Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People

20 Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People That Provide Maximum Comfort

Camping and other outdoor experiences are joyous occasions that should be cherished by everyone, especially the heaviest people. Your weight should not be your concern when buying a camping chair as there are plenty of models that provide extremely durable weight support between 300 to 1000 lbs.

A camping or outdoor chair is a means of being in a comfortable seated position no matter where you are. You can sit out at a barbecue, in a garden, or on the beach with your back fully adjusted and your arms in total rest.

In this article, we will explore the best heavy-duty camping chairs and their features. Remember that not every camping chair may support the same amount of weight but they are all unique and comes with each of their own features.

A few of the primary facilities to look out for in the ideal camping chair are durable fabrics like 600D Polyester, double cup holders, extra storage, padded seating, and coated steel framework. These features put together would make an excellent companion on your camping trip irrespective of your height or weight.

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People

Although, different people would prefer varying features to suit their specific needs. Therefore we have provided a list of the 20 best camping chairs for heavy people, so you can choose the best according to your needs.

20 Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People:

NameImageRatingWeight CapacityWhere To Buy
Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back SupportBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.5/5400lbs
Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.2/5400lbs
ALPS Mountaineering Camp ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.7/5425lbs
ALPHA CAMP Oversized Heavy Duty Camping Folding ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.5/5450lbs
Mossy Oak Heavy Duty Folding Camping ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.1/5400lbs
Guide Gear Oversized Director’s ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.4/5450lbs
ARMOR CASTLE Folding Camping ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.5/5450lbs
Rio Gear Broadback XXL Director’s Camping ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.3/5400lbs
Guide Gear Oversized Rocking Camp ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.7/5500lbs
PORTAL XXL Oversized Heavy Duty Director’s ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.9/5600lbs
KingCamp Camping ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People3.8/5350lbs
STRONGBACK Director ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People3.6/5300lbs
YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.8/5500lbs
Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.6/5600lbs
Guide Gear Oversized XXL Camp ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.5/5600lbs
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Recliner ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.3/5350lbs
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.7/5800lbs
ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.9/5800lbs
Browning Camping Kodiak ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.6/5800lbs
LivingXL Heavy Duty Portable ChairBest Camping Chairs For Heavy People4.7/51000lbs

1. Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People



First up on our list of camping chairs with heavyweight support is the Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair. It is easy to fold, easy to set up, and comes with its own carry bag. The structure is heavily padded all the way up to the headrest.

The lumbar support is designed to bring ergonomic adjustability so that you can change the curvature of the chair according to your need. Behind the head support, there is a large pocket space for you to store items or even a pillow for double the comfort.

Furthermore, you have extra storage pouches hanging from the side along with a bottle holder on one of the armrests and a beverage cooler on the other.

The entire chair is held up by a steel frame which is reinforced from the middle for superior stability.


  • Adjustable and Ergonomic Lumbar Support.
  • Convenient cup holder and beverage cooler bag.
  • Fully padded back support for extra comfort.
  • Reinforced steel frame.
  • Head and side pocket for more storage.

2. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People



When making any list of extra-large chairs, it is difficult to leave out the Kijaro Dual Lock camping chair given its superbly spacious design. The name itself defines the Kijaro as an XXL which leaves no room for doubt.

This foldable camping chair can support a weight of 400 lb. its folding mechanism doesn’t require any assembly, just spread it out and relax as the setup simply takes just a few seconds of your time. It has a dual lock system which means you can lock the chair in both its folded and open position.

This feature enables you to carry the chair around on your back with the help of a strap. You can use this chair for any outdoor purposes like camping, sitting in the garden or on the beach and so on.


  • Gives you a premium seating experience.
  • Dual locking feature perfect for portability.
  • Comes with two cup holders, storage pockets with zip, and mesh.
  • Can support up to 400 pounds.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People



If you are looking for a chair that is sturdy and reliable then the ALPS Mountaineering Camp chair is your best bet. It comes with a simplistic but dependable design that has strong supporting armrests.

The folding mechanism is quite modest as it folds from the side to the middle while the armrest framework remains fixed. There is a riveted bonus cup holder on the right arm of the chair. Even though it is not one of the largest chairs on the market, it still has an impressive weight capacity of 425 lb.

The seat space is over 17 inches which are considered to be moderate when compared to its competitors. The framework is supported by aluminum steel tubes which reinforces the stability of the structure.

