Best Tent Stoves For Camping

10 Best Tent Stoves For Camping: Ideal Camp Heating and Cooking Solution

Camping outdoors in a homelike ambiance requires a few things to set up, one of them being a camping stove.

If you don’t have an amenity that provides heat then how would you stay warm and snug at camp? More importantly, you need hot fresh cooked meals and a camping wood-burning stove is an ideal solution.

These stoves are easy to set up and safe to use in situations involving children. Based on your camping requirements, there are dozens of variations of camping stoves in the market. More compact and portable camping stoves may mean compromising on output while heavier and more durable stoves are probably harder to lug around.

Opt for camping stove designs that are simple, easy to manage, and balances the heating factor with the safety factor. Some of these stoves come packed with useful features like modifiable pipes, panel heating, detachable legs, and ashtrays.

Keep in mind that once you are done camping, your stove needs some time to cool off and you may also need to wash off any residue. The stove you are using should make amends that help clean it smoothly and pack it up securely.

Now let’s check out the best tent stoves for camping that we have shortlisted on our list.

10 Best Tent Stoves For Camping:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
SoloWilder Camping Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.6/5
TOVINI Multipurpose Camping Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.1/5
Fltom Camp Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.7/5
Camping Cast Iron Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping3.9/5
DANCHEL OUTDOOR Ultralight Titanium Camp Stove for TentBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.9/5
OneTigris Tiger Roar Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.4/5
Winnerwell Woodlander Double-View Large Tent StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.7/5
US Caribou Portable Camp StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.3/5
Fltom Portable Wood Burning Stove for TentBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.9/5
Guide Gear Outdoor Wood StoveBest Tent Stoves For Camping4.5/5

1. SoloWilder Camping Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


SoloWilder Camping Tent Stove is a small and portable wood stove. It comes with 6 extra pipes. The pipes have a large capacity design to ensure one can easily use and carry the stove.

This stove is ideal for use inside a tent and it measures 11.2” x 7.9” x 7.7”. The design is of a closed stove body that makes it suitable for heating and safe from leaking carbon monoxide. Campers can enjoy the burning firewood while cooking through the visual front glass.

Another interesting thing about the stove is the two-sided shelves which can be used to put other necessary items. Solo Wilder stove with partition is designed in a way to increase the contact area between the wood and air. This helps to burn the wood to the fullest.

Full combustion releases more heat. So the design is friendly to the environment. There is another layer of ashtray that can be pulled out. You can pull out the ashtray if there is excessive wood burning in the stove interior.

The upgraded thicker stove legs make the item stable and secure to use inside a tent.

Key Features:

  • Side trays that you can put to use while cooking for keeping small things.
  • Added ashtray layer below the oxygen diaphragm.
  • Design for complete utilization of the wood energy.
  • Foldable sides can also be used as handles when disassembled.
  • It has a ceiling design.
  • Thoughtful ashtray design makes cleaning easier.
  • The installation process is quick and hassle-free.
  • The top most part of the stove is not detachable.
  • The package does not include a spark arrestor.

2. TOVINI Multipurpose Camping Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


The second tent-friendly stove on our list is from TOVINI. This Stove has a chimney, ideal for heating and cooking places like teepees, canvas tents, and shacks.

The alloy steel-made wood stove has a flat heating surface on top prepared from cold-rolled steel. The plate is rust-proof with a high temperature-resistant coating. This multipurpose stove has a durable cold-rolled steel plate with anti-rush ability.

It can survive up to 600 degrees Celsius. The stove is lightweight, 22 pounds, thus easy to carry. This portable camp stove has 3 folded legs with quick-release locking pins making it stable on any terrain.

It comes with an amazing set of accessories that makes operating the wood stove less complicated.

Key Features:

  • This amazing portable tent stove comes with a 5PCS pipe.
  • The high-temperature coating resistance saves the stove from scratches, peels, blisters.
  • Spark arrestor for safety.
  • Foldable legs for easy transportation of your cooking stove.
  • You can use it as a drier for your clothes by rotating the cook-top outward.
  • Pipes keep the smoke and fumes away from the cooking area.
  • No glass walls for observing the fire.

