Best Inflated Tents For Camping

10 Best Inflated Tents For Camping (Air Beam Tents)

Inflatable tents were once a disputed invention invoking doubts that questioned its fragility, convenience, and reliability. Today, they are at the height of demand since they are not only easy to carry but offer a super-fast and easy set-up routine.

Over-time advancements have also ensured that the inflatable tents available today are extra durable and are equipped with all the amenities needed. Hence, making them an excellent addition to your camping arsenal.

An inflated tent is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of traditional poles and guy lines they use air-injected beams that give structure to the skeleton of the tent. This makes it 10 times faster to set up.

All you need to do is pop up, pump up, and peg it to the ground.

Typically, an inflatable tent may sound like an air bubble but it is indeed more than that. Air beam tents are much less complicated and are meant for singular or family use. Their interior space might be more constricted than conventional tents but that is the usual trade-off.

On average, these tents don’t take over 15 minutes to set up even for a single individual. Explore 10 best inflated tents to get your camping “pump” started!

10 Best Inflated Tents For Camping:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
Inflatable Bubble Commercial Outdoor Clear Dome Camping Cabin TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.9/5
Zealwind 2 Person Waterproof Inflatable Camping TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.3/5
Tangkula Inflatable Camping Tent for FamilyBest Inflated Tents For Camping3.8/5
Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.2/5
HEIMPLANET Original Fistral TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.7/5
HUKOER Luxurious Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.4/5
HEIMPlANET Original 3 Season 4 Person TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.8/5
HEIMPLANET Original Mavericks Dome TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping5/5
SereneLife TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping3.9/5
HEIMPLANET Original Cave 2-3 Person Inflatable TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping4.9/5

1. Inflatable Bubble Commercial Outdoor Clear Dome Camping Cabin Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


Ever been into stargazing? Well, this inflatable dome-shaped cabin tent should impress you!

It is designed with a transparent outer layer and an exterior D-ring that can be rooted to the ground with the help of ground stakes. It comes included with a 300W independent air bower which maintains the pressure within the tent for as long as 12 hours.

The pressure feels almost negligible to its residents. There is also a 6ft tunnel entrance that gives a cabin vibe.

A special feature of the material used is that it is environmentally friendly. Its transparent fabric has an adhesive waterproof and windproof layer. It is exceptionally resistant to rain and heat and can withstand temperatures between 60° C and -60° C.

The dimensions of this inflatable bubble tent are 10ft x 10ft x 16.6 ft. It has more than enough capacity to house 3 to 5 individuals or a 6 footer bed.

Key Features:

  • 10ft transparent tent included with 6ft transparent tunnel.
  • Rain-resistant and wind-resistant adhesive layer.
  • Thick high-quality TPU/PVC material.
  • Included with 300W air blower.
  • Ideal for star gazing enthusiasts.
  • The structure is easy to set up with a wind blower.
  • Extremely spacious interiors.
  • Has an extended tunnel.
  • Not best suited for one-night camping trips.

2. Zealwind 2 Person Waterproof Inflatable Camping TentBest Inflated Tents For Camping


The Zealwind Family tent is the first item on our list that has inflatable Air Beams outlining the outer framework of the tent. The interior has enough space to house at least 2 adults and 3 children with complete ease while the entire tent is as light as 5 pounds.

It is designed over an easy-to-carry and setup model. You can pitch the entire tent in just seconds by pumping air with the help of an air pump, through a single valve.

You can lock up the air chambers of the tent using a single clip so that the structure of the tent remains fixed.

Afterward, when it is time to pack up camp, you can release the air through the valve to deflate the tent effortlessly. Then simply roll up the tent and pack it in your backpack like a bag that you can carry home.

Key Features:

  • Each layer is constructed with B4 mesh and waterproof polyester.
  • Double Layer mesh on the door, windows, and roof support ventilation.
  • Carry backpack included for easy transport.
  • Sing valve pump facility for easy inflation and deflation.
  • Easy to set up and carry.
  • Spacious interior for family.
  • Plenty of ventilation and bug protection.
  • The design of the tent may not be damage resistant.

