Best 8 Person Camping Tents

Best 8 Person Camping Tents: Budget-Friendly & Durable

If you are planning your next camping trip with your kids, you might be doing a whole lot of research on the best camping tents available for purchase.

A camping trip is only enjoyable when you have the right camping tent, and a smaller one does not cut it. So, it always helps to pick a larger one, like an 8-person camping tent when you are on a family camping trip or planning to invite some buddies to join in.

To, make your job easier, we have listed some of the best 8-person tents for camping that are of high quality. Well, there is a tent for everyone – that matches your budget, and requirements.

Best 8 Person Camping Tents:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
Coleman Instant 8 Person Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.7/5
Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Large Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.5/5
Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.2/5
NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.4/5
TETON Sports Mesa 14 Canvas 8 Person Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.9/5
Core Instant Cabin TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.8/5
Outdoor Luxury Glamping Bell Tent from Free SpaceBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.4/5
Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents4.6/5

1. Coleman Instant 8 Person Camping Tent – Perfect for Family Outings

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


Well, a list of the best camping tents can never be complete without one from Coleman. The instant 8 person pop-up camping tent from Coleman is all that you need for that hassle-free trip.

The tent has a very slick design and takes as little as 60 seconds to set up. It also takes very little time to pack it away, keeping tent pitching easy and worry-free.

The tent is quite spacious and provides good space for 8 people. The tent can accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses with ease. Like many other Coleman tents, this too uses the WeatherTec System, and the inverted seams and welds in the corner keep the water away.

The tent is also made using a very rugged and high-quality Polyguard double-thick fabric that stays strong for years to come. The tent also has a center height of 6 feet and 7 inches. Also, the mesh storage pockets provided in the tent keep all the camping gear within reach.

So, if you are looking for one storage tent that you can never go wrong with, this is the one to pick.

  • Easy to setup
  • Good ventilation
  • Mesh windows
  • Storage pockets
  • Enough room to even stand up
  • Waterproofing is not up to the mark
  • The stakes included are not of the highest quality

2. Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Large Camping Tent – Best Cabin Style Tent

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


Cabin-style camping tents are known for good ventilation and a lot of space inside, and the 8 person Klondike Tent from Wenzel surpasses our expectations. The high-quality and highly durable camping tent has two rooms and enough space for 8 people.

The versatile tent is the favorite of many campers as it has a huge screen room. This screen room is also perfect when you are camping with your pet dog/cat, or for that stargazing night.

Though it would take a little extra time to set up the tent, and an extra hand, this tent is well-ventilated, spacious, and perfect for family camping trips. The tent also has a T-styled door for easy movement and zippered mesh windows.

  • Spacious and durable
  • Inclusion of huge mesh windows
  • Waterproof
  • No option for electric cables
  • Can get a little hit during summers

3. Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent – An Inexpensive Roomy Tent

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


If you are looking for an inexpensive, and very spacious tent for your next camping tent that can last a few years, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is worth checking.

The tent though not as durable as the other models from this brand is worth the money spent and is perfect for those who do not go camping very often.

One of the reasons why people love this extra large camping tent is due to the price tag and of course its size. There are a few dividers included that can be used to create 2 or 3 rooms for that extra privacy. The tent also uses the WeatherTec system and has welded floors to keep the insides dry.

The tent is also easy to set up and comes with bags for the poles, the tent, and the stakes. Overall, the Red Canyon is a decent tent made available at an affordable price tag.

  • Can be easily set up in less than minutes
  • Very affordable
  • Large and quite spacious
  • Has a bathtub floor for protection from rain and water
  • Needs to be handled with extra care to avoid rips or tears

4. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Camping Tent – A Waterproof Sports Camping TentBest 8 Person Camping Tents


Looking for the best 8 person sports and spacious camping tent? Well, the NTK Laredo GT is worth a look. The headroom inside the tent is 6 feet, which makes it easy to stand and walk comfortably.

The tent is made using high-quality polyester material, and the fabric is quite breathable. The fabric used on the outside is waterproof and laminated for strength and protection. The frame of the tent is made of “Nano Flex Shock Corded” fiberglass rods.

The ferrules are gold plated, and the rods can be connected with these ferrules and internal elastic. The floor of the tent remains dry, thanks to the use of silver-coated polyethylene.

The 3 season tent comes with a rainfly that provides excellent protection from both snow and heavy rain. The tent is indeed made to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

It also has a lantern ring and an inner pocket for the storage of some small camping gear. There is also a welcome mat that can be used to store your gear or shoes.

One of the best features of its tent is the inclusion of an e-port and a carry bag with an ID label.

  • Excellent tent for a rainy day
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Larger rainfly
  • The tent though big only has one door
  • The zippers used can be of higher quality

5. TETON Sports Mesa 14 Canvas 8 Person Camping Tent – For Camping Anywhere

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


Your search for high-quality sports tents ends right here. Perfect for base weather camping, the TETON Sports tents are made using heavy-duty fabrics and are well known for their durability.