The two horizontal bars fixed on the front and back of the chair prevent it from sinking on a soft surface.


  • Material made of 600D Polyester Fabric.
  • Pro-tech aluminum framing for extra stability.
  • Curved and padded armrest.
  • Bonus cup holder on the right armrest.

4. ALPHA CAMP Oversized Heavy Duty Camping Folding Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


The design of this chair and its superb capacity is something to be impressed by. The ALPHA Camp Chair features an easy-to-fold structure that does not require any assembly. You can fold it open or closed in mere seconds.

You can be assured of relaxation as the chair’s back and armrest are covered in soft padding for your comfort. The steel framework is secured with x-shaped bars on each side and can support up to 450 lbs.

There is also the guarantee that this chair would be a long-term purchase as the steel rods are covered with hammer tone powder coating to ensure corrosion prevention. The fabric used in the design is highly durable.

The chair has several storage facilities as well such as a mesh cup holder on the armrest, a side pocket for holding your cell phone, a notepad, and so on.


  • Large dimensions but lightweight.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Plenty of storage facilities.
  • Plenty of padding for superb comfort.

5. Mossy Oak Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


The Mossy Oak brand motto is to take us back to nature’s basics with their range of highly durable foldable camping chairs. The design of the chair itself signifies comfort and sturdiness as it is reinforced with steel tubes that are coated in black powder.

This gives it a clean and elegant look.

The fabric is made with 600D polyester material which is resistant to moisture soaking and can support up to 400 lbs. There is double layering in some of the chair’s key areas while foam padding at the back gives you extra support and comfort.

The expanse of the chair is quite wide therefore you will not feel boxed in while sitting in the chair. It has an easy-to-fold design and only weighs about 8 lbs when fully folded.


  • Highly durable and elegant design.
  • Double layered and foamed upper back padding.
  • Versatile in use.
  • Lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily.

6. Guide Gear Oversized Director’s Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


This may be one of the largest chairs on our list as it is available in XXL size. It is indeed enormously wide and can fit anyone irrespective of size or weight. It has the capacity to hold up 500 lbs in weight.

The folding structure of this chair is pretty straightforward as it folds up from the middle and becomes thin enough to fit into tight spaces. Also, the steel armrests of the chair are covered in padding so that you don’t need to brush your arms against the cold metal.

The support pillars of the chair have long bars on either side enabling you to be seated on any surface without sinking in. There are plastic feet on these bars for added protection.

The fabric used in the frame is rugged polyester which has a bit of padding for comfort while x-shaped support bars are powder coated for endurance.


  • A highly reliable heavyweight chair that supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Extra side table with cup holder.
  • Extremely wide and durable design.

7. ARMOR CASTLE Folding Camping Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


This chair is popular in the market for its highly simplistic design, and great performance, and price ratio. Not only does it boasts of affordability but is an excellent example of a durable camping chair.

The material covering the chair is comprised of closely-knit polyester known for its high durability while the nylon mesh aligned on its back gives you added ventilation. The polyester has a PE coating to protect against harmful UV rays while also being fully dustproof so that it will always look as good as new even after several uses.

Despite its compact framing, this chair can support up to 450 lbs, has a detachable armrest which is further supported by adjustable lumbar support.


  • Highly durable polyester material.
  • Simplest basic design.
  • Compact folding chair conveniently lightweight.
  • Padded headrest and ergonomic waist support.
  • Two big mesh cup holders.

8. Rio Gear Broadback XXL Director’s Camping Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


The Rio Gear Broadback chair is another example of how simple designs can offer a lot in terms of features and reliability. This chair has plenty of extra room due to the fact that it is XXL and its steel framework is highly durable while being coated with rust and corrosion resistance.

It comes with its own side table and cup holder which can be folded up against the chair. The armrests of the chair are covered with padding so that you can rest your arms in full comfort, all day long.

It also comes along with carrying straps so as to ensure that you have no trouble carrying it around to any location. This Rio Gear chair can be folded flat which means you should have no difficulty in conserving space.

It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and overall this is one of the best camping chairs for heavy people.


  • Extra spacious chair.
  • Foldable side table.
  • Padded foam armrest.
  • Easy portability.