3. Tangkula Inflatable Camping Tent for Family

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


The next tent on our list is based on a simpler design but it doesn’t lag behind in aspects like convenience or durability. With the help of a hand pump, you can set this tent up in a matter of a few minutes.

Since it excludes the added effort of building tent poles, it is a perfect tent solution for backpacking trips and expeditions. There is plenty of room within the tent to fit in a couple or even a family of three.

The structure is aligned with 190T polyester material protected by PU coating, a TPU inflatable pipe as well as a B3 fine gauze for the interior.

The use of these robust components makes this tent quite durable and resistant to windy and rainy weather.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight tent as heavy as 11 pounds.
  • 190T polyester with windproof, waterproof coating.
  • Comes included with a convenient carry bag.
  • The interior of the tent has two rooms along with a vestibule.
  • Has enough space to accommodate a family of three.
  • Hand pump enables to set up in just a few minutes.
  • Complete 4-season weatherproofing.
  • The air pump is not automatic and hence requires some labor.

4. Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


The Vango Odyssey range comes included with its own double action pump for smooth pole-free pitching. Its inflatable AirBeam design makes certain that your tent can be set up within as little as 8 minutes and remains reliably upright all the time.

The entrance to the tent has a sun canopy that comes pre-attached. It functions as a shaded area so that you can relax outside your tent while camping. The canopy comprises a Protex 70 denier fire-retardant flysheet with 4000 HH waterproofing, which is further reinforced by fully taped seams.

The fabric is quite reliable to keep you cool in warm weather conditions. The tent also remains impressively stable in high wind conditions confirmed by its Vango patented TBS II tension band system.

The front door has a full mesh entrance along with an over-side canopy door.

Key Features:

  • Easy and quick AirBeam setup for pole-free pitching.
  • Pre-attached Sun Canopy at the Entrance.
  • Protex 70 denier fire-retardant flysheet for heat resistance.
  • Unique patented Vango TBS II tension band system.
  • The double action pump provides convenience in set up.
  • Heat resistance and wind resistance make it quite comfortable for use.
  • Shade area for outdoor sitting.
  • PE groundsheet is available for the tent floor.
  • Dark Fabric reduces light entry.
  • Not great for heavy rain weather.

5. HEIMPLANET Original Fistral Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


The first Heimplanet to make our list of the best inflatable tents for camping. These tents are so designed that all you need is to connect the inner and outer airframes once and then use them as many times as you want.

You can instantly set it up by simply rolling it open and pumping air through a single valve. You can peg it down to the ground to keep the tent stable.

To disassemble the tent for transport, just release the air from its valve and then roll it back up to pack it in your bag.

Heimplanet tents have their own unique design based on a geodesic principle that can take on high wind speeds. The Fistral model is quite light and can accommodate two people, perfect for couples.

Key Features:

  • The geodesic design keeps the tent highly stable in strong weather.
  • Multiple air chambers are all connected via a single valve.
  • A lightweight tent that is easy to set up or transport.
  • Double layer air struts and groundsheet available.
  • One pump system guarantees convenience.
  • Multiple air chambers make it highly durable.
  • Wind and water-resistant.
  • Flexible and easy to carry.
  • The Dome shape doesn’t provide much head space.

6. HUKOER Luxurious Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


This Bubble tent from Hukoer is your typical backyard tent that can be used to set up a temporary stargazer’s paradise. It is designed as a geodesic dome with an added tunnel at the entrance.

This tent uses a transparent PVC tarpaulin so that you can set it up and rest beneath the open sky. It comes with an air blower which also supports air filtration within the tent.

This tent is perfectly suited for outdoor family occasions.

Key Features:

  • Geodesic Dome-shaped design with a tunnel entrance.
  • Transparent PVC material for stargazing.
  • Air blower with air filtration included.
  • Completely transparent dome for enjoying your surroundings.
  • Spacious interior for camping family and friends.
  • Fragile material not suited for hiking.

