Best Camping String Lights For Decoration

8 Best Camping String Lights To Decorate Your Tent

Is your anniversary coming? Or your better half’s birthday knocking on the door? It can be quite difficult for young adults to find a perfect birthday or anniversary surprise.

But, if both of you are nature lovers and would love to spend a couple of days together, away from others, then nothing can beat the idea of a birthday or anniversary camping trip.

Special occasions require special attention. While camping is perfectly fun what else can you do to make it extra-special and different from ordinary camping trips at the same time?

String lights!

Yes, it can add the right amount of glimmer every occasion requires. You can decorate a tree, drape it around your tent door, or hang them from a branch. It surely leaves enough room for creativity.

String Lights On Camping Tent For Decoration

Now, you have a lot to plan, and to reduce that burden we have prepared a list of the best camping string lights along with a guide to take you through the know-how of string lights. All these products mentioned below are reviewed by real customers and after considering expert opinion.

Read on to see which of these Best Camping String Lights can light up your evenings!

8 Best Camping String Lights:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
Power Practical Luminoodle Waterproof String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.7/5
ANJAYLIA 26 FT 60 LED Battery Operated Globe String LightsANJAYLIA 26 FT 60 LED Battery Operated Globe String Lights4.6/5
Coleman LED String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.9/5
Bebrant LED Rope Lights Battery Operated String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.5/5
Lwind Globe Solar String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.2/5
Aluvee Solar Rope String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.3/5
Outdoor String Lights with Colored BulbsBest Camping String Lights4.8/5
ER CHEN Dimmable LED String LightsBest Camping String Lights4.6/5

1. Power Practical Luminoodle Waterproof String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


Camping should be all about excitement. To boost up and make things exciting, there can be a number of accessories you can have while you are camping. One of these accessories is a camping string light.

If you are looking for something classy and modern at the same time, then this is the string light you might consider buying. One can get a lot of features, such as universal noodle ties with string lights. It also has built-in magnets, which makes it easier to display its bright light.

The utility loop is excellent to use, and a special rope bag that comes with the light can help you with packing and carrying the light to camps without any difficulty.

You can produce up to 180 lumens of camping light by using this wonderful string light.


  • It is a 5ft camping string light.
  • It comes with utility features that make it efficient in working.
  • You get three different ways of using the light.
  • Light in weight and waterproof.
  • You can power the string light via USB
  • It is highly portable.
  • The flat design gives a good appearance.
  • You can use it as a lamp by stuffing it in the bag provided.
  • Not good with durability.
  • Due to the flat pattern, it easily breaks.

2. ANJAYLIA 26 FT 60 LED Battery Operated Globe String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


Lights can always cheer you up. These lights are not the normal camping lights one can see for use; rather, they are all about fashion. These string lights are just too amazing to look at.

You can have multiple numbers of options with such lights. And to sum it up, could there be a better-looking LED string light than the one listed here?

This string light is all about providing your camp a shiny touch with its bright light. The string is 26 Ft long, which gives an option for you to use it in different ways. The wire is highly flexible, and the string light is made up of shiny LED crystal bubbles.

You get amazing features such as a built-in timer and different modes with the light. The LED string light is manufactured with a technology of IP65 that makes it waterproof.


  • There are 60 shiny LED balls over the string.
  • There are eight different light modes.
  • You get a remote control with the string light.
  • Ultra-thin copper wire provides extra durability,
  • The lights require 3 AA batteries to work.
  • The lights keep the temperature of your camp low.
  • Comes with an amazing remote control option.
  • The bulb refracts more light to appear shinier.
  • Brightness controls are not good.
  • Consumes a lot of electricity.

3. Coleman LED String LightsBest Camping String Lights


There can be options such as normal LED bulbs, big round yellow bulbs, small tiny sparkling bulbs, and a lot more but if you are a fan of lamps and miss the old days where people used lamps as the main source of light, then here is a perfect product for you.

It is a combination of electrically powered string light in the shape of lanterns. Not only this much but the lights are basically LED. Basically, these lights are the mood uplifter and can be the main attraction of your campsite.

These string lights can glow up and can provide you with the brightness you might require. Don’t dwell under a false impression that due to the pattern, it becomes hard to carry this string light to the camp.

It is a highly portable string light that can provide the shine you desire in your tent.


  • The string light is a pattern of 10 tiny LED lights.
  • It can last long as 20 hours on one set of batteries.
  • The string trenches 80 in.
  • The string light is good with portability.
  • It is also powered by batteries.
  • The lantern shape looks cute.
  • Works for a long duration with one battery set.
  • The bulb shines amazingly.
  •  The string is not good with balance.
  •  The battery compartment has been a problem for few customers.

