Best Screen Houses For Camping

Best Screen Houses For Camping That Fits Your Need

Are you waiting for that camping trip or outdoor vacation you had planned but worried about pests ruining your day? No need to wear yourself down as there is a perfectly great solution you can try.

Camping screens are like camping tents but instead, they allow you to enjoy the serene outdoors without having to deal with any of its drawbacks like too much sun, light rain, flying bugs, and so on. You can choose to set them up in any outdoor setting such as a campsite or even your very own backyard.

It serves as a great alternative to covering oneself in irritable bug repellent.

Among the best recommended and branded screen houses in this article, we have listed them according to the area they cover. They can be distinctly separated into two categories; instant and non-instant.

The instant types are like pop-up tents, just open them up and they are ready to use. Since the framework is pre-attached to the spring tight skeleton, it can be folded back into its original form.

The other type requires a certain amount of assemblage. This too is an easy process nowadays as the corded poles used in such screened canopies are convenient in putting together.

Let’s now get into the list of some of the best screen houses for camping you can opt for.

10 Best Screen Houses For Camping:

NameImageRatingWhere To Buy
Coleman Instant Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.9/5
Quest Recreational Mesh Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.2/5
Hang Ten Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.4/5
Coleman Screened Canopy TentBest Screen Houses For Camping5/5
Tailgaterz  Magnetic Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.3/5
Wenzel Magnetic Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.6/5
Superrella Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.5/5
Eureka! Northern Breeze Camping Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.8/5
Leedor Gazebos Screen HouseBest Screen Houses For Camping4.6/5
Alvantor Screen House For Outdoor CampingBest Screen Houses For Camping4.5/5

1. Coleman Instant Screen House

Best Screen Houses For Camping


The first on our list is the Coleman Instant Screen House with a removable screen wall. If you are hoping to escape from mosquitoes and other insects during your next camping trip this can be your best pick.

The best part about this screen house is that it has no part to assemble or disassemble, just fold it out, snap the pre-attached poles in place and you are ready. With 2 large T-zippered doors it comes with a bag for easy transportation.

It also features a heavy-duty 150D canopy with 50+ UV guard sun protection. Exclusive push button release lever which also protects your fingers while setting up the house.

It is definitely one of the best screen houses for camping and you can’t go wrong with it.

Key Features:-

  • It is great for staying out in the sun and wind too.
  • Two large T-zippered doors for easy entry and exit.
  • Can occupy 3 people at a time.
  • Comes with an easy pull portable bag.
  • Removable screen wall to keep insects out.
  • Takes one minute to set up and takedown.
  • Built to last with double-thick fabric stands.
  • Comes with a one-year-long warranty.
  • The push button can get dysfunctional after a few uses.

2. Quest Recreational Mesh Screen House

Best Screen Houses For Camping


Enjoy your next outdoor camping safely by keeping out the flying bugs with this incredibly spacious Quest 12×12 Screen House. It is constructed with sturdy fiberglass poles and durable, water-resistant, and fire retardant polyester fabric to keep you protected from rain and harsh weather conditions.

This screen house also provides 100 square feet of shade and protection from harmful UV rays. Its mesh wall and zippered “I” door with tie backs offer extra ventilation and enhance the airflow as well.

It has a durable polyester two straps bag for easier transportation and shock cord poles make the setup quick and simple.

Key Features:-

  • The solid top keeps you dry in rain.
  • 100 sq ft wide shade for maximum sun protection.
  • Mesh walls enhance the airflow and keep the insects out.
  • The door with tie-backs adds ventilation.
  • 4 attached guy lines for extra stability.
  • The fabric used is both fire and water-resistant.
  • Includes polyester carrying bag for storage.
  • Pitching and tearing down can be troublesome.

3. Hang Ten Screen House

Best Screen Houses For Camping


Hang Ten is a floorless structured screen house with a peak height of 7ft. There are two large entrances with double zippered doors that ensure easy access and the dual zippers allow you to open it from both inside and outside.

