Best Coleman Tents For Camping

Best Coleman Tents For Camping: 10 Excellent Choices For Every Need

Camping is without a doubt the most elevating experience for any individual, family, or group of friends. It’s the outdoor life that inspires people. Rejuvenates them before they head back to their own mundane routines.

Such an important experience deserves the best and that is exactly what Coleman Tents have tried to provide all these years. If you are planning a camping trip and you wish to put your best camp boot forward. Then traveling with the trust of Coleman would be on the top of everyone’s list.

All Coleman original tents are high-end tents that are lightweight, reliably durable and even its smallest models are generously spacious. The brand has been around since the ’90s and today their weather protection technology is unparalleled.

If it’s your first time camping then don’t worry about punching a hole in your budget either.

These tents are quite affordably priced and you simply can’t go wrong with a Coleman. Campers who are in the habit of traveling or hiking throughout the year get along just fine with a Coleman by their side.

There are dozens of varieties with numerous color options and features so we have created a list of Coleman originals that comes best recommended for every camper.

10 Best Coleman Tents For Camping:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
Coleman Sundome TentBest Coleman Tents4.4/5
Coleman Dark Room Skydome TentBest Coleman Tents4.5/5
Coleman Hooligan Backpacking TentBest Coleman Tents4.2/5
Coleman Cabin Tent with Weatherproof Screen RoomBest Coleman Tents4.7/5
Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome TentBest Coleman Tents4.7/5
Coleman 8 Person Montana Cabin TentBest Coleman Tents4.9/5
Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant SetupBest Coleman Tents4.5/5
Coleman Skylodge Camping TentBest Coleman Tents4.6/5
Coleman Cold Springs with Front Porch Dome TentBest Coleman Tents4.2/5
Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened TentBest Coleman Tents5/5

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Best Coleman Tents


We are starting off with the most affordable tent on our list; a tent that has been designed to keep summer camping in mind. The Coleman Sundome 2 person tent offers plenty of ventilation while balancing it with adequate waterproofing.

There are VariFlow windows on each wall to facilitate the passing of warm air. Its rainfly has inverted seams that effectively keep the water out. The dome shape of the tent has been tested to withstand 35+ mph of wind speed.

As for pitching the tent, two people can easily set it up in a matter of 20 minutes. The material involved in the design is Taffeta Polyester 75 denier flysheet and its two identical poles have a built-in clipping technology for super easy setup.

Its interior is spacious enough to fit a single queen-sized air bed.

Additional features include an integrated E-port so that an electrical power cord extending from a portable generator can be fit through the tent without any compromise to its weather resistance.

It is one of the best-budget Coleman tents.

  • There are 4 large windows on each of its walls.
  • Can withstand high wind speeds equal to 35 mph.
  • Can be set up in less than 20 mins.
  • Does not offer enough headspace to stand up.

2. Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent

Best Coleman Tents


Now let’s look at a tent which perfectly accommodates a family of 4 people and by that of course, we mean the Coleman Skydome. This has a fantastic quick pitch design which is unexpected as per its capacity.

It can be set up in under 5 minutes as its pre-attached poles leave little room for confusion. The design of this tent also features nearly vertical walls making more space for you to stand upright.

You can expect to enjoy those late afternoons napping as its Dark Room Technology reduces sunlight within the tent by more than 90%. It also keeps the tent cool on warmer days.

Coleman’s WeatherTec system features inverted seams and welded corners that ensure greater waterproofing. There is also the further measure guaranteed by its tub-like floors that the wet ground would not bother you either.

Its moderately wide interiors are intended for small groups and the large door means you can easily enter or exit the tent as you please.

  • Can be set up in under 5 minutes.
  • Plenty of headspace and ventilation.
  • Highly durable design.
  • Darker ambiance during daytime.
  • Vertical walls may be less resistant to high wind speeds.

3. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Best Coleman Tents


This tent is an effective solution for backpackers looking to tread both in quality and in portability. One can trust the Coleman Hooligan to withstand heavy downpour while not finding any hassle in carrying it in their backpack.

