How To Make Coffee While Camping

Brew Coffee like A Pro While Camping! The Ultimate Guide to Camp Coffee

Camping and coffee – the two most quintessential ingredients to savor the breezy or even the chilly mornings of our camping trips.

While Camping includes many great things to level to a great camping trip and can skip being talked about, a steaming, good cup of coffee is not one of those. Campfires, easy good camp food along a good cup of brewed coffee is what make the life of camping.

How to Make Coffee While Camping: 5 Easy Methods

There are countless ways to make and enjoy a good, steaming brew in the wilds while being out camping. Listed below are several of those methods ranging from the simplest and easiest ways of making a good brew, to even the complicated and elaborate methods as well.

How to make coffee while camping

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee is the go-to choice for many due to the fact being that instant coffee is lightweight, easily available as well as easily packable as it saves space and weight.

Just a single individual sachet of instant coffee is enough to suffice per person. Instant coffee, being otherwise absolutely suited for camping and backpacking, doesn’t always have the best repute when it comes to its taste.

Thanks to innovation and advancements in the world of coffee, over the past few years, there are now many brands of instant coffee available out there that make it possible now to experience the best coffee taste even while anyone is out camping.

Several surveys have narrowed down the choice of these instant coffee brands listed – Alpine Start, Mt. Hagan, and the most recommended coffee-creamer combination – Laird Superfood Instant coffee.

Method – Specific instructions might differ from brand to brand but the most basic idea of making a steaming cup of instant coffee is putting the instant coffee powder into a cup and pour boiling water over it and that’s it!

That’s all there is to easily brew a flavourful, steaming cup of coffee while camping.

Coffee In A Bag

We already know about teabags, don’t we? There’s something so simple and easy about the teabags, that now this idea has also been explored where coffee was concerned.

Coffee-in-a-bag is not a new concept though and for a long time, Folgers singles were the only option for coffee bags. However, a lot of startups have been trying to bring this brewing method to the market as this is not ideal for backpacking or camping.

But also for the fact that this serves the purpose of giving the flavor of steeped coffee and not just an instant coffee.

Method – Just simply place a coffee bag into a cup and fill it with hot water. Then steep the coffee in the hot water till you achieve the desired strength of your coffee and then remove the coffee bag.

And voila!

Your steaming hot cup of coffee is ready to be enjoyed while you are camping.

Cowboy Coffee

This method that we are going to talk about is ideal for all who want to brew and enjoy their coffee at their campsite without having to indulge in instant and quick methods like the previous two. Where coffee gear is concerned while camping, cowboy coffee is the simplest way to make camp coffee.

Also, for this method, fine grounds are recommended for easy and less messy brewing of the coffee.  The most popular method of brewing cowboy coffee is known as the Scoop Top Method.

This is where you heat a kettle of water until it is boiling. Once the water is boiling, remove the kettle from the heat and put the fine coffee grounds in. then return the kettle to low heat and let it simmer which will eventually bring the coffee grounds to the surface. This is where you skim and scoop the coffee grounds off the surface and then, you have your steaming cup of freshly brewed camp coffee.

Pour-Over Stand

This method is for those who do not mind the importance of ‘cost per use’ even during camping, as this method although, is easy but is more on the costlier side.

If you are on the side where ‘ease of use’ matters less than the ‘cost per use’, you can definitely choose to go with this option of using a non-disposable pour-over coffee stand.

These pour-over coffee stands are made from ceramic, but nowadays, in the 21st century, there are many compact and lightweight pour-over stands like the GSI Ultralight Java Drip, GSI Collapsible Java Drip, Kalita Wave Dripper are easily available, especially for campers, and are ideal for camping groups of about 2 to 4 people.

Method – Take either a paper filter or a cloth filter, fill them with the coffee grounds and place it over your cup. Use a kettle to heat the water until it is nearly boiling and that is when you slowly pour the water into the filter in a circular motion.

A kettle is best recommended as that can ensure a smooth, steady stream of water for the pour-over, without the dribbling, which is very critical to this method.

Single Serving Pour-Overs

This method, amongst many others, on one hand, is a step up from the instant coffee as well as the cowboy coffee. On the other hand, it is also an easier and cost-effective method than the pour-over stand method.

These are produced relatively new and are specifically designed for the campers by different brands like the Kuju Pocket Pour Over, Libra Coffee Pourtables, and Tribo Coffee. It comes in a lightweight package and is a very sought after product, an appealing alternative to pour-over stands and instant coffee.

It is ideal for backpacking, camping, and people who don’t want to go for instant coffee but wants to save space and reduce weight.

Method – These single-use disposable pour-overs consist of a paper frame and a pouch or a bag that is filled with the coffee grounds. The paper frame is then extended which supports the pouch on the cup, and then the desired amount of boiling water is poured through the pouch just like a pour-over.

Remove the pouch and enjoy!

Whether it is someone who is a coffee enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, a frequent camper, or even if it were a beginner to camping or outdoor adventure, the above easy methods, and products are sure to come in handy; amongst the many, many, ways to make coffee in the wild or outdoors while camping.

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