4. Bebrant LED Rope Lights Battery Operated String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


The next string light in our list is one of the best-selling camp string lights. Basically, the main attraction of this light is the multicolored light output. You will get a good experience by using this string light.

It has a special multi-function remote control that will help you in switching different modes and controlling the brightness as you might want. It is highly durable, and you can use it even with a timer function.


  • Multi-color strings are the main attraction.
  • The string comes with eight lighting modes and ten brightness levels.
  • It is made of special material that is easy to bend.
  • The IP44 technology makes it waterproof.
  • You get one year of warranty.
  • It is 40 feet in length and comes with 123 LED lights.
  • Provides multicolor lighting.
  • You can easily fold it in any shape.
  • The timer function is very efficient.
  • Wire quality is doubtable.
  • You can sometimes find the multi-coloring irritating.

5. Lwind Globe Solar String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


There are two reasons why it is said that the Lwind Globe Solar light is a fantastic addition to your lighting arsenal. The first reason is the beautiful look it provides to your camp.  The second and most probably the main reason why this light makes it to our list is the fact that it can work on solar power.

Before going with a string light make sure that you are very sure about the source of power it uses. As seen in the article there can be a number of sources like electricity and battery-operated string lights.

Be very specific about what you are going to use while camping, because if not then it will be an impossible task for you to generate the power source on your camp suddenly, but wait, what if your energy source is Sun! Problem solved and hence this string light gains a big point over all the others in the market.

The string light is a 22, 9 ft long string light with 50 different bulbs attached to the string. The powerful bulbs provide you with a 360 view of the lights with a soft glow. It is very efficient with power and can help you in providing light up to 6-8 hours once fully charged.


  •  It comes with a monocrystalline silicon solar panel.
  •  The light bulbs have a special appearance at night.
  •  Comes with two switches and eight different modes.
  •  Resistant to heat and has IP65.
  •  It also has intelligent light control, according to the environment.
  •  It saves energy amazingly.
  •  Comes with a sharp connecting plug.
  •  The Solar panel can be adjusted at a wide 120-degree angle.
  •  The bulbs fall down easily.
  •  Panel needs constant sun exposure for all day to fully charge the light.

6. Aluvee Solar Rope String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


Looking for long party string lights that can help you to set the mood while camping, then search no more as this is the perfect product for you.

On the other hand, these LED lights are all about solar energy, and hence you can easily use them without any tension of investing electricity and batteries. It is absolutely fun to install the device. It has nothing to do with wiring and such stuff.

The special PVC tubes help you in providing easy bend. The customer support is great, and you can get your problem resolved in less than 24 hours. Other features such as waterproofing make it an efficient string light for use.

It comes with some basic buttons so that you don’t find it hard to use.


  •  You can have the string light in different colors.
  •  Power and mode buttons are seen with the string light.
  •  The LED string light is 10 M in length.
  •  Comes off with a special protective film.
  •  Works for long 6-8 hours.
  •  The charging time is less as compared to others.
  •  Excellent LED quality.
  •  The lights are very shiny.
  •  Waterproofing isn’t long lasting.
  •  Buttons lose their efficiency after few uses.

7. Outdoor String Lights with Colored Bulbs

Best Camping String Lights


Next in our article on the best camping string lights, we have special string lights that can work on electricity.

There can be a number of problems if you are choosing lights that glow on battery and solar power. Both of these can provide you the light until 6-8 hours of sitting.

But, these lights mentioned can work limitlessly until you don’t run out of electricity. It is a long 24-foot wire which has a combination of bulbs and lights. The rubber cord seen here is a very strong one, and it is better than the traditional ones.

You also get T-type holders so that you can attach different bulbs easily.


  •  It has 12 hanging sockets and 15 multicolor incandescent glass light bulbs.
  •  Good quality bulbs with a distance of 2 feet apart.
  •  Works on electric supply.
  •  The light string is resistant to harsh weather.
  •  You also have the option of attaching it to a timer or dimer.
  •  The size of the bulbs is great.
  •  Good customer care response.
  •  The wire is resistant to heavy stretch.
  •  The loop connection could have been better.

8. ER CHEN Dimmable LED String Lights

Best Camping String Lights


We mentioned some of the most amazing string lights one can have on camping. All these are damn too efficient in providing the vibe one looks for while camping but none of them comes up with this friendly company service.

The company assures you of providing materials with the best quality. The string lights mentioned here go through some tough testing and pass from the hardest of situations one can have outdoors. There is a remote controller provided with the light.

