Best Waterproof Sprays For Tents

8 Best Waterproof Sprays For Tents: Stop Rain From Ruining Your Experience

Going out for a camping night is one of the most adventurous activities. Every holiday destination is good, but camping has its fanbase. Imagine you are on an overnight adventure that got interrupted by a sudden rainfall.

You might feel like a drowned rat instead of an outdoor adventurer in this case. Hence, you need the best waterproof spray for tents.

No matter how costly the tent you have purchased, even the best tent gets worn out over time. You need to repair them or use alternatives from time to time. If your tent’s shelter is not shedding water, then you need the best tent waterproofing spray to fix the problem.

These waterproofing products are not something newly introduced in the market; in fact, Scotchguard is a popular name for decades.

However, in recent times, various manufacturers have begun flooding the market with some exciting water repellent products. And, the waterproofing spray for the tent is one among them.

In this post, we’re going to share our investigation on different waterproofing sprays for tents. This review will help you to pick the ideal product for your next/upcoming camping trip.

Let’s get into it!

8 Best Waterproof Sprays For Tents:

1. KIWI Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


You don’t need to start wondering if you find KIWI Camp Dry Water Repellent everywhere around the web. It’s one of the best waterproofing sprays for those requiring heavy-duty tent protection. It is the most popular and high-rated waterproof layer available online.

The mixture formula uses silicon, ensuring a better level of waterproofing regardless of weather conditions. It creates a strong bond with any kind of fabric once you spray.

Apart from tents, you can also apply this spray to your boat covers, boots, tarps, and other outdoor gear that you want to keep dry. Finally, you are not restricted once you purchase this fantastic water repellent.

When you apply the spray, its high-targeting formula earmarks the weakest area of the tent to create a solid waterproof layer. So you don’t have to worry anymore while encountering heavy rainfall.

KIWI Camp Dry not only creates an effective waterproof layer but also keeps things considerable for you. The layer created is breathable so that you don’t feel suffocated while sleeping inside your tent.

Overall, it’s a fantastic option for buyers.

  • Extremely easy to apply and use
  • Most popular and high-rated water repellent spray
  • Suitable for various fabrics and other materials too
  • The 10.5 ounce bottle can cover entire tent fly with two coats
  • Uses silicon in the formula
  • Takes a long time to dry

2. Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


Scotchgard Heavy Duty is another top-rated waterproofing product available in the market. It’s a classic waterproofing spray that was first introduced in the 1950s.

Scotchgard is popularly known for manufacturing innovative household chemicals that too for a reasonable price.

There have been a lot of changes in the product’s formula since then. However, it is still easy to apply and provides an effective waterproofing layer. You can choose the ideal variant out of 13 ounces -, 21 ounces -, 42-ounce bottles, and so on.

The strong formula used in the spray created durable protection with just one application. One spray can cover 60 ft. sq. of nylon fabric or about 20 ft. sq. of the canvas (heavier fabric). It means this is a long-lasting and affordable water shield.

Scotchgard is not just a water repellent for tents as you can use it for boat covers, grill covers, backpacks, patio furniture, umbrellas, and other outdoor fabrics as well. It’s suitable for tents made of different fabrics, including nylon, cotton, polyester, and polypropylene.

Using Scotchgard waterproofing spray is a straightforward process. You need to spray 6- 8 inches away to cover the fabric. Leave it alone to dry for about 2-6 hours.

If you want, apply another layer of spray in the same manner. That’s it.

  • Suitable for various fabrics and materials
  • Breathability is not lost while applying this spray
  • Easy to apply and dries odorless
  • One coating is capable of creating a reliable waterproof layer
  • Available in different variants and packs
  • It doesn’t repel stains or UV rays

3. Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof Waterproofing Spray

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


If you’re looking for one of the most popular waterproofing sprays, then Nikwax brings an amazing option for you. Nikwax Tent waterproofing spray comes with 1000+ reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Let’s look at some of its amazing features.

Nikwax waterproofing spray is a step ahead of other water repellents available in the market. Other waterproofing sprays only create a protective layer over your camping gear but Nikwax also protects against harmful UV rays. The solar-proof property enhances the overall life of your tent.

Another important feature of Nikwax – it is safe for everyone. It is a water-based formula that doesn’t include any PFCs, optical brighteners, VOCs, or scents.

Additionally, it is biodegradable which means you won’t harm the ecosystem while camping.

Not only one but you can use Nikwax waterproofing spray for multiple camping gears. It’s suitable for tents, rain tarps, boat covers, waterproof jackets, backpacks, and many more. Finally, buying this waterproofing spray will not limit the scope.

People even use Nikwax with their newly-purchased tent to get extra protection. Moreover, the trust associated with the brand name ‘Nikwax’ allows you to purchase this product with full confidence.

Overall, it’s another popular and one of the best waterproof sprays for tents.

  • It provides protection from harmful UV rays as well
  • Doesn’t include PFCs, VOCs or added scent
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • One of the most popular and top-rated waterproofing sprays
  • Applicable for a variety of fabrics and materials
  • Manual spray bottle is harder to use

4. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard Tent Spray

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


Atsko Silicone Water-Guard offers you a lot of benefits at an affordable price. Under $7(for a 10.5oz can), it’s one of the best and most affordable waterproofing sprays for tents.

