How To Camp in The Summer Properly: 12 Helpful Tips

How to Camp in the summer?

Comprised of different seasons, nature is beautiful along with a variety of charms. Whether it is a shivering cold wintry night or a sizzling hot summer day, it is always exciting.

Though, there are people to whom summer is just a nightmare. Others love summer days and stay full-time charged up with activities during the season!

If you are someone who belongs to the second category and planning to explore more of what summer has to offer, this article is for you.

Summer Camp is an exciting option for summer fans and all nature lovers as well. It is the perfect time to enjoy nature in all its glory! Tenting on nature’s womb, swimming, and other exciting water activities are options that turn a boring summer day into an electrifying one!

The best part of this summer camp planning is, it does not take much of your time to plan or execute either. A 2 days’ escape from the regular drudgery can give you the best taste of such camping. An outing like that never threatens your pocket!

A single day summer camp or even one that lasts for 2 days is enough to revive one’s bonding with nature. You can also take your family and friends on a camping trip. As it is safer compared to winter camping.

A sudden jerk in the daily routine of your health offers good physical benefits and relieves the mind of stress. A short-termed and crispy tour of the wilderness has the power to boost one’s energy level enough to face the daily grind spontaneously with high-performance mode.

To plan for a camp, one needs to select a location perfect for camping. It is best to be near about any pool, or lake, or any other source of water. One must be well informed of how much secure the location is to any tourist.

Several tips can act as a catalyst to enhance the summer camp excitement. Keeping these in mind, and by following the dos and don’ts, anyone can make their summer camp successful. Go on to learn useful tips and tricks on how to camp in the summer.

How To Camp in The Summer Properly: 12 Helpful Tips

1. High Five the Sun

A summer camp must provide the feeling to be sun-kissed. Make the most use of it during the daytime. Get a nice tan, soak in some vitamin D. Sunshine may also act as the power bank to the electrical essential gadgets. Using solar-power camp light is an intelligent choice. Here’s one from GOSUN that we recommend:

GOSUN Solar Powered Camp Light
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A sudden rainfall might soil the plan of a bonfire at night. So, Solar-powered food freezers, food processors, charging stations, fans, and radios are perfect to be utilized. You can make the best out of solar energy.

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2. Knowledge is Always Key

Acknowledge yourself with your campsite, weather, available plants and animals. Know your boundaries and do not cross them. Nature can be beautiful as well as dangerous. It seems so that the right thing to do is to follow the rules and regulations of your campsite.

Poisonous plants can call for trouble, so learn about them beforehand and stay away from them. If you have planned for hiking, carry a map and stick on the trail.

Bright sunny weather can change into cloudy or even stormy in the late afternoon. So try to get done with all your activities before the sun goes down and then sit back and relax.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

In any season, consuming a lot of water/fluids is a must. Dehydration is a high possibility as we tend to forget to drink enough water while being engrossed in all the campsite fun activity. Involvement in swimming and other fun water activities under direct sunlight increases your chances of a dehydrated body.

Keep Your Body Hydrated During Summer Camping

To maintain the perfect balance of water in your body, one must maintain large water jugs inside the camp. In daily excursions, small water bottles are a must to be carried. Include summer fruits in your snacks or even meals because their high water content helps you to stay hydrated.

Electrolytes have all the essentials required by your body. So mix them up in your bottle and keep sipping whenever you feel like it. Keep enough stocks of electrolyte packets handy, depending on the members present at your campsite.

In order to avoid unnecessary sugar consumption; the body requires more water to process sugar which can lead to unnecessary water loss. Drinking your favourite soda can also dehydrate you as they are rich in sugar.

4. Cloth Materials

Cloth materials are to be chosen not to impress others but to impress the one who has worn them. Your clothing material must be comfortable. Cotton fabrics are extremely comfortable. But, it takes a long time to dry.

The material must be light in colour and long sleeve clothes protect you from extensive suntan. Loose and flowy clothes that allow your body to stay cool even in high heat. Women, dump all your body-hugging dresses back at home. For men wear shirts and shorts.

Swimming is an invincible part of the camping area. So, a swimming costume is a must to relax in the pool, lake, or creek. Summer Camps do not always mean to be ready with summer-friendly clothing only. In the hilly areas, nights are cold even on the summer days. So, warm clothing along with blankets are a must to be carried.

Synthetic clothing materials are to be avoided, rather choose materials that are breathable. Carry enough clothing, socks and shoes so that you don’t have to move around in wet clothing or shoes or socks.

5. Strong Sun Protection Accessories

A sun hat, sunglass is a must to carry. In hilly areas hiking boots makes the adventure exciting. To protect you from UVA and UVB it is necessary to lather your skin with a powerful sunscreen composed of high SPF and PA+++.

After every few hours, one should use sunscreen. After swimming also, immediate sunscreen application is a must. To save yourself from heat-burn try not to spend long hours under direct sunlight. Start your hiking journey early in the morning if that is on your to-do list.

6. Eat Right

Summer is a season of juicy fruits and leafy vegetables. So ditch the meat platter for few days. Instead, decorate your plates with summer colours. Eating fruits and vegetables keeps you hydrated and energetic.