7. HEIMPlANET Original 3 Season 4 Person Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


One of the best-inflated tents for camping on our list is the HEIMPlANET Original 3 Season 4 Person Tent. This Heimplanet original has all the right features that make it an ideal camping tent with AirBeams.

It entails a completely easy process of setup where all you need to do initially is connect the airframe which gives the inner and outer tent its structure. From that point on, you can set up the tent by just rolling it open, pumping it up, and then pegging it to the ground to make it wind resistant.

In terms of convenience, this tent remains incomparable as it requires no fiberglass poles or guy lines. The multiple air chambers within the structure are connected which means you can inflate them through a single air valve.

This would take only a few seconds making this tent the easiest to set up from this list.

If you are worried about wind resistance then you be reassured. As its geodesic structure has been tested to withstand wind speeds that can go up to 11o mph.

Key Features:

  • Is designed to withstand 4 seasonal weather conditions.
  • Single valve airflow inner tent structure.
  • Geodesic Frame and Ripstop nylon fabric ensure high wind resistance.
  • Heimplanet Groundsheets for extra on-floor protection.
  • Highly durable 4-season protection.
  • One Pump Set up puts it up in seconds.
  • Highly stable structure.
  • May not be comfortably spacious to accommodate an entire family.

8. HEIMPLANET Original Mavericks Dome Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


As we go further down our list we are leveling up our product selection. The Mavericks tent is yet another Heimplanet Original which has several awesome features in store for you.

This model’s design is also based on the geodesic principle which makes the need for guy ropes unnecessary. Its inflatable framework has 10 different compartmentalized air chambers which give the resistance it needs to take on extremely windy conditions.

Rest assured that at no point would you need to bother yourself with part damage as the Mavericks Tent is known to withstand wind speeds as high as 180km/h. There are three access doors along with three TPU windows for all-around viewing.

You don’t need to worry about ventilation either as there are plenty of access vents on the top and bottom of the tent. The groundsheet is removable while there are snow flaps that restrict the entry of snow, sand, or wind.

Key Features:

  • The multi-chamber design makes it perfectly secure from defects.
  • An inflatable frame gives it massive stability.
  • Three doors and windows give you all-around access.
  • Closable vents provide excellent ventilation.
  • The design of the tent keeps you secured from the elements.
  • Lightweight inflatable framing is easy to transport and set up.
  • Removable groundsheets for extra convenience.
  • Parts need to be separately repaired in case of damage.

9. SereneLife Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


This tent is the most unique product on our list of the best inflatable tents for camping. It is a blend of both an inflatable mattress and a tent.

The spine of the air mattress involves a sturdy coil beam that makes sure it remains firmly in its form. The tent construction over the mattress is both windproof and waterproof so that you can rest assured that harsh weather won’t hinder your sleep.

SereneLife Tent has been specifically designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and is meant for a single individual. The construction material is made from heavy-duty PVC and polyester supplying you with extreme amounts of stability and the capacity to handle 450 pounds of weight.

It is a lightweight air mattress cum bed that can be easily carried and you can inflate within 3 minutes. It uses a manual hand pump and includes other features like a travel bag and self-adhesive repair patches.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable PVC and Polyester.
  • Lightweight instant blow-up tent with a manual hand pump.
  • Sturdy coil beam air mattress.
  • Waterproof and windproof construction.
  • It is both an air mattress and a tent.
  • Sturdy and reliable design.
  • Can be instantly set up.
  • Can only accommodate one single individual.

10. HEIMPLANET Original Cave 2-3 Person Inflatable Tent

Best Inflated Tents For Camping


Another tent from the Heimplanet range hosts similar features to that of the 4-person tent but is just as trustworthy. It is an excellent and convenient alternative to most inflatable tents on this list as they can be set up easily after being assembled just once.

Simply connect its inner and outer airframes after which you can roll it open, and then carry it anywhere. Like all other Heimplanet tents this too has a one-pump system and can be un-inflated by just releasing the air from its air chambers.