It’s a silicone-based water repellent, which is a step ahead of other silicone waterproofing sprays. Unlike other sprays, you can use this can for outdoor gear, sleeping bags, footwear, leather, and even suede. Not just one but it has multiple uses.

No matter whether you have even worked with a tent spray or not. Using Atsko Silicone Water-Guard is a straightforward process. Simply apply the spray and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Later, it will take around 72 hours to get odorless and fully cured.

Another highlighting feature of this waterproofing spray is that it’s breathable. It helps you stay comfortable and fresh even while sleeping. One coating will be sufficient for your tent but might be requiring another can for double coating.

Finally, if you were looking for an affordable but versatile waterproofing spray, then Atsko Silicone Water-Guard might be the right product for you.

You can consider this spray to meet all your waterproofing requirements.

  • It doesn’t have a strong smell like other sprays
  • It allows fabric to breath, making you feel comfortable
  • It’s a silicone-based water guard tent spray
  • One of the most affordable waterproofing sprays
  • Suitable for various fabrics
  • You need to tolerate silicone smell while applying

5. GEAR AID Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealer for Waterproofing

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


Before enlisting all features of GEAR AID, it’s essential to know who can use this waterproofing spray. GEAR AID Seam Grip Fabric Sealer is useful only for nylon tents. If you’re having a polyester tent, then make sure you don’t waste your money.

GEAR AID it’s a special tent fabric sealer that is designed to provide the same functionality that you had earlier. You may take the help of instructions for removing the old layer and applying a new layer over the top.

This water-guard spray comes with a foam section at the top for easy application. Simply press onto the spot where you want to apply the coating and squeeze the bottle to release the paste. Now, spread the fluid all-around using the sponge.

One single bottle can cover 85 square feet of material. It depends upon you whether you want single or dual coating. The smart design of the bottle also ensures that no drop is wasted and prevents any kind of leakage.

Within a few hours, this water repellent gets dry without leaving any major noticeable mark. The finishing is excellent. However, you might notice a slight change in the texture of the fabric while applying a thick coat.

Overall, it’s a great option to consider and another one of the best waterproof sprays for tents.

  • Doesn’t leave any noticeable mark behind
  • Dries quickly within a few hours
  • Comes with a clever design, making it easy to apply
  • A good value for money product
  • It uses non-toxic formula, making it safe
  • It doesn’t work that well on clothing.

6. 303 Fabric Guard Waterproofing Spray

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


If you’re having a canvas-based tent that leaks whenever rain falls, then 303 Products Fabric Guard spray will be a great option. This product is slightly similar to KIWI Camp Dry Water Repellent, which adds another layer of protection over the previous one.

No matter what fabric you use, this amazing water repellent always maintains the quality of the fabric. It doesn’t affect the breathability and texture of the fabric.

Additionally, it also doesn’t fade the color of the materials you treat.

If you’re looking for a waterproofing spray that works for both outdoor and camping gears, then 303 Fabric Guard is going to help you. It’s a multi-purpose water guard that comes with a wide range of applications.

You can use this spray for tents, umbrellas, life jackets, cushions, canvas, suede, upholstery, and other outdoor fabrics as well. Finally, it’s a safe product for all materials including synthetic and natural fibers.

303 Fabric Guard is a made in USA product. It comes in different variants: 2 fl. ounces, 16 fl. ounces, 32 fl. ounces, and 128 fl. ounces.

  • The fabric doesn’t loses its breathability
  • Comes in different packages and variants
  • It’s a Made in USA product
  • Multi-purpose, versatile water guard tent spray
  • Recommended by and for SUNBRELLA
  • Doesn’t work well with rubber and leathers

7. Sof Sole Unisex-Adult Silicone WATERPROOFER

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


Sof Sole is another product joining the list of most affordable waterproofing sprays. Under $12, it’s one of the most effective and popular silicone waterproofing sprays that work well for any material that isn’t breathable.

Let’s look more at this amazing product.

The formula used in the making of this water repellent uses 12% silicone, which creates an effective waterproofing layer over the top of the fabric. It creates a long-lasting waterproof bond with the surface that doesn’t allow water, dirt, or oil to pass through.

Using Sof Sole Waterproofing Spray is not rocket science. Simply apply the spray in moving motion but we recommend double coating for extra effectiveness. Since it’s a silicone-based spray, make sure to cover your nose with a mask while applying.

Avoid breathing in intense odors and let it dry. We suggest drying it outside (in sunlight) so that it doesn’t smell bad while you’re camping. This spray doesn’t feature any breathable properties, so make sure you don’t spoil the inner tent or other performance gear.

One bottle measures 12 ounces(340 g) that can cover a good amount of area. Overall, it’s another fantastic silicone-based waterproofing spray.