This particular tent is made using a 100% natural and breathable material, cotton canvas. This material not only prevents condensation but also ensures good airflow inside the tent, and thus can be used any time of the year for camping anywhere.

The floor of the tent is manufactured using a high-quality 19 oz interwoven extra-thick polymer. The tent can be installed using the steel poles provided.

Some of the other impressive features of this tent include its water and weather resistance, huge doors on both the front and the back, and the use of quality zippers. You can even move in any furniture without any hassle.

The tent also has vents and mesh screens on the roof, providing both airflow and great views. As there are awnings provided in front of both doors, you not only get some extra space but protection from the wind and rain too.

With all these features, the tent is easy to assemble too. Just two people and a few minutes, and you have a nice, strong, and tall tent in front of you. Overall, it is undoubtedly one of the best 8 person camping tents.

  • Made of waterproof canvas material
  • Very high ceilings
  • An extra large awning
  • Quick to setup
  • A little heavy, so you cannot carry it too far from your car/RV

6. Core Instant Cabin Tent – Luxurious 2 Room Tent

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


The 8-9 person tent from CORE is one of the best-sellers. As it not only offers great all-season protection but also has excellent space and is easy to carry and set up. The overall dimensions of this tent are about 14 x 9 and the center height of the tent is approximately 78 inches.

The tent is made using a durable polyester material that can easily withstand moderate rainfall. Even the floor of the tent uses the same, and the tent stands strong with the use of stees takes and telescoping poles.

The brand CORE is known to blend technology with comfort, and the same can be seen with this one. The CORE H2O Block Technology makes use of fabrics that are water repellant. The active bead technology also makes this tent water/weatherproof. There are also seals on the seams of both the doors and windows.

The tent is perfect for family camping and some of the other noteworthy features include a good venting system, adjustable vents on the ground, and mesh on the ceilings. The tent also has a good number of mesh windows and doors to offer excellent ventilation.

The package also comes with a removable rainfly that can be used based on the weather outside.

It also has privacy panels with zippers on both the windows and doors, which allows you to sleep without any disturbances. You can just drop these panels to sleep even when the sun is shining bright outside.

There is electrical cord access and the inclusion of storage pockets makes it easy to keep your belongings and gear organized. It is easy to get in and out as the tent has a very large T door.

And, how many people can it accommodate? This camping tent is large enough to fit 8-9 people comfortably. You can even create 2 rooms by just using the room divider provided.

The tent is freestanding, but you can always add that extra security staking it.

  • Can be set up instantly
  • Excellent venting system
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Use of H2O Block Technology
  • Large and Meshed doors and windows
  • The tent might not be perfect to use in very colder conditions

7. Outdoor Luxury Glamping Bell Tent from Free Space – Perfect for Boutique Camping

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


The perfect tent for luxurious and worry-free glamping. This 8 Person Family Camping Tent from Free Space is a 4 season tent and is made of cotton and bell-shaped. The tent is huge and can easily accommodate 8 people (grownups).

As mentioned, the tent is made using natural canvas, which is both breathable and has good waterproofing capability. The tent is additionally treated with a waterproof coat to protect it further from any leaks and condensation.

This indeed makes it one of the best weatherproof 8 person camping tents available for purchase online. It is also mold-resistant and protects from UV radiation too.

The tent has a bell or a triangular shape, which allows you to walk comfortably inside without the need to bend. So, if you have some tall people camping with you, they can be at ease. The groundsheet of the tent is zipped-in and can be unzipped in summer.

The tent has four windows and zipped air vents, all of which allow great air movement inside. It has a regular A-frame door, which is large enough to allow you to move inside and out without any hassle.

You can even use the door to move any furniture inside. The mosquito net provided on the windows and the door keeps the bugs away.

  • The ceiling of the tent is very high
  • Very durable and high quality
  • Sidewalls can be rolled up
  • A-frame entry door
  • The tent can be a little heavy
  • Takes some time to setup

8. Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Camping Tent – A Rectangular 3 Season Tent

Best 8 Person Camping Tents


Eureka made the dreams of many campers come true with the 3 season Copper Canyon LX camping tent. The rectangular tent is quite spacious and can remind you of the interior space of your home. If you are camping with your family, this tent certainly makes your kids feel at home.

The tent has dimensions of 3 feet x 10 feet and has a center height of 7 feet. If you are into car camping, this tent is just perfect for you.

The frame of the tent is made of fiberglass and steel. The mesh panels included are made using 68D polyester and are a no-see style. Even the rainfly included is of very high quality and is made using Stromsheild polyester.

The tent has a divider curtain that comes with storage pockets and zippered doors. The panels come to the floor, and the kids can easily move from one room to another via the zippered doors. This makes it easy as there is no need to go out and come inside the other room from the back door.

The unit is freestanding, and campers can easily place mattresses or cots inside. It has D-styled doors and large mesh windows with curtains. You can just sit inside on a rainy day and enjoy the fresh air and great view through these meshed windows.