Not just that, it gives you firm control, but it also is efficient with protection against short circuits. Even there are ten different levels on which you can adjust the brightness. It is a long string light with more than 300 super shining bulbs.

It comes with copper wire with a well-insulated coating to ensure maximum protection. These string lights are modern and fancy. They can help you with obtaining the proper vibe you need in your camp.

Hence select according to your choice and need.


  •  It works on electricity and cord.
  •  It is made up of 3 strands of copper wire.
  •  The length could be as long as 30 meters.
  •  It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  •  You get a remote controller with brilliant controls.
  •  There are color options available.
  •  The strong copper wire is good in use.
  •  It has 300 bulbs.
  •  Wires tangles easily.
  •  Not good with shaping.

How to Choose the Best Camping String Lights?

Strings lights are little bulbs attached to a string wire. But, the connected bulbs come in different shapes and sizes hence the options are endless. So choosing one can be challenging.

Follow through to find what features you should look for before buying camping string lights.

1. Power Source

Primary power sources for camping string lights are-

  1. Solar energy– Solar-powered string lights depend on solar energy, so if your campsite location is bright and sunny you can choose solar power string light.
  2. Batteries– Common batteries that we use in our remotes can light string lights for hours. AA and AAA are mainly used as a power source to string Lights.
  3. USB– Nowadays, many string lights are available in the market that comes with a USB port, just plug it into a rechargeable power bank and you are good to go.
  4. Electricity– Then there is regular electricity-powered string light that you should only carry if we have an electricity source in your campsite like a car battery or any other electricity generator.

2. Efficiency

Like any other lights, string lights also consume energy to light up. Compare which uses less energy to light up and stays on longer. Depending on the power source you are using, make your choice.

3. Brightness

One of the key specifications of string lights is brightness and lumens. Lumens is the measuring unit of brightness, based on it string lights are of three categories-

  1. High– LED that provides brightness higher than 600 lumens are said to be highly bright.
  2. Medium– 200 to 500 lumens is considered to be moderately bright.
  3. Low– lights that are below 100 lumens are low. Generally, all camping string lights are brighter than this.

However, some of them come with all three lumens settings to fit every mood.

Please note that advertisements made based on lumens are for the total brightness of a string, not of a single bulb. For instance, if the description is showing 400 lumens and the number of LED bulbs on a string is 20 then each bulb has 20 lumens.

4. Color

You will get a wide range of colors of camping LED featured strings. You can also get the ones that have different colored settings. Orange is soothing for summer while blue or green is perfect for winter evenings.

Multi-color options are also there.

5. Durability

Camping is typically an outdoor activity. It is assumed that you are going to use these lights multiple times in multiple locations and weather. So make sure the lights you choose are sturdy and designed to withstand different weather conditions.

Camping string lights that come with an IP4 rating can go through light rain without sustaining much damage. A LED set with an IP rating higher than 67 is highly weatherproofed and can stay strong even against water.

6. String Length

Another factor you should focus on is the length of your string. There is no such thing as the perfect length. It depends completely on your requirement and the campsite.

If you need more light bulbs then you might pick a longer string, if you need fewer LED bulbs then go for a shorter string. Let the size and type of your campsite decide the length. But, increased length or number of bulbs does not always mean more brightness.

Generally, a string that has 8 to 10 bulbs is higher in lumens.

7. Bulb Type

String lights have multiple bulb options, they come in different shapes and sizes, and types. LEDs are the most common type used in camping string lights because they are long-lasting and give maximum brightness using minimum energy.

But, ultimately the choice is yours. Make up your mind what suits you better: bright Edison bulbs or globe bulbs. The Globe bulb emits a soft glow like a firefly.

Mainly glass and plastic are used in making string light bulbs. Glass-made bulbs may require extra care where plastic-made ones are made to handle roughness.

8. Effects

Camp string lights that come with remote control can arrange multiple lighting effects for you. So why settle for fixed lighting.

Options like fade in fade out, flashing, or even dimming at times are cool and appealing.

Final Thoughts

String lights are the best camp illuminating devices; they are safe to use, easy to carry, durable, easy to decorate with, and weatherproof.

Whereas candles include fire and they are not water or wind safe. String lights can turn your camp nights into bright and pretty tales. To get the best effect out of them, plan in advance where you want them.

If you want to illuminate your tent then choose bright colored lights with short string length, for lighting the campsite using a long string with moderate brightness.

Lastly, keep few tips in mind-

  • Do not forget prior testing of the lights before packing them for every camping trip.
  • If your string lights are battery run then carry sufficient numbers of batteries.
  • Carry clips and duct tapes, they come handy in hanging lights around your campsite.

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