  • Uses 12 percent silicone formula to create a strong bond
  • Ideal for tents, outdoor gear, work boots
  • Keeps dirt and oil away from the fabric
  • Extremely easy to apply, simply spray and wait
  • One of the most affordable waterproofing sprays
  • Not recommended for breathable fabrics

8. Star Brite Waterproofing Spray, UV Protection, Stain Repellent

Best Waterproof Spray For Tents


Star Brite Waterproofing Spray is available in bigger quantity bottles, so you don’t have to worry about quantity. You can use this product for extra-large tents or for coating multiple tents of small sizes. It comes with various features that are discussed below.

What we liked the most about Star Brite is – it’s a 3-in-1 product. This tent spray will not only prevent leakages but also protect your gear from harmful UV rays.

Moreover, its stain-repellent property will help you keep your gears clean.

When you apply the product over the fabric, you might need to cover your face to avoid the smell of silicone. The spray usually dries after 6 hours for most of the fabrics. Once it is dried, you will not experience any harsh smell.

It’s a high-quality tent spray that doesn’t affect the breathability, color, or feel of the fabric. You don’t have to worry while using this spray for new fabrics. It’ll protect the material from stains, UV rays, and leaks.

One bottle of 22 oz. will provide an 80 square feet coverage, which may vary based on the amount of coat applied. Along with tents, you can use this product for jackets, backpacks, boots, awnings, car covers, canvas, and more.

Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for you and definitely the best waterproof spray for tents.

  • Suitable for canvas, boat covers, backpacks, jackets, etc
  • It provides 3-in-1 protection
  • Protection from UV rays, stains, and leakages
  • Available in different sizes and packages
  • Doesn’t change the feel and color of the fabric
  • Bigger size bottles doesn’t include spray mechanism

Buying Guide: Best Waterproof Spray for Tents

There are certain factors that one needs to consider before buying a new waterproofing spray for tents. You need to tick all the boxes in order to enjoy a peaceful camping trip.

In this segment, we’ll introduce some crucial parameters that will help you in bringing home the right product.

Silicone Vs Non-Silicone Based Sprays

If you have followed our article, you might have noticed that there are two types of tent sprays available:

  • Silicone-based
  • Non-silicone based

Let us make it simpler for you – always look for silicone-based waterproofing sprays. There are different types of sprays available but the best waterproofing sprays are based on silicone.

Generally, silicone is a common waterproofing agent for almost all kinds of things. It’s one of the best ingredients for water repellent products.

However, it doesn’t mean that non-silicone-based waterproofing sprays are useless. But make sure to choose a wise product if you’re buying a non-silicone spray.

Sun Protection

A waterproof spray is going to prevent your tent from leaks, but will it handle harmful UV rays? We have all know the effects of these UV rays since our school days.

They are capable of damaging your tent and spoiling your camping time. Hence, most people search for a fabric waterproofing spray that acts as a water repellent and sun protection as well.

Nowadays, most of the best waterproofing sprays offer UV Protection, which protects the fabric of your tent. It will prevent the fabric from getting faded over time plus keeping you dry during a rainstorm.

The fabric of your tent

It’s one of the most important factors that one should consider before beginning their research. There are some sprays available that work well on all fabrics, whether it’s breathable or not.

On the other hand, some work on specific fabric (like nylon, or canvas) and the ones that are not breathable.

You need to find the answer to a question: what’s the fabric used in the making of the tent’s rainfly? Is it made from polyester, canvas, nylon, and breathable or not?

Based on the answer to the question, you will come across various waterproofing sprays suitable for your tent.

Odors and Drying Time

During your research, you may find some odorless waterproofing spray (at the time of applying) and odorless spray (once it is dried). You can pick any spray based on your preference but make sure you consider its drying time.

Once it is dried, the smell will be automatically gone but make sure it all happens before beginning your camping trip.

In some cases, you might need to apply double coating which may take additional drying time. Finally, some waterproofing spray will take less time to dry and some more.

So, plan your trip accordingly.

Is it Eco-friendly?

Mother nature is important and we all should take care of it. Thankfully, some waterproofing sprays available in the market are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Whereas, some tent sprays involve harmful substances that go into the soil and disturbs the ecosystem.

Obviously, this is your personal choice whether you want the term ‘ECO’ with you or not. However, we always suggest our buyers be responsible and bring home an eco-friendly tent waterproofing spray.

For example, Nikwax Tent and Gear Waterproofing Spray is an eco-friendly product.


You can buy a tent with a high-quality rainfly to stay away from leakage problems. However, these tents are generally expensive and not everyone can afford that.

Thankfully, there are waterproofing sprays available in the market that too for an affordable price. So, pick an ideal one for your tent and enjoy your next camping trip.

KIWI Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent is a clear winner for us. It’s one of the best sprays that are suitable for almost every type of fabric. If you’re in a hurry, then add Kiwi Water Repellent to your cart.

If you’re looking for the best-selling waterproofing spray, then Atsko Silicone Water-Guard could be a great option.

Additionally, we have added a comprehensive buying guide in the second half of the article. You can consider those factors to pick the most ideal product for your tent.

We hope you liked our guide on the best waterproof sprays for tents. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Keep Adventuring!

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