It comes included with a rainfly that goes all the way to the ground hence diverting the rain more efficiently. The interior gives you walls covered in additional mesh layers so that you can enjoy better ventilation while keeping the windows or doors open.

An additional surprise is when you can remove the rainfly but enjoy the skylight protected via a mesh layer. Two people can comfortably enjoy the 8×7 foot layout of the tent. Though you will not have much room within the tent for your gear, the fully convertible vestibule is more than enough to make up for it.

The best part about the tent is its Coleman Patented pin-and-ring system which keeps the corner pole connections secure from the wind. It is one of the best Coleman tents for backpackers.

  • Optional vestibule is a great measure for keeping the entrance dry.
  • Mesh layering helps to increase ventilation.
  • Easy to set up and carry on hikes.
  • Rainfly length makes the tent slightly heavier than anticipated.

4. Coleman Cabin Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room

Best Coleman Tents


If buying a 4 person tent wasn’t enough for space, Coleman added 35% extra leg room just to make it feel roomier. There is plenty of storage space all under a well-protected roof that is free of bugs.

The rainfly can be optionally detached while it is an added layer to the tent. Other than that, its welded corners, inverted seams, and tub-like floor are already meant for extra protection against wet weather. The design of the tent harbors a strong resistance to wind speeds up to 35 mph minimum.

You would not have any issue standing upright in the tent since the extra space brought on by its vertical walls and high ceiling accounts for plenty of center height as well. Each wall has windows that not only facilitate more ventilation but give you a panoramic view.

This Cabin Tent has an average quick setup time as low as 10 minutes thanks to its 3 pole design. It is indeed one of the best Coleman tents for camping.

  • It has great weather resistance.
  • All-round ventilation and mesh-protected interiors.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Extra embedded spacey interiors.
  • Comes with a screen room.
  • Tub floor does not have extra protection underneath.

5. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Best Coleman Tents


This next Coleman tent on our list is deemed perfect to accommodate 6 people while having extra screen space to fit two more. This extra leg room is enough for storing camping equipment within the tent.

This is highly useful since the Coleman Steel Creek has a mesh layer of protection over the entrance so that you can enjoy the ventilation without being agitated by bugs. The floor space of the tent varies between 140 ft2 and 180ft2 depending on the model.

Its design enables fast pitching in under 7 minutes. While the Coleman flagship WeatherTec system and rainfly-protected interior remain dry at all times.

The material used in the tent is Durable Polyguard Fabric which gives the tent’s framing durability to endure season after season. The total floor space of the interiors can fit 2 queen-sized beds.

  • 140 – 180ft2 interior space makes the tent feel extra roomy.
  • Can be set up quick and easy.
  • The screen room design is mesh protected.
  • Awnings on the windows protect them from rain.
  • Outside porch lacks enough protection for keeping stuff out.

6. Coleman 8 Person Montana Cabin Tent

Best Coleman Tents


The first super spacious 8 person cabin tent from the Coleman regime is the Coleman Elite Montana Tent. Its larger size coincides with the extra endurance ability of its WeatherTec system.

With a bathtub-style floor that is welded shut, inverted seams for more water diversion, it is great moisture resisting solution. You can enjoy any amount of airy ventilation during rain storms since the windows are angled to prevent water from entering.

It also has zip-integrated fabric panels as an additional layer of protection. The interior of the tent is also full of surprises. It has a set of 100 lumens CPX LED lights powered by D batteries which can be refilled with rechargeable power cartridges.

There’s an additional built-in charging station for the same purpose. The tent entrance has an overhead awning which is great for sun and wind coverage.

The only drawback to this model is that its heavy-duty frame may take some time to set up.

  • Superior and sturdy weather protection.
  • Built-in LED lighting within the tent with charging.
  • Immensely spacious cabin tent.
  • Heavy duty tent takes time to set up.

7. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Best Coleman Tents


This 10 person Coleman Cabin tent is equipped with Dark Room technology, unlike other cabin tents. It helps reduce the sunlight entering the tent by 90% so that campers can choose to sleep past the dawn, with no light shining in their eyes.

This feature also ensures that the tent’s spacious interior remains cool on brighter sunny days. You can expect an adequate amount of weatherproofing given such features as the welded corners, inverted seams, and of course a rainfly.

All of these layers serve as obstacles that guarantee greater protection from water leakage into the tent. The center height and 14 x 10 feet layout of the tent allow for accommodating up to 4 queen-size air beds and letting a person stand upright.

You can also separate the tent into rooms with dividers to add privacy.

  • Dark room technology reduces light and keeps the tent cool.
  • Spacious interiors are enough for 10 individuals.
  • An immense amount of weatherproofing.
  • No extra screen room included in the tent.

8. Coleman Skylodge Camping Tent

Best Coleman Tents


Coleman Skylodge camping tent can accommodate 10 people quite comfortably. This large cabin tent probably has the most intuitive setup design on the entire list.

Each component of the tent, from poles to pole sleeves is color-coordinated so that no camper would have any issue with regards to understanding set up. The interior space is quite roomy and can be divided with the help of floor-to-ceiling windows.

It also possesses the Coleman patented WeatherTec features like welded corners, tub-like floor, inverted seams. It not only have measures in place to keep the inside perfectly dry but can also resist wind speeds that go up to 35 mph.

By virtue of its large design, this tent offers wider doors with awnings and ground vents for extra ventilation.

  • Cabin tent offers easy and intuitive set up.
  • Weather-resistant design and airy interiors.
  • Can fit in 4 queen-sized air beds.
  • See through room dividers doesn’t offer much privacy.

9. Coleman Cold Springs with Front Porch Dome Tent

Best Coleman Tents


Before we finish off our list of the best Coleman tents, here we mention yet another Dome tent but with one unique twist.

It covers all the basic Coleman intricacies of a traditional Dome Tent Weather resistance, such as inverted seams, zipper protection, and waterproof poles. This dome tent is so simple, you can set it up in under a minute as all hubs and poles are color-coordinated.

Now, here’s a twist!

The rainfly extends open and has pole attachments that can be fixed to the ground creating a roof-covered porch area in front of the tent.

  • Heavily resistant against rainy weather.
  • Can be set up as fast as 60 seconds.
  • Has an extended sheltered porch.
  • Lack of headspace due to dome design.

10. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

Best Coleman Tents


We have saved the best Coleman tent for the last. The WeatherMaster can be considered an amalgamation of every other tent on this list with respect to liveability, protection, and functionality.

More than enough interior space with screened porch for bug-free lounging and relaxing or for storing equipment. Its width is enough to fit in two queen-sized mattresses while 2m long center height gives you plenty of headspaces.

Large mesh windows on all walls facilitate ventilation when it’s hot, and the fabric panels covering them can be rolled up to add insulation to fight the cold.

It also features an integrated 100-lumen battery-powered LED lighting system. The sturdy and steel framing of this Coleman tent is purposed for withstanding the harshest weather conditions.

You can roll back the rainfly to also add the pleasure of enjoying starlight during the breezy clear nights.

  • Superbly spacious interiors with extra layered porch room.
  • Interior embedded with a convenient lighting system.
  • Designed to withstand the harshest weather.
  • Quite a heavy tent not meant for short trips.

Best Coleman Tents For Camping: A Buyer’s Guide

By now you can say for certain that a Coleman Tent delivers what it promises but now it’s a question of what you need.

We have seen that all the tents mentioned in our list vary in terms of size, built, and features. The cheapest tent on our list might not have all that you require and the largest tent may be too much.

So, let’s ascertain what your ideal tent would need to be, and then you can move along to make your decision.

Packing Size Weight

Your tent’s portability is defined by how much it weighs combined with how much space it demands when fully packed. The bulkier the tent, the greater its durability, capacity, and of course, its size and weight.