9. Guide Gear Oversized Rocking Camp Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Probably the most unique chair on our list is the Guide Gear Rocking camp chair. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that sitting on a rocking chair can be quite comforting as often people go to campsites in need of relaxation.

There are two U-shaped rocking bars on either side of the rocking chair. There are two pins on these bars to hold the chair in a fixed position which releases when folding. This chair is one of the largest on our list of XXL’s and also has the capacity to support 500 lbs.

When folded this chair can easily fit into narrow spaces. The armrests are made of solid ergonomically shaped plastic. The steel frame is powder-coated and the fabric is made from 600D polyester.

Overall, it is an impressive chair though it is not light in weight as it is meant to support heavyweights.


  • Highly spacious and durable structure.
  • U-shaped rocking rods with fixating pins.
  • Capacity to support 500 lbs.

10. PORTAL XXL Oversized Heavy Duty Director’s Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Its simplistic design makes it an ideal choice for users who appreciate durable camping chairs. The PORTAL extra-large chair has an extra spacious seat and backrest for considerably large individuals.

You can rest assured that you would not feel the pinch of tightness but rather relax in full comfort offered by this XXL director’s chair. The folding mechanism is backed by 25 mm x-shaped steel rods which are powder coated in order to make it long-lasting. The armrests of the chair have foam padding so that you don’t have to feel the cold steel directly.

This amazing chair is available in durable polyester and harbors a maximum capacity of 600 pounds.


  • Extremely spacious and comfortable XXL design.
  • Long-lasting powder-coated steel framing.
  • Easy to fold mechanism.
  • Is light enough to carry on hiking and camping trails.
  • The fabric is padded for your comfort.

11. KingCamp Camping Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


This chair is exquisite, both in terms of looks and the comfort it provides. The composition of this chair is just the right that supports maximum relaxation.

It boasts of a luxurious support system that comes with a lumbar alignment strap perfect for keeping your back in full comfort. The extra features on this chair include highly durable mesh cup holders on both armrests.

It also comes with its own storage bag and an insulated drink holder which is spacious enough to accommodate 3 coke cans. This foldable camping chair is comprised of 600 x 300D oxford fabrics which offer maximum comfort as well as extremely strong steel tubes for maximum support.

It can sustain a maximum weight of 350 lbs. The seating space is padded so you need not worry about pushing up against the fabric. The chair when folded, is quite light and comes with its own carry bag.


  • Luxurious Lumbar Support.
  • Double mesh cup holders.
  • Reinforced with Oxford Fabric.
  • Spacious padded seating.

12. STRONGBACK Director Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Next up on our list of the best camping chairs for heavy people is the award-winning director’s chair – STRONGBACK. This chair’s overall ergonomic design is unique and state of the art.

Its lumbar support can effectively ease the tension on your back while its spacious seat prevents any congestion for your feet by aligning the hips. The chair comes along with a convenient foldable side table which has an added cup holder.

Irrespective of its extremely spacious design this entire chair is conveniently lightweight enough to be easily carried around and can be folded open without any assembly. It has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs and is constructed with highly durable aluminum alloy.

The blended fabric of the chair is perfectly padded along with its armrests for max comfort.


  • Ergonomic lumbar back support.
  • Adjustable side table with cup holder.
  • Heavy Duty capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Fully padded fabric and armrests.

13. YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


This chair is relatively new in the market but is quite innovative in its own way. Do not be misled by the term ‘collapsible’ as it simply means that it is quite conveniently foldable. It requires no assemblage and can be set up in a moment’s time.

There are two locks under each armrest that tights the grip of the chair and fabric once fully open. It offers extreme durability and high-quality comfort as the flexgrid fabric can adjust to the natural curvature of your back.

It has the capacity to support 500 lb. It also comes with its own carry bag which is in the form of a backpack with comfortable straps to support the weight.

This chair is also UV resistant and won’t disintegrate over time ensuring lasting longevity. Overall, this one of the best camping chairs for heavy people.


  • Scientific design with high durability.
  • Flexgrid fabric aligns naturally with your back.
  • UV protected and high durability.
  • Comes with its own backpack carry bag.

14. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Just as the name suggests, this folding chair can support anyone big or tall. Just like an umbrella, it is water-resistant, conveniently foldable, and does not require any assembling.

There is plenty of space in the entire chair that has a double layer padding which gives you enough room for adjusting your hips in a comfortable position. The fabric material has a specialized drainage system that removes any accumulated water from the seat.

