Why is Camping Fun? (Here’s Your Answer!)

Why is Camping Fun? 10 Reasons To Go Camping

Camping is probably one of man’s most ancient practices. Back before when there were settlements, cities, or houses – there were camps! Camping might as well be in the blood of every individual without them even realizing it.

So, what better way to explore who we are and where we come from than to pack our bags, roll up our sleeves and head back to nature’s bosom?

It is without a doubt, an unsurpassed approached towards rediscovering our roots to the land we live on. Modernization is spreading to every corner of the globe leaving very little room for nature’s glory.

This is why campgrounds are golden locations where you can still connect with the fresh air, welcoming grounds, and the unaltered sound of your surroundings.

It is an overall natural and rejuvenating experience to live in the wilderness, even if it is for some time. As a first-timer, it’s completely normal for you to feel hesitant about leaving the comfort of your home. But regular campers are aware of how camping improves your lives for the better.

There are a whole bunch of reasons discussed in this article that are sure to make you second guess your ‘second guesses’ regarding camping.

10 Reasons Why is Camping Fun

1. Relax and Recharge

At the campsite, once you have your tent set up, there is literally nothing else you need to concern yourself with. You don’t have to deal with the rush of your city life edging you into feeling anxious about tomorrow.

Simply relax and watch time go by. It presents itself as an excellent opportunity for relaxation and recuperation. You have the liberty to meditate under the influence of fresh air, sleep beneath the starry skies and not worry about mundane chores like cleaning, fetching groceries, or laundry.

Camping under starry sky

You can use this time to help you reset your internal body clock. There is scientific proof that sleeping in a tent set in the outdoors can help regularize your sleep cycle better as well.

2. Learn Something New

New Skills-

Do you recall those days back when you were a Scout? If not, no harm done!

Camping can help you learn a bunch of survival skills which can someday come in handy if you ever find yourself beside Bear Grylls. You needn’t start living on bug protein though, but you can earn skills like setting up your camp tent, learn to read a map, or build a fire.

About Nature-

Mother Nature is and always will be our first teacher in life. She can be generous and devious at the same time so it’s on us to learn how to harvest her bounty without falling prey to her traps.

Camping will educate you regarding surviving under harsh weather, searching for fresh drinking water, and how to avoid harmful diseases.

Living On Your Own-

If you are traveling with a mate then your trip would be an endearing one. But, if you are traveling alone then your trip is surely an important one since you will be learning how to be self-reliant.

3. No Bad Memories

A general rule of thumb regarding camping is that there are ‘No’ bad memories and that is probably the reason why it’s such an indulgence. Holidays are about grabbing each opportunity and making the best out of them.

If the ‘Ups’ in your journey isn’t balanced by the ‘Lows’ then your experience hasn’t served their full potential. Memorable camping trips can last a long time and they make a great impact on the lives of your children as well.

You will find yourself reminiscing over those relaxing outdoor afternoons while laughing your lungs out over those muddy disasters. There are limitless possibilities for adventure while camping as you can take part in activities like surfing, mountain biking, or even kayaking with your family.

4. Setting up Camp

Setting up camp is nothing but setting up your temporary home in the non-confined outdoors. This is the initial stage of your camping trip where you can feel the rush of excitement and energy behind setting up your camp home.

It is the most primary aspect of camping which involves scouting out the perfect spot to park your SUV, and preparing it according to your comfort and convenience. You will need to seek out sources of fresh drinking water like lakes, streams, or rivers and prepare a separate temporary toilet in case there aren’t any such provisions available.

Camping near lake

If you are traveling with family then a cabin tent would require some effort in putting up. It is definitely much more fun to do these things together as a group.

5. Discover the World

They say while camping, the world becomes your oyster. You can explore mesmerizingly new locations and landmark sites where you preserve experiences that would last you a lifetime. Get the chance to meet new people and build friendships on your camping trip.

Walk around the campground or catch fish at the nearest river, and you will come across people with whom you can enjoy a friendly chat. You can share or exchange your experiences with them and benefit from the tips you unearth from expert campers.

It’s a great opportunity to nurture long-lasting bonds with people. You can also visit new places with your group of friends where all of you sleep under one roof in a 10 or 12 person setup.

6. Break the Rules

Camping comes from the heart, and the heart cannot be contained in the outdoors. What anyone looks for while camping is a situation that is different from home.

All you require is a relaxing setup and that’s it, you’ve got the basics covered. There are no rules, only techniques to keep you and your family secure from unforeseen situations. Beyond that, you can enjoy Mother Nature however you like.

Just be sure not to do it at the expense of your neighboring campers, if you’re not at a secluded campsite. Your children can enjoy less stringent household rules and freely enjoy jumping around and playing games.

Getting them out in the open is proven to be great for their health.

7. Get Away from the H&B

Living your days cut off from the world while being surrounded by large buildings and all sorts of pollution. Camping is everyone’s natural solution for keeping the bustle of the city and the hustle of your job or business at bay for as long as you’re outdoors.

Prior to that, you would also need time to properly plan the camping trip to make sure you have everything you need. Long-time campers have equipped themselves over time and have the added experience from years of camping.

It can be your yearly escape to somewhere serene, quiet, and fresh. You will also be able to take part in outdoor games and adventure sports while you are out exploring nature.

8. Unmatched Affordability

Camping trips are like an investment, you spend once on certain things and the rest can be done just in your backyard. Everyday expenses needn’t be too wearisome to manage. You can easily book yourself way ahead of all your trips and purchase gear that lasts through all of them.

From that point on it’s all about replacing or maintaining. If you treat your gear right they will never let you down. Camping can be your quick getaway destination on a budget, where you can enjoy all the 5-star hospitality nature has in store for you.

Camping in the rain isn’t an issue either. You can set up camp on a hill where the water flows down and with the added measure of waterproof tents that keep you dry, you’ll have plenty of fun.

Camping in rain

9. Romantic Time Together

Camping destinations are the most picturesquely romantic outdoor setting you can hope for. You can turn the ambiance into anything you can think of.

Back at home, there might not be enough time in anyone’s hands to enjoy a special time with your lover. Juts carry a table, a mattress, couple of safety candles and enjoy the starlight over dinner. Most camping sites these days are couple-friendly and have plenty of room to push away the stress.

The amazing natural backdrop would make for superb photos and charming memories. The natural air would be undoubtedly filled with love when you and your partner would enjoy it.

Camping with couple

10. Enjoy the Rain, the Sky, and the Stars

When was the last time you actually paid attention to the world around you?

Have your senses dulled down and in need of rejuvenation? Then this is your chance. Be part of the world around you are outdoors. Nature is bountiful and there is plenty of beauty to be perceived.

Final Words

The word camping resonates in everyone’s hearts as a synonym for fun and adventure. It is a great option for a getaway, a fantastic excuse for family gatherings, and an exciting setting for couples.

You never know how camping can surprise you and people living ordinary lives can easily break the monotony.

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