These are ideal for accommodating 10 or more people or when you are traveling with family and in large groups. Similarly, tents that are lighter, are more suited to hiking.

Make sure that you check your tent’s minimum trail weight which would be the sum of its rainfly, poles, and the tent itself.

Also, account for the luggage you will be carrying in which case if you might need a 6 person tent for a group of 4. The extra space would help ensure your tent interior still feels roomy and home-like.


You can bet that every Coleman tent is made from high-quality sturdy material which is not easily prone to damage. It ensures that these tents last for a long period of time.

Then again, this may vary depending on the model as not all tents are made equal. Most commonly they feature a tough polyester fabric designated to protect the camper from the elements.

While, the framing may include more durable materials like aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Ease of Setup

Coleman tents are uniquely designed with an emphasis on their ease of setup. But, unless you’re a pro camper and have been on dozens of trips, solo or otherwise you may still need some familiarizing.

Usually, pop-up tents are the easiest to set up given their pre-attached framework, but some tents might have added features like a rainfly or floor protection which needs some assemblage.

You may also need to keep in mind factors like potential obstacles, the surrounding environment, and weather conditions. Larger and more advanced models might come with added instructions with regards to their setup.


The capacity and height of your tent would undoubtedly depend on the floor you intend to occupy or the number of people inhabiting the tent.

As a lone traveler, you might not need a large tent but it still would do you well to have plenty of room to get comfortable. When calculating tent capacity, keep in mind that the average width of a sleeping bag of a full-grown adult is 24”.

Simply, multiply this measurement with the number of campers using the tent and you would get a clear picture of the right capacity you need. Furthermore, to get truly comfortable you will need plenty of room for your head for when you stand up in your tent.

Smaller 2-3 person tents may have limited headspace compared to larger dome-shaped tents.

Weather Resistance

Your tent is your first line of defense from the elements, hence pay close attention to your tent’s weather rating. This informs you of the amount of resistance it possesses in being heated up, blown away, or taking a heavy downpour.

    • 1 Season- These mostly feature a thin layer and are meant for the occasional one-night camp. Best intended for summer use but lacks in-tent darkening.
    • 2 Season- Come included with a rainfly to withstand wet weather but not be well suited for heavier downpours. Usually houses 1 -2 people.
    • 3 Season- The most versatile rating offers protection from 3 seasons. So you can camp under heavy rainfall while also enjoying enough ventilation from the dry heat.
    • 4 Season- These tents are the most durable in all weather conditions. Equipped with double layers, extra water-proofing, and are pretty much resistant to anything you can throw at it. Even snow! But, due to their heavy built they might get hotter during summer.


Last but definitely not least, ventilation! The number of doors, windows, amount of interior space, and additional vents are the first thing you would look for when camp shopping.

Smaller tents will have a single door or maybe one window, while larger tents would facilitate a front and a back door along with multiple windows. That extra door may feature a vestibule area or enclosed space for more storage.

Look out for tents that have mesh vents distributed along with the upper and lower levels on the walls. These would guarantee effective air circulation while preventing the build-up of any condensation within the tent.


How do I Set up a Coleman Tent?

Specific tent models vary in their composition and framework therefore they come included with additional setup information. Be sure to read through this info carefully.

Otherwise, a Coleman tent is pretty much you’re average tent and follows all the basic principles of tent set up which involves putting it up according to its frame and then staking them down to the ground.

Are Coleman Tents Waterproof?

Generally, all Coleman tents will have some degree of waterproofing which varies with the model. You need to pay close attention to its waterproof rating expressed in millimeters.

The best rating to aim for would be 1000mm and most Coleman tents you would come across are either equal or above that measure. Other than that, these tents can also feature taped seams to protect the needle holes that prevent water from seeping in.

Also, do note that the waterproof ability may wear off over time and you may need a waterproof spray, eventually.

Which is the Best Coleman Tent?

There is no undisputed ‘best’ tent of any category. Each model is unique and offers a different set of benefits over others. You can survey a range of tents and see which one fits your requirements best.

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