3. Fltom Camp Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


A stove made of carbon steel can easily reach a high temperature in n time. Fltom tent stove provides the opportunity to enjoy the flames while it keeps you warm from the outsides cold.

5 pieces of pipes having a maximum height of 4.76 feet ensures a smoke-free environment. The height is adjustable with space. The wood-burning stove has a flat top cooking surface that can cook anything on the stove.

The collapsible legs are connected to give stability to the oven. With Fltom you get a load of accessories such as a glass assembling kit, fire poker, and ash pan.

Key Features:

  • Gates in both front and back of the rectangular firebox.
  • Provides all-around combustion.
  • Shelves to help you cook organized.
  • Carbon steel made a durable stove.
  • Detachable stove parts ensure portability.
  • Secondary ventilation for clean combustion.
  • Fltom tent stove weighs more than other available stoves in the same price.

4. Camping Cast Iron Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


The next stove on our list is quite capable of reaching a temperature quickly and does the job of a heater as well. 3 stainless wall chimney pipes help in keeping the smoke away. The cooking surface is the flat top of the stove. This stove can be used to cook, grill or barbeque.

Multiple fuel sources are compatible with our cooking wood stove such as twigs, leaves, coal, woods, or even solid fuel tablets. It has a detachable design scheme that allows you to remove the chimney pipe. The slide shelves function as a handle when not in use.

With four detachable legs, it is a perfect tool for all outdoor purposes.

Key Features:

  • This amazing camp stove is backed by quick heat-up technology.
  • High-Temperature asbestos rope.
  • Comfortable switch for easier handling.
  • Flue pipe is vertically vented to keep the smoke and fumes out of the tent.
  • Fire poker and gloves make it safe to use.
  • Has a heavier built than other camping stoves.

5. DANCHEL OUTDOOR Ultralight Titanium Camp Stove for Tent

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


DANCHEL OUTDOOR presents a titanium stove that weighs only 5 pounds. The heat output is high due to the material used in making it. The door features heat-resistant glass. That allows you to watch the flames and adjust the wood accordingly.

The stove door effectively prevents smoke from coming out inside the tent. The air that goes inside the stove is also controllable. Inserted dampers make it safe for outdoor and tent use. The wood-burning stove with a flat top can be used to cook anything as a temporary kitchen.

Camping wood stoves use natural fuel sources. This is easy to carry in your luggage. Its detachable and portable features make it ideal for an outdoor plan. You can easily remove the pipes which are easy to store.

Key Features:

  • The wood-burning stove includes an 8.2ft long rolled chimney pipe.
  • The stove body and plates are both made from sturdy titanium alloy material.
  • Sealed door and chimney for smoke-free tent environment.
  • Ultra –lightweight.
  • 4 foldable legs provide stability.
  • The sturdy lightweight stove is not light on budget.

6. OneTigris Tiger Roar Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


A wood stove with insightful features and a sturdy build. 11.4” long pipe length makes it ideal to use as a tent stove. OneTigris wood oven’s chimney is divided into 7 parts that you can easily assemble and disassemble.

After installation of the chimney pipe, you get an 11.4” long flue duct, long enough to keep all the waste gas and smoke away. The stove body is forged from stainless steel meant for a long-lasting venture.

It also features German Schott heat-resistant glass with a capacity to withstand 760 degrees. Uniquely designed air intake valve ensures complete combustion and prevents carbon and spark leakage.

Key Features:

  • Long flue pipe.
  • Compact stove body measuring 17.3 X 8.5” x 10.6”.
  • Lightweight weighs only 21.2lbs.
  • Ash scraper to keep the stove interior clean.
  • Every part can be stored inside the stove while not in use.
  • Legs are short in size.

7. Winnerwell Woodlander Double-View Large Tent Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


A tent stove of this caliber should not be able to disappoint anyone. Its robust and durable design is meant for larger tents with enough space to spare.