Its star-shaped roof and symmetrical slopes make it quite stable and resistant to rain downpours, and high wind speeds.

This Heimplanet original tent has double-layer struts, a 5000mm water column, and removable groundsheets for added protection whenever you wish.

Key Features:

  • Connected airframe for single pump set up.
  • Multi-chamber safety system.
  • The geodesic frame structure for extra protection.
  • Groundsheets are available for added protection.
  • One Pump System means easy convenience in set up.
  • The design of the tent makes it durable to high wind speeds.
  • Opening up one valve deflates the entire tent instantaneously.
  • Might be constricted in space.

Best Inflated Tents For Camping: A Buyer’s Guide

Here are the different factors to consider before buying an inflated tent for camping. Let’s discuss them in detail:


Your tent’s stability is the first thing your eyes should search for as it is the one thing that defines a good outdoor tent. Stability is what gives a tent the ability to maintain its form and integrity while taking on challenges that may affect it.

Tents meant for domestic or indoor environments may adjust their stability to provide other facilities but outdoor tents should always be durable and reliable.

Since you would be faced with plenty of uncertainties while outdoors it is important to make sure that your tent can stand through it all. Inspect the quality of your tent closely before purchasing.


When investing in a tent we barely think of the size of the tent or how to store it while it is not being used. When it comes to inflatable tents, the large ones can fly away if not stuffed properly.

So keep that in mind to choose the size of your tent. Also, the large size tents are difficult to store.


Cabin tents come with room dividers. If a large inflatable tent has your eye on it then get one that offers multiple chamber benefits.

Tent with multiple compartments will make it easy for you to use especially if you are camping with your kids and pets. Some of the tents also feature child-friendly designs.


Popular tents are generally prepared from polyester or polyester derivate. But polyester comes in different grades.

All inflatable tents are made of waterproof polyester fabric. But poly cotton is better than polyester, it is a blend of cotton and polyester, high end tents are using poly cotton nowadays.

There is a plethora of more refined versions of tent materials in the market today. Each with its own unique traits.


The windows of your tent are what allow the passage of air into your tent. Without windows or ventilation valves, your tent would be stuffy and even claustrophobic.

Ventilation is essential for making the interiors of your tent hospitable.

Keep in mind that you should feel perfectly comfortable within the confines of your tent when out camping outdoors. Windows should also have mesh layering so that you can enable ventilation without having to deal with assaults by bugs.

You can also enjoy the outside view of a dewy morning through the windows and then close it up if you feel like taking a nap.


This goes without saying that the entrance to your tent is probably the most important part of it. Without an entrance, there can be no tent. Larger tents would have more doors.

Your tent’s door is the primary source of ventilation. Opt for such tents that have an added layer of mesh that can be zipped close so that you can enjoy extra ventilation on warmer days.

Keep in mind that you ensure your tent’s door has a sturdy zipper so that you don’t face issues with a faulty entrance.

Additional Features

A tent that includes added features and accessories is any day better than one that does not have any. Night-time hooks come in handy if you want to light up a lantern inside or hang any of your camp gears.

Tents that have mesh storage can be great for unburdening extra luggage while conserving space. Some tents can also have an extra shade over the entrance so that you sit outside your tent.


Why use an inflated tent?

When traditional tents work just fine for camping why should one use an inflated pole tent in the first place? The answer is simple super light tents, easy to carry, and it hardly takes time to inflate and deflate.

Even the large inflatable tents require three times less time to set up in comparison to other standard tents.

How inflated tents are different from traditional tents?

Traditional tents are made of either metal or plastic poles. Whereas, these inflated tents have inflatable poles that can be filled with air using the electrical or manual pump.

How strong are inflated tents against the wind?

Most of the inflatable tents that are available in the market are safe and secure to use. They provide stability and protection against the wind as much as a traditional tent with metal poles will provide.

Try to avoid buying cheap tents that are made of flimsy material.

Final Words

We hope now you have a clear idea of choosing the best inflated tent for camping. If you have any questions related to inflated tents, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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