On the roof, there are flexible fiberglass poles that attach to leg poles which consist of rust-proof steel to make it sturdy and durable for long-term usage. The screen house is very easy to set up and break down without any tool needed.

You will also get an installation manual in the package to guide you through. 190T polyester fabric provides UPF 50+ UV protection and four mesh netting screen walls protect you from mosquitoes and bugs.

Despite all extra measures, this tent is still very breathable and you have plenty of air circulation in all directions.

Key Features:-

  • Two large entrances.
  • Can accommodate eight people.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Mesh walls allow 360-degree ventilation.
  • 4 guy lines and 4 metal stakes for protection against wind.
  • Water resistant and provides 50+ UV protection.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.
  • It can take up to five minutes to set up.

4. Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

Best Screen Houses For Camping


This screen house is suitable for all outdoor camping scenes including gardens and yards. Stakes and guy lines are precluded.

Coleman screen house can easily withstand harsh wind despite its incredible height of 8’4ft. The structure is a hexagon at the base and 6 strong legs with support bars for the roof.

It also features SPF 50+ guard protection from the sun and its removable screen walls offer two doors on the opposite side with vertical zippers for easy access.

The roof is also UV protected, offers waterproof double-thick fabric material to protect you from rain. Zipper-type closure secures every entrance and exit. It is unarguably one of the best screen houses for camping.

Key Features:-

  • Incredibly spacious with great height and boxy shape.
  • Mesh walls offer protection from mosquitoes and insects.
  • Two doors for easy access.
  • Exclusive push button release lever.
  • Made of durable Polyguard double-thick fabric.
  • Comes with a wheeled carry bag.
  • Setting up takes three minutes.
  • This sturdy screen house is heavy to carry around.

5. Tailgaterz  Magnetic Screen House


Best Screen Houses For Camping


The Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House has dual access points. The front and back magnetic doors provide a convenient entry and exit that is totally hands-free.

Tailgaterz has a complete automatic closure design. Its sturdy steel and fiberglass framework is durable and allows ease while setting up. The border floor and 11 x 9 feet dimension can accommodate a picnic table.

Guy ropes are given for extra stability and steadiness during rough weather conditions. With a great height of over 7’5ft, you’ll have plenty of headspaces when standing or walking.

Key Features:-

  • Large mesh walls and perimeter floor keep insects out.
  • The screen house is reasonably priced.
  • Guy ropes provide extra stability.
  • Sturdy steel and fiberglass frame design.
  • Automatic closure design.
  • Magnetic doors.
  • Does not have the security of zipper doors.

6. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House


Best Screen Houses For Camping


The Wenzel Magnetic Screen House is perfect to avoid flying insects from getting in while camping all summer. It features two magnetic “I” style doors.

Both entrances provide easy and hand-free entry/exit passage with an automatic closure design. Pre-attached guy ropes provide great stability. It can even fit a large picnic table.

The floor measures 11 x 9 ft and has an inside area that is 99 square feet. 68D polyester taffeta can hold up well to harsh weather and wind. This 7.5 ft tall screen house will never make you or your family worry about headspace.

Fiberglass poles and steel poles are there to ensure durability.

Key Features:-

  • Large and easy entry and exit doors with magnetic closure.
  • Guy ropes for added stability.
  • It is made of sturdy materials only.
  • A strong frame and fast feet make the pitching process fast and easy.
  • Mesh walls keep the insects out and let the breeze in.
  • Includes a storage bag.
  • 10 years long warranty.
  • It perfectly protects flying insects but does not provide much protection against crawlers.

7. Superrella Screen House


Best Screen Houses For Camping


Superrella Screen House measuring 13 x 9 feet lets you enjoy an outdoor camping experience where you can spend the entire summer without worrying about the mosquitoes or other bugs ruining your fun.

