Camping Essentials For Women: 10 Things Every Woman Should Have While Camping

10 Camping Essentials for Women

Men and women are biologically different and so are their needs. It applies everywhere, hence camping too has a set of expectations from women.

It is easier for men to feel comfortable in every campsite and almost at every temperature. Whereas a woman spends most of their time worrying about when and where to go tinkle. This is unfair as it sounds.

But, that does not mean any woman needs to exempt themselves from the joy of camping. All you need to do is equip yourself with all the necessary camping gear.

Fortunately these days, there is a solution for every problem a lady can come across while at the campground. With the right preparation, she can enjoy herself as equally as a man.

Camping Essentials For Women

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the essentials which will ensure both comfort and safety for female campers.

Camping Essentials For Women: 10 Things Every Woman Should Have While Camping

1. Women’s Urination Device

Men can take a leak wherever they want, all they got to do is find a corner and unzip. The same act is a lot harder and riskier with lady parts but thanks to urination devices that are now widely available, preparing a latrine is much easier.

The unique design of the device makes it possible for women to pee safely while standing and being fully clothed. You do not even need to worry about splattering either.

Urination devices for women are compact and some of them are foldable making them easy enough to carry. If you are running out of tissues then no problem. A pee device is made to wipe out even the remaining drop of your leak.

Our recommended product is engineered keeping female anatomy in mind. It ensures dry clothes, hygiene, leak-proof urination, and confidence.

Here’s one from Tinkle Belle that we recommend:

Urination Device For Women While Camping
(Click Image For More Details)

2. Wipes & Towels

If you do not have a water source nearby, your campsite showering is not possible. That’s when you need wipes.

Wipes can keep you fresh and germ-free without a shower for days. Allez outdoor wipes are ideal for camping. Natural plant-based wipes are large enough to keep your entire body clean and fresh.

The ph-balanced formula ensures skin health. These wipes are biodegradable so you use them without the guilt of harming or polluting the camp environment.

allez outdoor wipes
(Allez Outdoor Wipes, Click Image For Pricing)

Towels are also of absolute necessity while camping. Buying one that comes in compact sizes and are made of microfiber is the wisest thing to do while backpacking.

The specialty of microfiber is that they are super absorbent and dries quickly. You will need them as wrap after taking a shower or for drying your hair, face, or wiping hands.

Youphoria camping towels are made of thin microfibers and they come with a hanging loop you can easily hang them inside or outside your tent.

Youphoria camping towels
(Click Image For Pricing)

3. Bug Spray & Mosquito Repellent

Bugs and Mosquitoes bother both men and women, but women generally have more sensitive skin so it gets unbearable for them.

Mosquito bites, flies, ticks, and other insects are not just annoying, a whole bunch of them can also be brutal. Attacks by a cloud of bugs or blood-sucking monsters can be a nightmare. Carry a mosquito repellent or a bug spray in your bag to quell unnecessary guests inside your tent.

Peppermint oil works as a wonderful natural insect repellant. You can add peppermint oil to your bag or apply it to your face and body when required. Although, peppermint oil can be harsh on your skin and some people might not like the smell of it.

Wondercide has pioneered a bug spray that effectively kills bugs and mosquitoes, all in one spray:

Wondercide Bug Spray For Camping
(Click Image For More Details)

This spray is made of natural essentials oils that work wonders on your skin and at the same time do not damage the environment. DEET-free all plant-based formula can be your best friend for every camping and outdoor journey.

It is one of the most important camping essentials for women that we usually ignore and later face problems.

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4. Inflated Sleeping Pad

Men are often raised to be more inclined towards their rough side hence they feel more at home while camping. So the regular durable foam-made sleeping pads may not allow a woman to sleep as comfortably as a man.

Furthermore, the average height of foaming sleeping pads is too close to the ground. This could even lead to problems in rather uncomfortable parts of the body.

So what to do regarding this discomfort?

Inflated sleeping pads are a great solution to campsite distress. They are an innovation that can help keep you at a fair height above ground and protect you from the cold.

Most of all, you will fall more easily asleep on a pad that feels like your home mattress. OT QOMTOP is four inches thick and self-inflating. You can roll up this bed and carry it conveniently anywhere.

Here’s the OT QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress that we recommend:

OT QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress
(Click Image For Full Details)

5. Portable Toilets

A portable toilet is the one thing that you need more than anything else. It is impossible for a woman to take care of business without a toilet. It is dangerous to expose one’s private parts to the unseen and unhygienic.

So, it is essential to carry a portable toilet. You can use some tarps to create a private zone and place your portable toilet in there. Using a toilet requires no squatting, it is comfortable and environment friendly.

Toilet seats from Varbucampare easily foldable and portable at the same time. The structure is made from stainless steel and the seat is TPR and PP made.

This lightweight camping toilet features a seat that is completely waterproof, slip-proof, and non-sticky:

Varbucamp Portable Toilet Seat for Camping
(Click Image For Pricing)

6. Dry Shampoo & Dry Toothpaste

Though when out camping, your hair is the least of your concern, but at some point, it will get greasy and that can make you look dirty. Men who have small hair are somehow immune from all the dirt, smell, and grease.