Also, add some carbs and fibre so that you have a power-packed summer camp ready meal. You can pack some high fibre and high-calorie snacks.

Salad For Summer Camping

For cooking, carry simple easy to cook meals, better if you are done with preparation beforehand. Spending too much time around a fire in the summer is neither healthy nor comfortable. Fruit salads or vegetable salads with interesting dressing can lift your camping spirit.

And, you will have enough time to have fun and spend time with your family and friends, and less time to spend cooking.

7. Tent Features

Tent material for summer must be made of breathable fibre and or mesh. Synthetic materials like polyester are not suitable on summer days. Tents with synthetic materials are not as breathable as natural fibre ones. Summer tents are designed for more air circulation.

Choose tents that have more than one window and doors for necessary ventilation. Here’s one from Coleman that is best suitable for summer camping:

summer camping tent
(Click Image To See Full Details)

At night time keep the tent fly open so that you can gaze at the stars from a beautiful clear summer sky while the summer breeze fills your ears with sweet whispers. A portable camping fan, set inside the tent, helps to operate circular airflow.

You can also carry camp air conditioners if you are lucky enough to manage the power source.

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8. Cooling Towel Technique

While going outside for hiking, one looks for something wet to control hot temperatures with. A wet towel around the neck comforts one. It cools down the body externally as much as it is possible.

The water gets evaporated gradually. Then, one can wet the cloth and place it around the neck again.

9. Save Yourself From Bug Attack, Insect Bites, Redness and Itching

Bugs have the potential to make you crazy. They can be really annoying. Therefore carrying a bug spray and spraying it all over your tent can save you from unnecessary trouble.

You can carry sage and throw some in your campfire. It naturally keeps bugs and insects away. Also do not forget to carry mosquito repellent cream.

From excessive sweat and heat your skin can get irritated causing itching and redness. You must carry antiseptics and skin-soothing gel to prevent that. Or, you can even make a mist mixing few drops of tea-tree oil and water; it keeps ticks and skin irritation away.

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10. Store Water

Water is very important for survival. At a summer camp, water is mainly used for cooking, cleaning and drinking. But in most cases, it is not safe to use the water available at our campsite. So carry enough drinking water.

How To Pack A Cooler For Camping


Carrying water and ice separately, can use up a lot of space and increase your burden. The smart thing to do is freeze your drinking water bottles. This way you save up space and it also works as a cooler, keeping other drinks or food items cool and frozen for a longer time.

It is also advised to carry two coolers one for food and the other for drinks.

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11. Sleeping bags

Just like tent sleeping bags also has season-specific options. For summer camping and hot weather chose one from summer sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are mandatory for winter camping, but if the temperature doesn’t change drastically at night time.

Then you can totally ditch one. Instead, you can carry a yoga mat and place it inside for extra comfort and sleep underneath sheets.

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12. Extra shades

Along with your tent carry a shade. It is going to save you from direct sunlight and heat while also giving you enough space to cook or carry out any other activity in total comfort. You can also bring hammocks to your campsite.

Setting up a gazebo is also a good idea. Carry some tarp and place it over your tent, it gives you cooling and space. Ready to pitch gazebos are also there.

Extra Tips which are Easy to Memorize

  • Keep the lighting cold and right: To avoid warms at their best, the camping location must be lit especially with orange lighting at night. White Lighting is a big “No! No!” as it can increase the temperature and attract insects and bugs.
  • Insulated water bottles: Drinking cool liquids is important to keep your body heat in control. You can carry insulated water bottles to keep your drinking water or liquids cool for a longer time.
  • Pay special attention to your campfire: Do not let your campfire going overnight unless the weather is hot enough to keep you warm without a fire. You can totally avoid the campfire if the heat feels extreme.
  • Tent alternative: If it feels like a microwave inside your tent you can leave your tent and spend the night in a hammock. Hammocks allow you to be in the breeze and sleep under the open sky.

Things to carry to make your camping experience easy and safe

To stay safe and hygienic-

  • Carry wet wipes and sanitiser and enough tissues.
  • Carry trash bags.
  • Carry toilet papers.
  • Carry a first aid box.
  • Carry a pair of your favourite flip-flops.


Besides the already mentioned tips, there are certain do’s and don’ts to make the enjoyment to its fullest. These preventive measures help one to stay healthy throughout the summer camp and make the whole plan fruitful. Going back home, they should never repent with their tanned skin or exhausted body.

Even after so many caution alerts, almost Fifty million campers enjoy the season with their adventurous mood every year. With the bold touch of nature, the surrounding plantation offers a therapeutic effect. Kids love this outdoor family time.

Having Fun with great moments to memorize are its long-lasting outputs.

To utilize nature in this way, for ages after ages, tourists have certain responsibilities. While leaving that place to follow the way back home, one must look back. To keep it intact, one must put the trash at their dedicated place. The bonfire must be extinguished for sure.

The used articles must find their place in the campers’ backpack or car only. After all, in this way only the summer camp-friendly spots will remain appealing, healing, and soothing as well to our upcoming generation.

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