There is also a cup holder and a PVC pouch where you can keep your cell phone in order to protect it from moisture. The steel framework provides long-lasting endurance to the chair and can support up to 600 pounds.

The feet of edges of the chair legs have plastic feet to keep them from sliding.


  • Plenty of lounging space.
  • The water drainage system in the chair.
  • Water-resistant cell phone pouch.
  • Carry bag included.

15. Guide Gear Oversized XXL Camp Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Although this chair may seem like it shares the same features as the Guide Gear Director’s chair, it still represents a unique addition to our list. It is quite convenient to use, has plenty of space, and is meant to provide utmost comfort.

Like every other folding chair, this one does not require any assembly and can quite easily fit into tight spaces when fully closed. The fabric as well as the armrests are fully padded, giving your back much-deserved comfort. There is ample storage space in the chair and an insulated cup holder.

The material used in the chair is highly durable 600D Polyester which has the strength to support 600 lb. With all this enormous size and reliability this chair is as descent as its other cousins.


  • Plenty of space in the chair seat.
  • Fully padded both in the seat and armrests.
  • Extra storage is available.

16. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


This is the only heavy-duty recliner chair on our list and it is plenty impressive. It is comprised of a high-quality steel tube frame and durable enough to support up to 350 lbs.

The material spread over the chair is also made of durable polyester fabric which is supported by a premium elastic cord structure. There is a specialized locking mechanism that can be used to lock that chair in any reclined position that suits your needs.

You can opt for any position between upright or fully laid back. The seating is highly spacious and fully padded which also includes wooded armrests. It represents a perfect weight-free experience.

You can use this recliner in any outdoor setting and relax comfortably.


  • High weight capacity up to 350 lb.
  • Extremely durable polyester fabric.
  • Easy to adjust reclining positions.
  • Fully padded design and wooden armrests.

17. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


The name ‘King Kong’ is appropriately used in the case of this chair, as it holds the capacity to support heavy people weighing as much as 800 lbs.

The steel framework of the chair is comprised of 8 support bars that join at the feet. It is ideal for elderly people given its elevated height above ground level and its durable armrests.

Although the chair is heavy in weight it makes up for its adjustability in terms of lumbar support. The fabric used in the framework is 600D which is also used in the storage pouches. There are two additional cup holders on the armrests and large mesh pockets which gives you plenty of storage.

This chair also comes included with a carry bag which has a drawstring for convenient portability.


  • 600D highly durable polyester fabric.
  • Adjustable armrests with added cup holders.
  • Comes included with a shoulder carry bag.
  • Can support up to 800 lbs.

18. ALPS OutdoorZ King Kong Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Another chair from the ‘King Kong’ division offers highly spacious seating matched with convenience. It is made with a large steel structure that can collapse from all fours side into a compact carry bag size form.

There are cup holders available on either side of the armrests accompanied by storage pouches. The armrests also have adjustable straps to improvise the position as it may please. The powder-coated steel structure supports 800 lbs given its 600D Polyester real tree material.

This King Kong Chair is slightly heavy as well but can be carried easily in a carry bag. You can rest assured that this chair provides you with the utmost comfort and stability.


  • Powder-coated stable and durable structure.
  • Strap adjusted armrests.
  • Extra cup holder and side pockets on either side of the chair.
  • Can support the maximum weight of 800 lbs.

19. Browning Camping Kodiak Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


Want a heavy-duty chair while sitting outdoors? Do you need a chair that can keep your drink cool when the air is hot? Then Browning Camping Kodiak Chair is your pick.

For being overweight you do not have to compromise with anything with this chair by your side. Browning Camping Kodiak Chair is strong enough to support 800 pounds.

But is that all?


What makes it different from other heavy-duty camping chairs? A sitting area that is 38 x 20 x 38 inches makes enough space for you to sit comfortably. With this much space, you can move comfortably to adjust your position.

A camping chair that has a patented steel frame is evident of the quality of our foldable camping chair from Browning Camping. The steel frame is coated with 600D polyester fabric.

In the center of the chair, the makers have used mesh to ensure breathability.


  • Shoulder bag to carry the chair.
  • Insulated cooler pouch.
  • Comfortable armrest.
  • Built-in Cup-holder.

