Best Camping Gears For Dogs

Best Camping Gears for Dogs: 15 Essential Gear To Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable

Camping as an activity feels like it was always meant to be enjoyed with animals because animals love the outdoors the most. Therefore leaving your dog buddy back home seems a bit unfair, don’t you think?

Camping with your dog can be a safe and nurturing experience if you want it to be. All you need to do is make a few adjustments and decide on some conscious choices for you to be able to enjoy the trip as much as your dog would.

These changes are quite simply dependent on your dog’s needs and safety, as well as on the rules of the campsite (if there are any). The outer world is slightly different and less in your control.

Hence, you need to take precautions against the unforeseen, like if there are snakes or harmful plants, and bugs.

Whether your dog is allowed poop at the campsite or near other campers? Is the weather or the food suitable for your dog, and so on.

You can fulfill most of these needs by carrying the right combination of gear with you to your campsite. If you are having trouble picking out the right camp gear for your dog, here are some products you can opt for.

Always remember, don’t go camping with your dog without his camp essentials.

15 Best Dog Gears For Camping

1. Tent

Our pets require extra attention from us when we are traveling to a new location or just hanging out in the wild since they are not accustomed to the outside world anymore.

They would make their peace with the bedding you provide but certain pets have their own preferences such as wanting to sleep beside their caretakers. Other pets have regional restrictions therefore they might fall ill if brought to a climate they are not habituated to.

To avoid such nuances for the better care of your pet you will need a pet-friendly tent or a separate tent for your pet. Larger tents have vestibule facilities or maybe even a separate dog bed space.

In the case of larger or fussier dogs, you can go for an individual tent. Tents like Pon ‘N Go Pet Play Pen are more dedicated to your dog’s comfort.

Camping Tent For Dogs

What do we like about our recommended Tent?

  • Can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 seconds.
  • It has a reinforced fiberglass framework making it extremely light to carry.
  • It is 39” wide and 33” tall. Large enough for any dog.

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2. Beds

When you are out camping, you may already know that it takes a tab bit of effort to get comfortable before falling asleep. The same applies to your dog.

Though certain dogs can handle different weather differently, once the campfire dies down even they would like to feel cozy and warm before the night runs out. Your pet deserves a comfortable bed to sleep in just like you do so that it can avoid the cold or the wet ground.

The type of bag you can buy for your dog should be durable enough to withstand sharp nails. While on the other hand, your dog may have preferences of their own so try to catch wind of their likes or dislikes from earlier on.

Above all, your dog bed should certainly be waterproof and dry otherwise there may be a chance of odor.

Onelight Dog Sleeping Bag is a standard lightweight sleeping bag that would give your pup a lovely goodnight’s sleep.

Sleeping Bag For Dog While Camping

What do we like about our recommended Bed?

  • Waterproof Polyester with a soft fleece interior.
  • Comes with a drawcord to prevent the entry of cold wind.
  • Can be easily machine washed.

3. Leash

While camping, it is so important to protect and control your favorite one. They might feel excited to explore the new surroundings. Without a leash, it becomes a tough job to manage their camping mood.

A proper leash can never be an absolute reason for your dog’s discomfort! When you are inside the camp, you can tie it to a tree or any other stable element.

In many hiking areas and campsites, it is a steadfast rule to keep them on leash.

While walking, short leashes are preferred to get the doggy just beside you. In the woods, they might get entangled with the long ones. The one with a longer length is more useful when your doggy gets the scope to quench its thirst from a lake.

BTINESFUL Tie-Out Check Cord Long Rope Dog Leash is a comfortable option for your furry friend.

Dog Leash While Camping

 What do we like most about our recommended leash?

  • The nylon leash is strong and rust-proof.
  • Comes in different lengths: 8ft, 12ft, 20ft, 30ft and 50ft.
  • Zinc alloy hook in both ends helps to tie out your dog to a tent stake or a tent hook.

4. Harness

A commendable tool specially designed for untrained dogs. Harnesses are like protective jackets that don’t harm the dog’s neck area while keeping him firmly within your grasp.