The rainfly of this tent is waterproof and has guyline storage which gets extended to the front doors. This keeps the entryway dry and protects it from sunlight too.

The inclusion of lantern hooks and e power port makes this one of the best 8-person camping tents.

  • Very spacious & breathable
  • The frame is strong and durable
  • A good number of windows
  • Doors on the divider panels
  • Easy to set up
  • Extended rainfly
  • The floor is slightly thin and hence not perfect for winter

Tips to Choose the Best 8 Person Camping Tents

Whether you look for a tent accommodating 2-man occupancy or an 8-man occupancy, these are the tips you need to look for. You must look for camping tents that are spacious and airy while you also check if the tents can take in all of your family members.

Or you can invest in buying yourself one more tent so that four of you stay comfortably in one camping tent. While the other four take another tent that is adjacent to that yours. Check out our guide on the best camping tents for 4 persons for this option.

Helping you understand well-drafted tips to choose the best 8 person camping tents:

Analyze the Sleeping Pattern of Your Family

Do you have a large family to take on vacation? Or would you love to have an extended family outdoor trip? Then, you must necessarily invest your money and time in analyzing the sleep patterns of family members or friends you try accommodating.

Based on the same, you can arrive at suitable tent capacities after all. Try answering these questions!

  1. Are you bringing people who are typically largely built? In other words, are your friends and family huge built?
  2. Would the guests or family members toss or turn often at night?
  3. Is your family claustrophobic?
  4. Can your family members sleep better with more elbow space to lean on?
  5. Above all, does the family include small children or pets?

Based on the answers you get from this small survey questionnaire; you can order tents with the correct sizing capacities.

Determining the Tent’s Seasonality

Tents are broadly classified or designed into three to four categories after all. These are:

  1. 3 Season tents
  2. 3-4 season tents and
  3. 4 season tents

Let us have a brief overview of each of them.

3 Season Tents

3 Season tents are lightweight shelter camps that are designed to withstand three main seasons. These include spring, summer, and fall. These tents are usually equipped with mesh panels to facilitate or boost enhanced airflow.

The mesh panels keep insects at bay. If you camp near dense forest areas, you may come across ants, rainfly, etc. 3 season tents can withstand mild showers.

However, as these camp tents are lightweight, they cannot withstand harsh storms, violent winds, and very heavy downpours. Hence these are the top 3 functionalities of 3-season-tents:

  1. Can keep you dry from mild showers or light snow
  2. Protect you from insects or bugs and
  3. Above all, provide you with shielded privacy.

3-4 Season Tents

Your 3-4 season tents are engineered with a higher degree of durability. These tents can comfortably be used for sunny weather. Plus, the tents can also withstand spring and late fall.

Here, you can encounter light to moderate snowfall. These tents can offer you an enhanced degree of ventilation, strength, and warmth retention. The 3-4 season tents are again equipped with 1 or 2 more poles, while the number of mesh poles these tents can offer you, can be lesser than the ones, you typically find on 3-season-tents.

Because of fewer mesh panels, this variant offers a higher degree of durability indeed. Again, a 3-4-season-tents are ideal for those of you who travel frequently on vacations that are too high altitude destinations.

However, these tents cannot withstand heavy storms or snowfall.

4 Season Tents

4-season-tents are the best of all. These tents are high-end tents typically engineered for withstanding fiercer storms or winds and heavier snowfalls. The tents have to be set up using number poles.

Above all, the tents as they seamlessly withstand inhospitable weather use heavier fabrics. The tents are fitted with rounded dome designs and eliminate flat-roof spaces so that snow can be accumulated flawlessly.

The mesh panels these tents are fitted with are fewer in number. As they extend closer to the ground. Therefore, people who camp using 4-season-tents stay warm and fluffy even in torrid weather conditions.

For very heavy winds, you can have these spaces reassuring enough, for you to take refuge in.

Look for Key Tent Features

  • Peak height- Do you want to stand tall while changing clothes? Then, you must look for tents that come to you with higher peak heights. You can also enjoy the airy feeling of high ceilings in this kind of setup.
  • Cabin-styled tents- You have near-vertical walls in cabin-style tents. You can enhance your peak height plus enjoy roomier living spaces too. Some models come to you with family-pleasing features like say your room dividers. Cabin-styled tents also offer you comfy vestibule doors.
  • Dome-styled tents- These tents look stylish and alluring after all. The tents are designed using the desired level of strength or durability. Above all, you receive wind shelters via dome-shaped tents.

    This way, your family can withstand stormy weather conditions too. The dome-styled models stand tall in the center and their walls have more of a slope. This feature can slightly reduce the livable space.


Choosing the wrong camping tent can ruin the entire experience, especially when you are camping with your kids. Make sure to check the specifications in detail to make the right choice.

The best 8 person camping tents can be purchased online with just one click, and our favorite picks include Core Instant Cabin Tent and TETON Sports Mesa 14 Canvas 8 Person Camping Tent. As they are both spacious, waterproof, and worth the investment.

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