20. LivingXL Heavy Duty Portable Chair

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People


The last on our list is LivingXL 1000-lb capacity heavy-duty portable oversized chair. Your search for a sturdy camping chair ends here.

This chair is not only perfect for people of all sizes but also perfect for people of all age groups. With a weight capacity of 1000-lb, this chair has center frame support.

Now to provide such endurance a chair needs a superior quality build. It has a tube frame that is 22mm thick. The weight of your body gets evenly distributed across the frame with the help of 600-denier padded polyester.

Lastly, the product stays stable on any camping ground with the help of oversize shatter-proof feet. This high capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Oversized Chair is ideal for camping, hiking, and beach or even for tailgating as it is foldable and easy to carry.


  • An impressive weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • Comfortable armrests are available.
  • Additional Cup-holder.
  • Includes a gadget holder.
  • Has a lower side pocket.

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People: Buyer’s Guide

A well-researched buyers’ guide is all you need, especially when shopping online. We have prepared one for you to save your research time.

This guide contains everything that you need to know about camping chairs for heavy people before you make your purchase.

So let’s start!


Camping chairs are essentially travel-themed. When you consider buying one do not forget to check the weight from the description.

Generally, camping recliners are heavier than backpacking chairs so depending on how much weight you can carry, choose your seat.


Designs that are complicated and come with different adjustable settings are better to avoid if you are looking for a sturdy camp companion.

Less complicated designs effectively reduce the chances of unwanted damage. Simple design will bring ease of use.


Be it comfort, quality, or convenience no one should spend more than their budget. All camping chairs are budget-friendly; within $60 – $100, you will get a good quality camping chair.

Remember expensive is not always good.

So when you look for camping chairs do not spend more than $100, only the luxurious ones with a lot of cool features would cost more than the regular price.


The durability of a chair depends on the frame. If the frame is sturdy it can support any weight. So you can seat on it for long hours without having to worry about damaging the chair.

In general, all structures of camping chairs are made of metal, where the sturdiness is directly related to their simplicity of construction.

Another factor that keeps your camping seat safe for a long time is the materials used for the parts that come in direct contact with the body. Fabrics that are water-resistant will make your chair last for a long time.


The reason you are carrying a chair on your camping trip is to buy some relaxation. It is important to choose an option that gives proper rest to your back and neck. You will get a lot of chairs available in the offline market or even online for heavy-weight people.

But the comforts of all these chairs depend on the tempo of development. Chairs made for average-sized people can never be comfortable for people who are heavier and bigger than average people.

So any chair that is rated from 400 to 800 pounds can easily accommodate your weight. Other comforts are linked with convenience.

Also, fabrics that are breathable will make your relaxing session more comfortable.


 Additional features increase convenience that ensures comfort. Popular features include:

  • Cup-holder

Cup-holder in camping chairs is a luxurious feature. If you want to enjoy a drink you can keep your cup right beside your arm in your chair and enjoy the drink slowly without moving any other muscle.

  • Armrest

The armrest is an important feature of any chair. People have different preferences when it comes to armrests so they are available in different shapes.

But in general, the broad and padded armrests are popular for ease and comfort. Also, new designs are making their way in every day so all you have to do to get your perfect relaxing partner is to pick and buy.

  • Footrest

While at home you have your ottoman beneath your legs whenever you are relaxing on the sofa or your favorite chair. While camping it is hard and pointless to carry an ottoman.

In order to get the same amount of comfort, you can invest in a chair that comes with a footrest. Footrests also minimize fatigue and improve blood circulation in the lower body portions.

  • Canopy

We use canopies for sun protection. While buying a tent additional canopy is a great feature to look for. As sunlight irritates the skin and takes your sunlight away.

But did you know you can also get a mini canopy attached to your camping chair?

Yes, it is possible. Look carefully while searching for chairs.

  • Basket

A camping chair that has a basket pre-attached can securely carry belongings that one should keep handy.

It is convenient to carry a water bottle, sunscreen, and your favorite book with your chair.


Camping is all about cooking your own meal, lighting your own fire, and pitching your own tent. So after dealing with every camp activity on your own you deserve a good rest. Camping chairs provide the perfect outdoor setting.

So it is a must.

Every time you make a stop or you need to take a rest you cannot set up the tent so to aid such situations you will need a camping chair.

We hope you liked our buyer’s guide on the best camping chairs for heavy people. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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