The crown of this screen house is made of 190T polyester which provides excellent UV protection against the sun. The mesh walls are capable enough to keep you safe from tiny flying bugs. And also arranges plenty of airflow and ventilation.

It has two T-shaped doors for easy access with fully closed zippers from inside and outside. Constructed with high-grade fiberglass poles, stakes, and windproof guy rope, it is a complete package that ensures all-around stability.

Superrella screen houses are easy to set up and take down without the help of any tools. The whole process hardly takes 10-15 minutes.

Key Features:-

  • The spacious interior can accommodate 6-8 people.
  • Made of high-quality 190T polyester.
  • Excellent ventilation and airflow.
  • Full closure zipped for openings.
  • Very light in weight 15.44 lbs.
  • Can be easily set up without the use of any tool.
  • Water and wind resistant.
  • Zipped T-shaped doors.
  • The pitching process is time-consuming.

8. Eureka! Northern Breeze Camping Screen House


Best Screen Houses For Camping


To make your group camping dream true, Eureka’s Camping screen house is for you. Be it bugs or wind or sun or rain it has got all covered under its 12 x 12 feet floor area.

This dome-shaped screen house is of 8ft height at the center and 6 ft tall vertical walls by the sides leaving enough headspace for every camper. You can even arrange a BBQ inside this tent as its unique design features peak venting to keep the air inside the screen room always fresh.

The whole package includes stakes, guy lines, and poles for stability against any weather conditions. For your comfort and ease of use Eureka also offers four lantern loops, four corners split loops, and four stash pockets.

Key features:-

  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection.
  • Strong against wind and rain.
  • Spacious interior with tall sidewalls and walk-in height.
  • 40D no-see-um mesh walls for protection against insects.
  • You also get a carry duffle for transportation.
  • Integrates awning.
  • Entirely weather-proof.
  • Suitable for any campsite.
  • It is a tad bit more expensive than other available options.

9. Leedor Gazebos Screen House

Best Screen Houses For Camping


The screen house pops up automatically, no assembly is required. The durable and sturdy screen house frame is made of fiberglass, iron, and steel alloy which is very lightweight and durable at the same time.

Leedor offers huge interior space for Camping that comfortably fits up to 4-6 people. Its 6 gauze panels provide ventilation while effectively preventing mosquitoes and insects from annoying you. High-strength fiberglass rods ensure safety during rough weather.

6 elongated sandbags, 12 guy lines, and 12 mounting stakes offer extra stability in windy conditions. Two large entrance doors with double-side silicon zippers make it easy to enter and exit the screen house.

It also has multiple hooks inside the screen house to arrange your coats, towels, handbags, and other items.

Key Features:-

  • Folds down automatically.
  • The spacious interior provides shelter for 4 to 6 individuals.
  • Keeps the mosquitoes and bugs out of your way.
  • Two large doors with zipper opening and closing.
  • Ensures strong stability with fiberglass rods.
  • Rustproof tent materials.
  • You get a one-year long warranty.
  • Pop-up screen house poses no hassle to set up.
  • Zippers might give you problems after a few uses.

10. Alvantor Screen House For Outdoor Camping

Best Screen Houses For Camping


The last best screen house for camping on our list is Alvantor’s super lightweight screen house. It weighs only 8.8 pounds.

A hexagonal 10 x 10 ft floor area can easily accommodate 4 to 6 people and even one or two pieces of furniture. Six walls made of mesh supply 360-degree air circulation. The fabric used in the peak area provides optimum sun protection.

Two large zippers closed doors ensure protection from mosquitoes and insects. For stability, Alvantor has provided six elongated sandbags, twelve metal mounting stakes, and twelve guy lines. Fiberglass ribs allow automated setup and fold-down options.

The US brand also provides one year warranty with each of their products.

Key features:-

  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection.
  • Durable and highly wind resistant.
  • Spacious interior measuring 10 x 10 ft.
  • Crack and reap-proof 210D oxford fabric.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Optional floor.
  • Six mesh netting screen walls.
  • Roofs and walls are not resistant to water at all.

