How To Avoid Snakes While Camping? Here are 13 Actionable Tips!

How to Avoid Snakes while Camping and Stay Safe

There might be an abundant number of things to avoid while camping such as bears, bugs, mosquitoes, but the one creature that tops the list is snakes! Not all species of snakes are poisonous but 90% of them are.

Unless you’re an expert, it’s best to remain super cautious of these slithery nuisances as there may not always be an anti-venom medevac close by.

Fortunately, there are plenty of documented snake-infested areas that you can choose to avoid. All you need to worry about are the unknown snake habitats.

Therefore, it would be wise to take all the measures you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

How To Avoid Snakes While Camping

Following are a few things to keep in mind when looking out for snakes at the campsite:

How To Avoid Snakes While Camping? 13 Actionable Tips

1. Consult a Tourism Agency

In the beginning, contact your tourism agencies who are dealing with travel and camping. Their agents can help you pick up a spot that is free from snakes and other reptiles.

These agencies have adequate experience and knowledge of different places countrywide where it is safe to camp. Places infamous for lethal reptiles are always on their blacklist.

2. Geographical Information

Geographical details of any place entailing temperature, humidity, altitude of that particular area. This information can be easily found on the internet.

So do your research before choosing a campsite. Geographical information is crucial if you want to avoid snakes in the first place.

3. Choose the Right Camping Area

Nature is not just the creator of all things living; it is also its protector and guide. If you observe closely, nature can tell you how to survive even in the toughest situations.

According to ecological science, snakes prefer warm habitats as they are cold-blooded. It also becomes easy for them to find food in warm and moist places. Snakes prefer to live in areas that are easy to hide in like, tall grass, wooded areas.

It is advised that you choose the driest place for setting up camp to avoid snakes.

4. Keep Food Leftovers Covered

Throwing food leftovers around your camp premises will only attract mosquitoes, bugs, and other animals but it can attract snakes too. Snakes prefer to live in shades or holes. But, they come out of their shelters in search of food.

Food leftovers on your premises will be sensed as an open invitation for them. Not only reptiles but other wild animals can pay you a visit if they smell food. So, do not throw any leftover food at your campsite.

Food Leftover

Gather all the leftovers in one place and keep them covered. In case you don’t find anything where you can store your leftover food, dig a hole in the ground throw your leftovers there and cover it carefully.

Make sure no animal can smell it.

5. Look for Holes in the Campground

As we already know, snakes live in holes, but what we don’t know is that they can also travel through them. Snakes can, at any point in time enter your camp area through a hole to look for food or maybe they are scouting out a new place to live.

Be sure your camp is free from such holes. Look for an area that is more confined. To ensure the safety of your campsite, make sure it is hole-free.

This is a very easy thing to remember and it can help you to avoid snakes while camping.

6. Keep All the Zips Up

Snakes like small cozy areas to hide in. So keep the zip-up of every bag or whatsoever you are carrying, keep it tightly closed. And make sure everything is working fine before you enter the campsite.

Also, the zip of your tent should be properly functional. You don’t want a snake crawling on you at night when you’re sleeping.

7. Use a Snake Repellent

It is always necessary to keep a snake repellent close and apply them to the outer perimeter of your camp area. Naphthalene Balls can also prevent snakes from endangering your life with their presence.

So keep them handy and place some outside and inside your camp to be extra sure about your safety. Here’s one that we recommend:

Snake Repellent to Avoid Snakes while Camping
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8. Fire up your Campground

All animals, including reptiles, fear fire. And any camping experience is incomplete without a campfire. You can utilize this campfire to keep snakes away.

Campfire to avoid snakes

So as soon as the sun goes down light up campfires all night long close to your camp.

9. Stay Away from Water

It is advised by experts to stay at least 300 meters away from the water while setting up a camp. Few of the snake species are known to be semi-aquatic; camping near water will increase the chances of your encounter with one of these.

10. Let Them Know Your Presence

Snakes do not like our presence. They only attack humans when they feel threatened. They can also feel foot vibrations.

Let them know of your presence. Their skin soaks up liquid from the ground, so if you pour white vinegar on the ground no snake will cross over that liquid.

It works as a nice protective layer for you.

11. Keep Your Camper Pest-free

If you are camping in a car or an RV, chances are insects and rodents will roam around your camper. These tiny animals are the ideal food for snakes.

So in the search for food, a snake might trespass in your camper. So take conscious efforts to keep your camper pest-free.

12. Wear Protective Clothing

Clothing can add another layer of protection to your skin. For feet and ankles use boots and gaiters. Use long pants while hiking or trekking.

If you are hiking or camping in an area that is infamous for snakes then consider wearing tall snake-proof boots like these from LaCrosse:

tall snake-proof boots
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13. If You See a Snake, Avoid

After taking all the precautionary measures, if you happen to run into one of these venomous creatures, the first thing you do is inform the wildlife rescue team.

Without the proper training or prior experience, confronting a snake in the wild would be a fatal decision. So, if you encounter one just maintain a safe distance and don’t panic.


Above all remember, snakes like all creatures do not intentionally harm humans, they only react to our actions, therefore, it is important to treat them as such.

Just by following these measures mentioned in this article you can ensure that your camp is safe & snake-free and you can avoid snakes.

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