In usual case scenarios, dogs would get excited when outdoors and keep pulling at the leash, which is why the harness is important to help establish control. It acts as a means to establish friendly contact with your dog so that they can feel more attached and trusting towards you.

Some harnesses also function as a protective layer against the weather and can also come included with pockets. Other extra features could include LED lights so that you can keep track of your dog in the dark.

Make sure that your dog’s harness is designed specially to keep your dog’s comfort in mind. The material shouldn’t be too hard or toxic to your dog’s skin.

The Flashseen LED Dog Harness is one interesting and comfortable dog vest you can find in the market.

LED Dog Harness

What do we like most about our recommended Harness?

  • LED encrusted vest specially designed for night walks.
  • Can be charged via USB.
  • 100% non-toxic mesh and polyester material.
  • Multiple light modes can be changed via a button.

5. Boots

One might wonder why dog paws would require any protection at all as Mother Nature has made sure that animal paws are stronger and more resistant to the naked dirt.

To be honest, they are, but if you have been raising your dogs from a pup in a domestic environment then there is a chance that their paws are still susceptible to harm. There would be plenty of unaccounted-for objects in the outdoors like thorns, twigs, stones, and even sharp scrap metal.

All these can pierce your dog’s paws or even cause blisters. Anyhow, it is best recommended to take the needed precautions than rushing to a vet during a camping trip.

Considering that your dog is calm enough to resist hacking at the boots, they should feel comfortable and have light but thick soles.

QUMY Waterproof Anti-Slip Dog Boots feel superbly comfortable on your canine’s feet.

Waterproof Dog Boots For Camping

What do we like about our recommended Dog Boots?

  • Boots have a wide split seam which makes them easy to put on.
  • The sole is made from tough ant slip material.
  • The high-quality fabric is comfortable on your dog’s paws.

6. Life jacket

“Does my doggy need a life jacket?” To answer this rhetorical question, dogs respond in different ways. Firstly, they are born swimmers, and secondly, they can get trained to swim.

Even though your one knows to swim, a comfy life jacket with convenient handles is a must-have. It supports them when they are damn tired. Parents can be stress-free to avoid the unseen hazard (Underwater debris in lakes etc.).

In case your camping site or the lake water is cold carry Doglay Dog Shark Life Jacket to keep them warm.

Doglay Dog Shark Life Jacket

 What do we like most about our recommended life jacket?

  • With adjustable belts & quick-release buckles, it is easy to put on and take off.
  • D-ring hook for putting a leash on.
  • The jacket is made of nylon, polyester, and pearl cotton foam which is a perfect blend of comfort and durability.

7. Muzzle

Yes! We need it while camping. It is more likely for the sake of your pet’s own safety. Even though your doggy does not tend to bite anybody, you need it.

And it is not always possible to know how your friendly four-legged friend is going to behave around unknown people. It also helps to resist them from taking any random sniff or any object inside their mouth.

While camping, there can be several worms; some of them might be harmful to your loved one. Muzzles with hardened material are preferred as a measure to help safeguard your dog while camping.

The size of your dog’s muzzle must be appropriate to your dog’s jaw size. It should adjust the nostrils comfortably. To avoid confusion, you can check from its side view.

It should be neither too tight, nor too loose. You must practice using the muzzle beforehand to avoid unexpected consequences.

Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle is a breathable anti- biting, anti-licking, and anti-barking camp essential for your doggy.

Dog Muzzle

What do we like most about our recommended dog muzzle?

  • Padding on the edge keeps him at ease with the muzzle on.
  • Adjustable strap that sits comfortably on the neck while keeping the muzzle tight and secure.
  • Long-lasting dog essential comes with a lifelong warranty.

8. Doggy Pack

A doggy pack is like a dog backpack. It is one of the most worthwhile gears to invest in. They are meant to give your dog the chance to carry his own equipment like everyone else while also adding a bit of style with the same.

They come in various sizes respective to the average general height of each breed. Some dog harnesses and vests come pre-included with a pack. If you are not carrying many dog items with you then you can also unload some of your stuff too, without overburdening your doggo, of course.

