor to the meat.

Beech Wood

They are best to use after seasoning, at least for a year. They burn for a longer time at higher temperatures.

Since they emit less smoke and spark while burning, they are perfect for camping.

Oak Wood

They are the most popular among the various mentioned types due to their benefits. The bark of the Oakwood is dense allowing it to burns slowly and last for a longer period of time.

The heat level generated is comparatively high without producing any spark or smoke.

Maple Wood

The thick density of Maple makes it tough to split. But they are a good choice for burning as it lasts longer and keeps the flames stronger.

They put off a great amount of heat without spark or smoke.

Birch Wood

They belong to the softer side of woods, and so they are much easier to split and burn rapidly. The heat level is quite good, and they hardly emit any smoke while burning.

Which Wood is best for Fire:

Before choosing the wood, you need to find out its purpose as the wood used for indoor fireplaces can be different from that used in a campfire. You should always go for dense firewood when you are considering wood for a campfire.

Likewise, oak and maple are the best suited for this purpose.

Some wood, while burning, produces smoke which can be irritating and can cause health issues. Choose seasoned wood over fresh ones.

The fresh ones are comparatively heavier given their high moisture content.

How much Is Rick of Wood Needed for Camping?

This is a frequently asked question.  The answer is you may require a minimum of 2 to 5 bundles per day. This may vary depending upon the usage and purpose.

Sometimes you may use it for cooking along with a campfire.  It’s always wise to have a thorough idea about the amount required and its purposes.

You can finalize the requirement easily if you consider a few of these requirements;

Firewood Requirement in Cold Weather:

If the weather is cold, it can make a big difference in the amount of firewood that you will need for camping. During this time, you may require continuous fire throughout the day or at least a larger part of the day to keep yourself warm.

In this situation, you may require around 3 to 5 bundles per day. Whereas some people even suggest that they used almost 6 to 7 bundles. It all depends upon the climate.

Also, check out our article on how to stay warm during winter camping.

Requirement of Firewood in summer:

When it comes to summers, you may need fire hardly for few hours at night. And then you require hardly 3 to 4 bundles. But if at all you have a plan to include cooking, then it may require extra.

Length of the Trip:

Before ordering the firewood, you need to have a complete plan of where you are going to camp, the climate, and the duration of your stay.

Since it isn’t easy to transport wood from distant places as they are illegal due to safety reasons. So it’s always wise to plan up ahead and calculate the right amount needed.

How To Make the fire last longer:

To start, use Twigs or Branches: Like most people, it is easy to know about the process of getting a fire going. It’s always advisable to start with some twigs and softwood rather than wasting firewood in the starting process.


As and when the fire escalates, you can add up the hardwood. Don’t forget to check out how to keep the campfire going all night.

Check on the shape:

When trying to make your fire last longer, it’s wise to check on the shape of the fire. A pyramid style is much preferred as they are much useful to block the coals caused by winds.

Large Logs are good:

People try to avoid using large logs as it’s time-consuming. But if the fire pit accommodates larger logs, it’s wise to use it to make the fire last longer.

Know the Tips for A Safe Campfire:

Though it’s a fun-filled activity, if not properly planned and executed, it can turn out to be a hazard. And so, it’s very important to understand how to conduct a campfire safely.

Use of the Fire Pit:

A fire pit will provide a campground. They are also known as fire rings.  Make sure you set the fire only in a pit. Whereas the areas which don’t have a pit, create one by digging in a safe area with no power lines and other threats.

Once it’s dug, surround the area with rocks or bricks and clear the area.

Know the Rules:

Before planning a camping area, you should know about the current rules and regulations related to camping and campfire. This will ensure safety and peaceful camping.

Take special care of kids and pets:

Train the kids and teach them about the danger that may cause by fire. Never leave them unattended, and make sure pets and kids are not seated near pits.

Use Firewood from nearby areas:

Find out a local supplier and arrange for woods. Transporting the woods are illegal as these seasoned woods may carry insects and diseases which can spoil the trees by spreading while traveling.

Monitor the campfire and never leave unattended

You should ensure that the campfire is not left alone so as to prevent the fire from spreading and keep it under control.  Small wind is more than enough to spread it widely and create a hazard.

Henceforth, even if it’s for a few minutes, never leave the spot without extinguishing it.

Put the fire out properly—every time.

Once the campfire is over, make sure it is extinguished well. Pour water on the fire or the pit. Make sure the pit is cold. Check the nearby areas don’t have any hidden burning residues underneath.

Keep Water Ready before Starting:

An old saying says, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, never start the campfire without precaution. And yes, you need to arrange water nearby. It’s also a good idea if you can keep the area near to the fire ring watered.

Camping and Campfire is a gift that can provide you with some beautiful moments which that one can cherish for a lifetime.

Then again, ensure that you are aware of the entire process from selecting the rick of wood to extinguishing the fire thoroughly while being well planned.

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