Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest: For Maximum Comfort

If you think camping is all about leaving your comforts at home and struggling for survival using only primitive ways. This article is surely going to change your mind. Camping can be fun and comfortable if you know what to pack and carry.

A camping recliner chair with a footrest serves up all the amenities you have left at home. It can provide you the needed back support after a long day of tiring camping activities and the footrest can add the needed dash.

Reclining chairs with footrests is a perfect modern gift of smart minds to campers. Proper relaxation is needed while camping. Otherwise, it can affect your health like joint pain or muscle pain. You can also enjoy a good read in the evening sitting in your camp chair.

We have prepared a list of the best reclining chairs with footrests for camping and a guide to help you find whichever suits you better.

8 Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
EVER ADVANCED XL Deluxe Zero Gravity ReclinerBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.6/5
Cozzia Dual Power Zero Gravity ReclinerBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.9/5
KINGBO Oversized Zero Gravity ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.8/5
Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Folding ReclinerBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.5/5
Sport-Brella Recliner ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.2/5
Pacific Pass Zero Gravity ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.3/5
Flexzion Zero Gravity ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.4/5
OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Camping Chair with Removable FootrestBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest4.6/5

1. EVER ADVANCED XL Deluxe Zero Gravity Recliner

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest


This Oversized XL Zero Gravity Recliner is an exclusive chair with a lot of features that are perfect for tall and heavy people. It has a lot of great features, like a plushy padded headrest with an 18 x 7-inch pillow (46 x 18 cm).

It’s quite flexible and provides double lumbar support. This is, in our opinion, the most critical aspect. The footrest raises as the backrest reclines. The backrest can be adjusted to 170 degrees.

The backrest and footrest switch in the lockstep. There is a locking mechanism under the armrest that allows you to position the chair at any angle.

This is a design that is good for people with back problems and improves circulation in the legs in general. The bungee is also a nice touch that adds to the relaxation.

The frame is made of solid steel, which accounts for its large capacity as well as its weight. The fabric is polyester, and no detail about the padding inside is given. When you have bars on the ground instead of feet, the chair will not slip and will behave well on any terrain.

This chair also has a floor-friendly feature, allowing it to be used in big family camping tents with carpeted floors.

  • The chair is very comfortable to use.
  • It has special padding.
  • The size of this chair is huge.
  • The chair is heavy to carry.
  • The frame of this chair is not sturdy enough.

2. Cozzia Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest


The Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner is an outstanding choice for a zero gravity recliner with excellent features at an equally excellent price. Even the cheapest recliner on this list has everything you need for a perfect zero-gravity experience.

It’s remote-controlled, has massage and heat therapy, various cushions, and individually working head and footrests, and it looks awesome to boot.

The “one-touch” zero-g button is one of our favorite features of this model. With a simple press, you can sit in the chair and enter a complete zero gravity spot. We like pieces that operate individually, but when all you want to do is chill, making a lot of little changes can be distracting.

That problem is solved by the “one-click” button. There’s nothing in this chair that makes it a bargain. Experts created it to offer unsurpassed spinal decompression and comfort.

The Cozzia may not be as adjustable as the Svago or as comfortable as the Perfect Chair, but it is one of the finest when it comes to the advantages of zero gravity.

  • The Bonded leather is of high quality.
  • The chair has a Strong Beechwood Base.
  • It has a good balance.
  • Spinal decompression fades with time.
  • Doesn’t give you many options with adjustability

3. KINGBO Oversized Zero Gravity ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest



This KINGBO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is a brand new piece of the Anti-gravity chair that supports up to 500 lbs. The simple portable chair is one with a classy look and is easy to transport and store.

The chair is designed to focus on the ergonomic design, including the armrest, footrest, and reclining backrest, which assures a zero-gravity weightless experience. Assisted with the adjustable warm and cozy cushion for comfort, this is suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard, balcony, poolside, and beach.

This chair has a very high back section, as well as a headrest with additional padding. The material used is the durable polyester fabric making the chair sturdy and resistant to sun and water. In terms of capacity, this is a standard chair, with a declared capacity of 500 lbs.

The frame is made of rugged steel and appears to be capable of supporting much more weight. You’ll find that this is an exceptionally tall chair with total dimensions of 70 inches full length and 28 inches wide when it comes to height.

The chair appears high at 19 lb 8 oz in terms of weight, but this is almost standard for a chair of this height. The full scale is (36.5 x 28 x 6 inches), meaning you’ll need a vehicle to carry it due to its size and weight.

  • The model is quite sturdy and of high quality
  • The headrest is suitable.
  • Provides huge space to sit.
  • The folding can be a little tricky.
  • The footrest might feel low for heightened people.

4. Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Folding ReclinerBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest


This Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Folding Recliner is a folding chair with a comfortable headrest, sturdy armrests, several storage options, and quality. The overall seat depth is 16 inches making it quite comfortable.

The two solid armrests and the amazing footrest with foot glides serve as attachment points for the storage elements listed earlier.

In terms of weight, this chair is relatively high at 18.52 lb. With the ideal relaxation pad and comfortable stretch, the chair is perfect for the beach, sports events, camping trips, and anywhere else you travel.

This chair bends so that it is wide in two dimensions but becomes very small, allowing it to fit into tight spaces, useful for storage and transportation. When folded, the measurements are 28 x 38 x 8 inches (71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm), while the open measurement is 28 x 44.5 x 33 inches (71 cm x 113 cm x 83 cm).

But you’ll need a vehicle to transport this chair.

The Air Comfort seat pad is made from breathable and absorbent materials to offer comfort and softness. The package dimension is 32.7 x 25.5 x 46 inches. Made from alloy metal and with over 60 years of perfection, this is the perfect choice to make.

  • It is durable and comfortable
  • The headrest comes with a pillow.
  • The chair is a bit expensive.
  • This chair is heavy in terms of weight.

5. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest


This Sport-Brella Recliner Chair has a backrest that can be adjusted to three different positions. This is also a famous item on Amazon, with over 1380 customer reviews.

There is a footrest and armrest, as well as an umbrella that is completely flexible and reusable. It can be rotated to any location that you choose. Since this is a collapsible device, it requires minimal assembly, yet the packed scale is manageable.

In the armrests, you’ll find zippered storage pockets, a cooler, and a cup holder. It weighs 13.5 pounds (6.12 kg). It’s also worth noting that this is a very low-cost chair.

However, the seat is about 16-17 inches (40-43 cm) above the ground, which makes it very short.

  • The armrest provides extra comfort.
  • Powerful and lightweight at the same time.
  • Compact and easy to pack.
  • The footrest connection is not comfortable.
  • It’s not durable and gets broken after a few uses.

6. Pacific Pass Zero Gravity Chair

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest


Pacific Pass Zero Gravity Chair with a sturdy and durable frame, high-quality material, and ergonomic design, this recliner is perfect. In several respects, this is an amazing throne.

It’s ready in a second after you open it. But there’s no setup here, but it also means it’ll be a little big when compressed; the packed dimensions are 16.7 x 20.5 x 42.5 inches. If you can see, it thins out and can be stored in tight spaces.

From the ground to the tip of the backrest, you have 42.5 inches. For the head, there is a comfortable lining. The chair is completely padded, both over the cushion and the backrest. The armrests are sturdy and flexible, allowing you to shift the backrest position with the most comfortable footrest associated.

The overall weight of the chair is 16.94 lbs, with a seat depth of 20.5 inches. Made from mesh material, it is durable and can support a total weight of up to 300 lbs.

With the versatile design and amazing uses, one can easily carry this chair after folding it in the car to your picnic spot.

Quite easy to fold and open, this chair is one of the prominent choices of buyers. The sturdy and dependable design that stands on 25mm steel is durable and coated with powder to offer long life.

  • It is very simple to assemble.
  • Extremely durable and dependable.
  • The chair is highly affordable.
  • Not a good option for people with wide hips.
  • There is no additional space to keep things like bottles or glass.

7. Flexzion Zero Gravity ChairBest Reclining Chairs With Footrest


A great choice of chair for all the environment be it inside the home, or outside, Flexzion is a classic piece. With the overall dimensions of 40 x 25 x 5 inches and the product weight of 18lbs, the chair is amazing with the capacity to carry weight up to 25 lbs.

With ease to fold and carry, this portable chair allows the owner to carry it anywhere seamlessly. The seating area is made from breathable high-quality mesh and Textilene, while the frame is of sturdy metal alloy coated with powder to safeguard from rust and collision.

The recliner can take stretch up to 155 degrees, and the headrest is a soft cushion pack with removable pillows; the UV-protected and dust-resistant seating area is a unique feature.

The package dimensions are 40 x 25 x 5 inches with the recommendation to use it as a chair for camping.

  • The armrest is very durable.
  • The chair is highly lightweight.
  • It is good for balancing your body perfectly.
  • The chair can be a bit unformattable based on its stretch degree.
  • You don’t get many options in terms of color and design.

8. OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Camping Chair with Removable Footrest

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest


This Folding Portable Mesh Chair with Removable Backrest Footrest is large, with a removable footrest and a high backrest; it is also foldable and simple to use, and it comes at a reasonable price. The chair has a clamp-like mechanism on each of the back legs that allows it to recline.

As a result, you can switch them in two different directions and get two different angles.

Footrest: The footrest is large and removable; it is attached to the chair by a zipper, and it is supported by two poles. Even without the footrest, the chair has a very different appearance.

A bottle/cup holder is located in one of the soft armrests, and a storage bag with many mesh pockets is located on the other. The cloth is 400x300D polyester with a steel frame. A large portion of the chair is made of breathable mesh, making it ideal for hot-weather camping.

The feet are especially wide, so they won’t fall in soft land. It can be used on the lawn as well as in a big family camping tent with a foundation. In terms of weight, this is not a chair you’d like to transport for long distances; it weighs 12.6 kg (5.7 kg).

Since there are so many poles and the structure is so big, the weight is justified. It is defined as “ultra-lightweight” by the maker, which we believe is a bit of a stretch.

The packed dimensions of 39.4 x 7.87 x 7.28 inches (100 x 20 x 18 cm) necessitate the use of a vehicle. In terms of size, the chair is very large, with a total length of about 60 inches (152 cm) or so, providing plenty of room to stretch out, as seen in the photo.

  • It comes with a suitcase.
  • You also get cup holders.
  • The fabric quality is made up of breathable mesh.
  • The Zippers are very hard.
  • The power is just 200 lb (91 kg), which is very low and not suitable for heavy users.

Best Reclining Chairs With Footrest: Factors To Look For Before Buying

How durable is your chair?

When you are in the mart on the lookout to purchase a new recliner chair, you might want to put a little bit more effort to ensure you don’t have to come back for a while.

The chair you finally take home should not only be one that effectively fulfills your needs but is sturdy enough to last a long while. Even though the durability of a recliner chair depends on the amount of usage or wear and tear you put it through, but its ability to endure weight also plays an important role.

How portable is your chair?

Shopping for a recliner chair with a footrest, what you are looking for most is portability. How easy and light enough is the chair to carry to different locations is the question that persists most on a buyer’s mind.

On average, chairs weighing a little more than 8 pounds may not be the ideal choice. Although, such a chair may be available with the most features.

The lightest chairs you can find may weigh just a little more than 1 pound. What you need to find is a balance between features and portability.

Does it have a footrest?

There are several facilities that could accompany a reclining chair. The most ideal feature among them is the footrest. Let’s take note that not all comfortable reclining chairs come with a footrest. But the ones that do, are a perfect comfort buddy.

Footrests are often available as a detachable add-on so keep an eye out for those. Your reclining chair should have an adjustable footrest that places you in a comfortable seating posture while supporting your weight.

Based on its portability and other features, choose a footrest reclining chair that suits you best.

How much support does it provide?

Not all camping chairs are well suited for every individual. There are those who have their own unique disabilities which need to be looked after such as agedness, spondylitis, or other back issues.

Your camping chair should have back support that makes amends for any of these issues in order to maximize comfort. The wrong type of recliner would be one with inadequate back support that causes more harm than comfort.

Although, one might think that carrying a pillow should do the trick that still is an added measure.

Does it have a shade?

With the increasing pollution rate global warming has also increased. And harmful UV rays can find their way to us more easily. Therefore, the need of getting a chair that comes with a shade is necessary.

If you’re camping in summer then the risk of sunburn is also there. Too much heat and light can lead to a headache. If your campsite is a beach or desert then a reclining chair with shade is not optional it is mandatory.

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is the ultimate priority in any chair. So it is obvious to buy one that ensures maximum coziness.

How to be sure which one provides the most comfort? A camping chair with a comfy sitting position and good back and neck support is a good one.

Is it affordable?

A camper’s budget is his/her’s primary consideration before they purchase a recliner chair. Recliner chairs that offer a lot of features may seek to charge a hefty price for the same.

First off, you need to determine exactly what is necessary for you uniquely and whether you have the budget to spare. Keep in mind that a cheap reclining chair may not be the most reliable while an exorbitantly priced chair may be unnecessary.

The best reclining chair with a footrest would have superb quality and a few additional features while being just within your budget.


While camp chairs are a great source of comfort and convenience. They come in different price ranges. Sometimes it can get difficult to choose from.

So, the best solution is to understand your needs and then look for options that are fulfilling. Then compare prices and go for the affordable one that guarantees quality. Hope by now you have decided which one is going to be your pick.

Now, a final tip. It is advised to carry one chair per person. Plus, don’t forget to carry a sitting cushion, just in case.

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