The pack should have easy-to-access zippers and an adjustable strap so that it can fit perfectly on your dog. Some dog packs also come included with radium strips that glow in the dark to increase visibility.

Dog packs are ideal for when your dog is comfortable enough for loose leash walking and does not get too excited even in the outdoors.

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound is available in a standard size which is fit for most dogs with average height.

Dog Pack For Camping

What do we like about our recommended Doggie Pack?

  • Has comfortable adjustable straps.
  • Two main side compartments with semi-open pockets.
  • The material used is a high-density cotton canvas.

9. Food Bowl

In camping with a pet dog, the packing must not be huge and heavy. But, there must be your pet’s necessary items. A food and water bowl is a crucial tool to maintain the hygiene of your loved one.

The space-saving collapsible food bowls are a convenient alternative if a regular bowl would take up too much space. To select a perfect collapsible food bowl, you must keep in mind your pet’s requirements too.

They prefer a large one that is easy to drink from. You as a parent would like a dishwasher safe, hardy, and light-weight food bowl to begin with.

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl is an extremely compact bowl and is a must-have that keeps your dog well-fed and hydrated.

Dog Bowl For Camping

What do we like most about our recommended dog feeding bowl?

  • Tear-resistant, tough, compact, and lightweight, has all the camp-needed qualities.
  • A phthalates-free large dog bowl is safe for your dog to drink and eat.
  • Comes with a water bottle that takes care of your puppy’s water needs.

10. Tracker

GPS pet tracker is a necessity while outing with a pet. Your doggy gets more chances to enjoy the outing and if unfortunately he manages to take off his leash, gets lost at the campsite, and is nowhere to be found, a GPS tracker will save your day and him.

There is a variety of colorful GPS trackers with several designs. One can turn on the LIVE tracking through the smartphone or a web app. Through the location history function, the last known location can be detected.

If required, one can inform the camping authority too to help them.

These days, adopted pets have a microchip with them. The breeders provide the facility too. If the tracker is fixed with the collar, then it can be removed. But, the microchip is a non-removable implant and a one-time investment.

PETFON1 Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs is a less complicated user-friendly tracking device.

GPS Tracker For Dogs While Camping

What do we like most about our recommended GPS Tracker?

  • It does not cost you any monthly fee or service fee.
  • In open vicinity, the GPS covers 3.5 miles and pinpoint location with every move.
  • Rainproof tracker has 8 to 16hours battery life.

11. Dog First-Aid Kit

Dog first aid kit includes Self-adhesive bandages, cotton wool, open-weave bandage, sticky surgical tape, gauze, collar, towel, curved- blunt tip scissors, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, milk of magnesia, thermometer, magnifying glass, etc.

A first-aid arrangement comes in handy as quick relief if he has incurred any injury. It is always wise to keep first-aid arrangements with you, especially if you are taking your pet in an outdoor camping scenario.

ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit is a 100 pieces pet travel emergency kit and a manual on how to use each kit properly when in need.

First Aid Kit Kit For Dogs

What do we like most about our recommended pet first-aid kit?

  • All 100 pieces are organized in a 4” x 6” pouch.
  • The nylon-made bag is sturdy enough to withstand outdoor handling.
  • The bag is made lightweight keeping the travel and camping needs in mind.

12. Poop Bags

Leaving no trace behind is one of the strong ethics of outdoor camping locations. As a responsible dog parent, you have to take care of the matter. Your pet might need to attend a nature’s call while being in an outdoor campaign with you.

He will use the ground out of natural instincts. A poop bag will help you to collect the poop from the place and throw it in a dustbin or any other suitable place for dumping waste.

Picking up dog poop might not be a fun job but it is for the sake of a healthy surrounding. These Portworld biodegradable dog poop bags will come to your rescue.

Dog Poop Bags For Camping

What do we like most about our recommended poop bag?

  • Biodegradable, unscented wrapping bags.
  • 100% leakproof.
  • Comes with a carabiner-style clip.

13. Reflective Collar

Regular collars can work just fine on normal days. But, while out on a camping trip your old dog collar might not be sufficient for the outdoors. Reflective collars are specially designed for shining in the dark.