Lack of shower, outside dirt, and heat is the primary reason for your hair’s bad behavior. To avoid the problem of unmanageable hair you can carry dry shampoo to your campsite.

The dry shampoo effectively removes the dirt and oil from your scalp and keeps it fresh.

Kenra Dry shampoo does not only maintains your hair freshness but also adds up the volume so that you can flaunt your hair without worrying about the heat and dust.

Kenra Dry Shampoo

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Another unfortunate event that can take place on your journey, is a toothpaste tube spillage. To avoid this problem we recommend you to carry dry toothpaste tablets from “hello“.

These have activated charcoal in them that works miracles and leaves a fresh mint after taste. These toothpaste tablets are eco-friendly and made from completely natural ingredients.

hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets

7. Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Other camping essentials for women are sunscreen & moisturizers. Because we all know the harmful effects of direct sunlight on our skin.

Women’s skin is softer and far more sensitive than men so it requires extra protection. Carrying a sunscreen lotion to a camping trip is absolutely essential as camping includes outdoor activities resulting in sun exposure.

EltaMD UV sunscreen has SPF 50+ to that protects skin from UVA & UVB rays. This lotion has no artificial scent that can irritate your skin after application.

Also, the product is water-resistant which means you can apply it once and enjoy it for the rest of the day without worrying about re-application. The oil-free non-greasy formula from EltaMD is your camp best friend.

EltaMD UV sunscreen

Moisturizing the skin is just as important as sun protection. Sun and heat can steal the moisture away from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated.

So, do not forget to carry a moisturizer to your campsite. Your skin must look and feel as alive as you would, on your first camping trip.

CeraVe moisturizing lotion is a fragrance-free lotion for the face and body. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain the natural moisture of your skin.

It provides 24 hours hydration. Leaving your skin oil-free, smooth, and hydrated. 

CeraVe moisturizing lotion

8. Sleeping Bag

One of the primary reasons why women feel discouraged from going camping is due to the lack of proper bedding. The trick to getting a good night’s sleep is retaining heat within your tent.

This requires adequate insulation and a sleeping bag is just the right asset for it. Women sleeping bags are specially purposed to retain as much heat as possible while remaining well ventilated.

If you have planned on purchasing a new sleeping bag before you camp on a pre-decided date, then check the possibility of cold weather beforehand. You can match the estimated temperature with the average resistance on the sleeping bag.

The right sleeping bag for you is also one that accounts for comfort. You can buy one that is a size larger so that you can enjoy a little extra room but remember that the extra space may result in losing heat.

The best-recommended style of camp sleeping is the sarcophagus style which is spacious and tucked in just right. There are many other sleeping bags on the market with varying features which you can try out.

Here’s one from Kelty that we recommend for you:

Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree 550 Down Fill Sleeping Bag
(Click Image For Full Details)

9. Feet & Hand Warmer

As already previously discussed, retaining heat is crucial when you are camping. But sleeping bags only helps preserve heat and not produce it. So there are greater chances of you catching a cold if climb into a chilly sleeping bag.

Hence it is important to keep yourself covered in clothing like hand and feet warmers that help preserve the naturally produced heat of your body.

Pay attention to the material of these warmers as you may need them to remain dry while not making you feel too warm. Keep extra pair of warmers ready just in case you need to replace the ones you are wearing.

It is best to avoid wet clothing as it may fill your sleeping bag with odor and make your situation uncomfortable. There are of course other measures as well to keep warm like tent heaters and battery-powered hand warmers.

The latter is a pocket-sized device that can be useful as therapeutic warmers for women.

10. Camp Blankets

Based on the same principle of heat retention, camp blankets are another useful camping essential that can beneficial for women. Usually, if your clothing and sleeping bag is not enough you can make up for it by using specialized camp blankets.

These blankets are extra layered and made from thick waterproof material which has a greater potential of preserving heat. If you are a mother then buying a camp blanket for you and your children would be a better decision.

Many camp blankets are specially manufactured with an embedded heating device so if a normal blanket is not enough, you have other options.

Keep in mind that a camp blanket would also take up more space and add more weight to your baggage so assess your capacity before purchasing.

There is no single blanket that functions the same way. You have the liberty to choose between light summertime blankets that keep the chill away or thicker durable blankets to keep warm on cold winter nights.

However, here’s one from “Get Out Gear” that will be suitable for most of you:

Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket
(Click Image For Details)


Your camping experience should be one that goes smoothly and without any trouble.

That is when you can truly find time to relax while outside on your own or with family, or friends. There are so many activities one can enjoy while camping and a woman shouldn’t have to feel left out at all.

For a woman, there are just a few extra measures she needs to pay attention to, to balance out the level of comfort and sanitation. Compact latrine devices, moisturizers, and apparels that keep you warm are your go-to kit whenever a lady is on the camping agenda.

Once you remember these three simple things, planning a camping trip should be a breeze.

We hoped you liked our article on camping essentials for women. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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