Wood burning tent stoves are crafted from 304 stainless steel which is known for being resistant to high heat temperatures. It is guaranteed to never fall prey to corrosion hence you can rest assured that it is highly reliable in harsh outdoor circumstances.

The entire apparatus includes a single stove body with 5 chimney pipes of 3.5 inches diameter. It also includes 1 spark arrestor as well as 1 ash scraper.

Its 3 legs acting as pillars is sufficient enough to balance the platform while the three windows add further convenience. The side shelves of the stove double up as a carry handle.

All of these features are compiled upon weight of 33.7 pounds. Its compact size gives you plenty of adjustability and portability.

Key Features:

  • Highly Durable and Corrosion Resistant Built.
  • 5 section 3.5 inch diameter chimneys.
  • 3 foldable Leg stove design.
  • Can withstand high heat temperatures.
  • Ideal for canvas tents, yurts, and shacks.
  • Conveniently portable design.
  • Not well suited for use in congested tents.

8. US Caribou Portable Camp Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


The US Caribou Portable Camp stove gives every camping set up the worthy heating they require. It has a compact design, is light enough to carry around easily to any camping destination. Ideal for use in areas where open flames are against the rules.

The chimney pipe is around 6 feet and all the extensions like legs, racks, damper tool and flue brush can all be included in a portable carrying case. The racks on the stove are great for cooking dishes on indirect heat such as baked potatoes, and meat wrapped in foil.

Upon folding these racks can be used as carrying handles. The Caribou Portable stove has around a 117 sq inch cooking area which is useful for applying indirect heat.

You can adjust the door dampers to modify the heat output. Excellent for taking on backpacking trips.

Key Features:

  • Includes foldable damper tool, leg support, and chimney pipe.
  • Plenty of surface area for emitting indirect heat.
  • Reliable steel construction.
  • Easily portable on camping trips.
  • Reliable and slick-looking construction.
  • Not much space for cooking mainstream meals.

9. Fltom Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tent

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


With a more sturdy and compact design, this portable wood-burning stove from Fltom is excellent for fitting into small spaces and enjoying a long-lasting secured heat source.

The stove can reach a sufficient level of temperature in a very short span of time and can even provide heat in outdoor scenarios given its high heat output. It facilitates a total of 6 stovepipes that are around 5 feet tall and can be adjusted to fit varying spaces.

The stove structure has a flat surface on the top of it which is meant for cooking almost any camping meal.

In terms of safety, this stove is quite reliable as it only involves using natural fuels found at the campsite. There are panels on each side which you can open up to increase ventilation.

The best part about this stove is that it follows a detachable stove structure. You can simply open it up by removing the legs and chimney pipes, pack it up and move.

Key Features:

  • High heat output is ideal for outdoor camping scenarios.
  • 6 adjustable chimney pipes.
  • Vertical ventilation for the flames.
  • Uses natural fuels like twigs, woods and dry leaves.
  • Can be used to cook easy meals.
  • Quickly reaches high heat temperatures.
  • Sturdy design may make it slightly heavy.

10. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Best Tent Stoves For Camping


The final wood-burning stove on our list of the best tent stoves for camping has a more rustic finishing to it that stands as a testament to its high output.

The guide gear outdoor wood stove is made with pure galvanized steel which can take on higher temperatures. The front stove-hinged door is made from cast iron which is even tougher. You can rely on its heat to cook delicious meals like bacon and eggs on a sauce or frying pan.

The legs and pipes of this stove retract so you can easily transport it to any location. Its entire detachable setup includes stove legs, 5 pipes, ash rake, fire poker, and stove door opener.

There are some hardware assembly tools included as well. The entire stove comes with heat resistant black finishing.

Key Features:

  • Galvanized Steel construction with cast iron doors.
  • Includes 5 pipes, detachable legs, and ash rake and fire poker/door opener.
  • Heat resistant finishing.
  • Is great for high heat scenarios.
  • Keeps you and your food warm for a long while.
  • Only meant for outdoor settings.


