How To Camp In The Rain Properly: 12 Important Things To Remember

How to Camp in the Rain

Camping needs enthusiasm and energy. It is definitely the task for people who love to challenge themselves. Camps could be interesting. The most exciting thing about camps is basically the location that people choose.

It could be a trekking camp, camping in the forest, a camp near a lake, or near water bodies. There are no limitations when it comes to selecting the spots and locations. Even the weather condition makes it more adventurous though it is not predictable all the time.

So, as the scout’s saying goes, it is best to be prepared for everything. Your camping journey might require some extra planning when you have to prepare yourself for every known and unknown situation.

To be precise, if you are going to set up a camp while it’s raining, the first and foremost thing that you have to take care of is avoiding getting wet. Rain can have different impacts on your campsite depending on the location your camp is set on.

Camping in a forest while it’s raining can be a very hard one. You would face problems such as mosquitoes and unwanted insects dwelling all around you. It is never preferable to get stung or catch a disease due to such a situation.

Especially out in the wilderness.

Here in this article, we will tell you about how you can camp in the rain. Keep reading to know more.

How To Camp In The Rain Properly: 12 Important Things To Remember

1. Be Aware of Accurate Timings

We live in a world where it is easy to know the predicted weather. All you have to do is to pick up your smartphone and scroll down your weather forecast.

Be Aware of accurate timings while camping in the rain

If you get the closest estimated timing of the rain, then things can be more accessible while setting up camp. Your preparation would help avoid the struggle of setting your tents and other stuff while it’s raining hard.

In that case, it becomes a painful task rather than an enjoyable one. If you plan accordingly and execute it with the perfect timing, you could be sitting in your camp enjoying a hot cup of coffee while seeing raindrops falling all around you.

2. Choosing the Spot

Location for Rain campingChoosing a place for your tent plays a significant role. If you risk your tent’s location, then it could be complicated and would end up putting you in an uncertain situation with regards to the challenges you might face.

Rain can have a lot of effects on your surroundings. For example, if you are in a hilly area with lots of sediments, then excess rain can cause landslides. These things are very dangerous, and as we say, “precaution is better than cure” one should always know the nature of the place he would be camping at.

It is even a better option to have a look at the area prior to camping so as to ensure safety.

3. Light for Night

A night at a camp, while it’s raining heavily, could be a thrilling one. The most important thing you need to do in such a situation is to light up the place. With modern equipment and battery-powered packs, you can have easy access to light nowadays.

You can use LED straps or take lithium batteries with you. Lithium batteries have an advantage over others as they are not affected by cold temperature. They are very reliable in the rain. Then again, always keep lots of candles and matchsticks as a backup.

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4. Make Sure of Waterproofing

Camping in the rain is good, but on the other hand, it can also be a dangerous concern to your health. Once you get wet, you are a breeding ground for different bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, the most important task you will have to perform while setting up your camp is waterproofing your tent and the other sites you choose. If not, then it’s nearly impossible to camp in the rain.

Your spot and your surroundings will get wet. Things will become messy with dust and mud mixed with rain.

For waterproofing, the first thing you need to take care of is the quality of your tent. So be sure of buying a tent that ensures complete waterproofing.

5. A Good Living Room

Now, this might sound very strange, but camping in the rain can be boring sometimes. It is a well-known fact that the rain will not allow you to perform tasks outside your tents. Hence one should have other options for such a situation.

Creating a quick living room is not that hard. Make the roof with a big piece of cloth and ensure that the material of the cloth is completely waterproof. Further, you must find something that can be used as a small table. You can add some other decorative items too.

tent living room

Reading a book or playing a word quiz or any indoor game can save you from boredom as long as you are dry and cozy.

6. Food is Power

Camping Food

Food is power every time you are out in the wild. Not just in the rain, but good food can always raise your spirits. One should always try to consume warm food in such a camp. It will save you from the cold weather outside and will keep your body warm.

It is better to carry quick and instant foods. A bowl of instant hot noodles can be among the best things you can have on a camp. If you have any specific preference for food items in a camp, then it is better to sneak them in your backpack.

Even veggies and instant hot soups are good choices. Go with food items that will help you with retaining heat.

7. Clothing while Camping in the Rain

Selection of clothes regarding camp has always been a challenging task. With the addition of rain, it becomes an even trickier one to do. The first priority while camping in the rain should be the selection of water-resistant clothing. You must carry a raincoat as a backup.

Try keeping warm jackets with you. This will help you with maintaining your body temperature. When it’s raining outside, always carry a set of backup clothes. In a situation where you accidentally get wet, you can rest assured that there are dry backup clothes for you.

This will prevent you from catching a cold.

8. Fire is Fire

Creating a stable fire while camping has always been a must. But, when it’s raining, you can’t even think of lighting a fire. There are two reasons for this.

The first obviously is the fight of fire versus water. The second thing that will prevent you from starting a fire would be the moisture in the atmosphere. Your wood can easily absorb the moisture and will never catch fire.

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Nevertheless, we will tell you the solution to this problem. You will have to ensure making a guard with tin or other metals to avoid air by your fire spot. Try keeping dry twigs, as they don’t absorb moisture because they are made up of dead cells.

You can light the fire in the shade or even in your living room as twigs won’t emit too many high flames.

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9. Shine Bright

Try to wear orange and bright colors. If you are on a hunting camp or even on a trekking camp in the jungle or areas with wildlife, then it is very necessary that you choose these colors for your protection. Rain can make the surrounding very blurry.

There can be other people camping near your spot. It is human nature to defend. Someone can mistake you with a possible threat and could hurt you.

It is better to wear clothes that will help others spot you from a distance.

10. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are other essential items you need to carry to camps while it’s raining. Your ground could be wet while it’s raining. Sleeping in such conditions will directly affect your health. You can easily catch a cold overnight.

Many insects, reptiles, and other such organisms are influenced by rain, and they like wet soil the most. These points make it a very critical reason to have a perfect Sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag should have a good headrest, and it must cover your body throughout.

Try saving yourself from the wet ground. Even you can try raising your platform above the ground by some technique.

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11. Preheat

Moisture can ruin your clothes and other stuff. It provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Many spores can start growing on your food and clothes.

These spores can use the moisture, and the next thing you see will be fungi growing on your backpack. Hence you must try preheating your clothes and bags. This will not allow moisture to settle on your things.

12. Prepare to Dry

Always be prepared to dry your things out. It is a very evident fact that your stuff will get wet in the rain. If you leave your stuff wet, then there are two big problems you are more likely to face. The first will be bacterial growth.

This will make your environment very unhygienic. The second big problem will be the smell. If your clothes are left wet for a long period, they will start smelling so bad that you ultimately will have to throw them.

So be prepared to keep things in control by drying things out.


Above in this article, we mentioned some of the best tips you must have in mind while camping in the rain. It is quite evident that the situation during rain is very different from the normal ones you are camping in. There are hard challenges to face, but this will make your camp more interesting and worth remembering.

Camping in the rain can increase the weight of your backpack. It depends on you to find a solution to keep things as easy and swift as possible. Think smart and be prepared for all the rough situations that might come on your way while camping.

Hence pack your bags and go out in the world to face new possibilities.

Happy Camping!!

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