Best Screen Houses For Camping: A Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing the best screen house for your next camping trip, you should take a look at different factors. These factors will decide which screen house is most suitable for your need. Let’s discuss them in detail:


Buying a screen house also involves measuring the amount of space it would take up when you are transporting it to another location, namely the campsite. Screening tents that come pre-assembled take up less space when packed.

On the other hand, pop-up tents or pre-assembled tents, though are easier and quicker to set up but take up more space when packed. It is rather a trade-off between these two types of tents.

If you are traveling long distances on foot then packing a non-instant tent is more viable as it would leave more room on your back to pack other stuff.


It is always simple to just carry your packed screening tent around in the trunk of your car. That way the weight of the tent has no real significance. But if you are traveling to a location on foot then you may need to give the tent weight its due importance.

The fabric may not weigh much but the poles that comprise the framework of the canopy could. So be sure to check the weight and know your capacity before purchasing a screened canopy.


Screened Shelters usually have one primary purpose and that is to function as a protective layer that keeps bugs and other pests from bothering you.

Other than that, it also acts as an independent camping unit, which means it needs to provide protection from other elements such as the sun, rain, and bad weather. They are already provided with rooftops hence you will no doubt have plenty of shade at your disposal.

But, in case of heavy rain, you might require extra side panels. Not all tents come pre-included with side panels so you can buy them later on.

Ease of Use

If your trip is restricted to one single place, supposedly like a picnic or family barbecue then there shouldn’t be any trouble in carrying a screening tent that requires quite a bit of effort in setting up.

Since you are close to home and have plenty of time to relax and enjoy then that means you have plenty of disposable time to kill before you set up your tent.

On the other hand, if you are on the go from one location to the other then it is best to equip yourself with something that doesn’t need you to even break a sweat while setting up.


The number of people or the amount of space you can actually utilize within your screening house depends on factors like the shape and size of the furniture, the height of the roof, the design of the structure, and so on.

Supposedly, if you have a hexagon tent then it would be wise to get a table that is round in shape as it would help you conserve more space. Large angled chairs with backrests might not be a great idea either in terms of saving space.

Make sure your furniture is aligned with the space of the tent or else get a bigger tent.

Type of Product

There are so many varieties of designs of screen houses available on the market that you would be spoiled for choices. In an attempt to keep up with the competition, some of these screen room brands come with some extra features to give you ample advantages and comfort.

They can be paired up with other innovations like groundsheets, projector systems, extra panels and so much more. Keep in mind exactly what purpose you need to use the screen rooms for in order to understand its extra features that would benefit you.

Important FAQs

Is it safe to cook inside a screen house?

Yes, it is definitely safe to cook inside a screen house given the high roof feature and well-ventilated walls. Then again, it is advised not to place the camp cooking stove too close to the walls in the off chance they catch fire.

How much time is required to pitch a screen house?

Screen houses mostly do not take up much time to set up. Some take hardly five minutes, while others can be set up in just one or two minutes. Screen houses with pop-up frameworks take the least amount of time to set up.

Do screen houses have groundsheets?

No, Screen houses don’t usually come pre-included with groundsheets although it is optional as some of them have attachment points for such sheets.

A screen house not having a groundsheet is quite advantageous as you can cover it over your picnic table while also not having to worry about spillage or crumbs.

What is the difference between a Screen House and a normal Tent?

Screen tents are taller than regular tents therefore there is plenty of standing-up space in them as compared to average tents.

Also, screen houses have vertical mesh walls which makes them less resistant to winds unlike normal tents, but they let in a breeze and protect you from bugs and such.


Screen houses are the ideal outdoor setup that gives you an indoor vibe while protecting you from pretty much all and any nuisance you could face in the outdoors. The Screen houses enlisted in this post are of superb quality and design.

Go through them thoroughly to discover the screen room that gives you the best value for your money.

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