Your camping stove is a superb asset to your camping gear therefore invest in one that can last you a long while. Remember, safety is your primary concern so if there is a stove that doesn’t assure you proper safety measures or facilities for easy heat management, stay away!

There are a few things you need to speculate about before you buy a camping stove and that depends on the type of camp you are planning.

Is it’s a backpacking trip or a family vacation? Are you traveling with a group or as an individual? We have covered some of the pertinent factors in our buyer’s guide.

Buyers Guide: Best Tent Stoves For Camping

Before making a choice it is very important to understand the factors you need to take into consideration. Here, we have listed five things that will help you to pick the best tent stove for camping.


The reason one is behind buying a tent wood-burning stove is to cook outdoors. Be it camping, fishing, hiking, or trailing you having to carry your oven with you.

The first thing to consider while looking for a camp tent stove is its weight. The lighter the weight, the easier it would be to carry to different places. Cast Iron-made tent stoves are generally heavy.

Whereas the titanium or aluminum stoves are ultra-light in weight. If you are driving to your campsite then you can opt for the heavyweight options.

Otherwise carrying heavy camp gears, choose a lightweight stove that can be easily carried around.


Tent stoves are made for outdoors, they should be designed and constructed in a way that they can withstand travel handling and harsh weather conditions.

Choose a model that has a sturdy build and at the same time is made from superior quality material. Stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum alloy are the best quality stove metal you can get.


Tent stoves are purchased to cook inside a tent which is your camp shelter. All the smoke emitted by the stove can turn into a camping nightmare and haunt you for the rest of your life.

You require plenty of ventilation so that your lungs don’t become a filter for all the waste gases. Proper ventilation is going to keep all the poisonous fumes away. Your stove pipe is supposed to keep all the smoke and gases out of the tent.

Vents play a very important role here.

Look for vertical pipes that are long enough to keep all the gaseous pollutants away. If you feel the stove pipe is not enough to ensure complete ventilation you can always buy stove pipes separately. 


Tents stoves are available at different prices. It can get difficult to choose one among all the options. Let your budget decide for you.

First, figure out how much you want to spend or you can spend. Then look for the best quality material and stove built under the budget you are comfortable with.

You need other essential gear for camping, spending a maximum amount on a tent stove is not needed. Your price limit also helps you to short-list fewer options and choose quickly and wisely.


While looking for a sturdy and safe-to-use stove, do not forget about accessories. Accessories make operating a stove much easier and safer as they already are.

For example, while installing the parts of the tents it is very usual to encounter minor cuts. Edges of metal stove parts are sharp. Now, if you get gloves with your stove then you do not need to worry about cuts anymore.

Every accessory plays a very particular role. Popular accessories that you can get are stove pipe, fire poker, gloves, ash scraper, fire arrestors.


How to use a tent stove with maximum safety?

Anything that has the potential to cause a fire should be used with utmost care and caution. And it is dangerous to cook inside a tent. While cooking, watch out for any flame or spark leakage. As long as fire sparks and flames remain inside the firebox it is safe to use.

Another potential threat that is associated with the tent stoves is smoke. Smoke coming out of the pipe should not come in direct contact with campers. So place the chimney pipe carefully.

What are the accessories to use in and with a tent stove?

Generally, tent stoves come with all the necessary accessories. But, in case the manufacturer fails to provide, you need a stove jack, stove pipe, fire arrestor, wood door, fire poker, and ash collector. Some of the tent stoves also feature a damper, water tank, and flue.

How many types of tent stoves are available?

Primarily two types of stoves are available for outdoor cooking. Gas stoves and wood stoves.

Wood stoves use the naturally available fuel sources to prepare a fire for you. Gas stoves will require you to carry gas canisters with you.

How economical are tent stoves?

Tent saves your fuel -expense. Dry branches, woods, twigs, and even dried leaves can be used as fuels in all types of wood-burning tent stoves.

And they also work as tent heaters. So tent stoves are extremely economical.

We hope you liked our guide on the best tent stoves for camping. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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