Therefore, it is a safety tool for your pet dog while on an outdoor visit or camping. It is helpful to find out your pet in the dark if it is lost. The reflective material on the collar shines brightly and helps in locating your dog.

If you are a dog owner and are thinking of taking your baby out camping. Do not forget to invest in a reflective collar for his safety.

The Illumifun LED Dog Collar can be your dog’s camping safety accessory.

LED Dog Collar For Camping

What do we like about our recommended dog collar?

  • Different light modes for different purposes: steady glow, quick flash, and slow flash.
  • You can easily recharge it by connecting to a micro USB port.
  • Adjustable buckle and D-ring that can easily be connected to your dog’s leash.

14. Brush & Shampoo

If you intend to go out for days or a week and take your dog with you, then keep a note that he shall need proper grooming during that time. Especially, if your dog has long fur.

There are specially designed brushes for detangling their coat. Camping activities will make your furry buddy’s coat dirty, so you have to brush and clean it to keep his fur and skin healthy.

A pet owner must know the technique of how to brush his/her puppy. They have different skin types. The shampoo and soap that best suit humans might not be suitable for them.

Dogs with longer fur take more time to dry themselves after a bath. It is necessary to rap them with a towel to avoid catching a cold. Use cotton towels for drying as this material is more skin-friendly.

Dhohoo 2-In-1 Dog Shampoo and Conditioner with Brush exclusively made for the four-legged one cleans dirt and mud.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

What do we like about our recommended dog shampoo and brush?

  • Filled with natural goodness of lemongrass, lavender & cedarwood.
  • Added conditioner moisturizes the fur and skin at the same time.
  • Panthenol effectively removes oil and dandruff build-up.
  • The brush helps in detangling and improves the scalp.

15. Food & Water & Snacks

Dog food, snacks, and a separate water jar are a few of the basic things to take with you. In camp areas, your dog gets more than enough space to indulge in outdoor activities.

During the day, when the sun is up your little buddy can easily get dehydrated and dehydration can lead to other health problems. Carry a bottle for him along with his usual water bowl. Every time you feel it is time for a sip, allow your furry baby to drink as well.

When it comes to food, humans can easily digest most of it but the same cannot be said for dogs. They are different than us and even though some human foods are healthy for dogs too, dedicated dog food can keep your dog healthy.

Prepare his meals with the right ingredients. Dogs love to eat snacks. On the other hand, oily things are not suitable for their stomach. Therefore take some snacks that are ideal for them so that you can feed them when they are hungry on the go.

Check the below lists to know what you can feed your dog and what you shouldn’t:


  • Carrots
  • Chicken
  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs


  • Chocolate
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Baked foods
  • Bread

Healthy Chicken Breast Strips Dog Treats by Beg and Barker is an easy snacking option to carry to your next camping trip.

What do we like most about our recommended snacks for dogs?

  • Human-grade chicken breast strips contain 78% protein.
  • Single-ingredient low-fat dog treats.
  • Grain-free made from all-natural ingredients.


Going out camping with you is simply the happiest thing any dog can ask for. They jump around, wag their tails, and have the time of their lives with you when they are out in the open.

All the gears mentioned in the list above are there to lessen the effort you need to put behind your dog while out camping. Tools like a camping dog tent, dog pack, first aid kit, a bowl, and a tracker are basic necessities that you can include in your pup’s arsenal.

Using equipment dedicated to your dog helps minimize any risks and increases the comfort which both you and your dog can enjoy.


Are toys necessary for dogs while camping?

Your dog needs your involvement the most while camping otherwise they may feel aloof, bored or out of their zone. In such cases, bringing a toy along like a stick or chewy toy can help your dog release a lot of pent-up energy.

Can your dog sleep in the same tent as you?

Yes, there are tents with extra space and are made specifically for dogs. Dogs simply feel the need for security, shelter and close proximity to their caretakers therefore bringing a tent that accommodates your dog is extremely important.

How to keep your dog calm inside the tent?

Yes. All your dog requires is some orientation to change which can be done over time in your backyard or at your home.

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