How to Stay Warm While Camping in a Tent

How to Stay Warm While Camping in a Tent: 7 Easy Methods

It’s fairly obvious that extreme temperatures are to be expected while camping in winters or cold regions. But factors like these should never demotivate you from seeking out an adventurous trip of a lifetime.

Always remember that opportunities like these do not pop up every weekend. All that you need to pursue your next escapade is the right technology combined with some morale.

Provided that you make use of the correct tips and techniques, you will certainly be staying warm throughout your trip and get the proper amount of rest required to have a fresh start the next day.

How to stay warm while camping in a tent

If you follow the tips below then we can ensure you that you will be having the coziest of nights while being on your next journey.

How to Stay Warm While Camping in a Tent: 7 Easy Methods

1. Always practice self-care 

An easily ignored fact is that our body’s sleep cycle is directly influenced by our routine during the day. There are things which you always need to ensure while being on trips, especially the longer ones.

Staying hydrated, having the necessary meals, and always ensure that you do not fall sick as numerous problems can be faced while out in nature.

Covering some extra distance might seem to be a viable option but never overdo it. A proper amount of rest is as important as progression.

Overdoing can result in a bad sleep schedule and in colder regions your body won’t be able to generate the required internal heat to keep you warm.

2. Be equipped with an effective sleeping bag 

Always ensure that the sleeping bag which you are carrying is of quality material being able to provide proper insulation as it is going to be the only thing which will separate the cold and your body.

Pay attention while buying a sleeping bag and if possible gather some information about the performance of the bag which you are deciding to go for from past users. Never take it lightly otherwise you will be facing a lot of trouble while sleeping at night which can immediately create problems.

Sleeping bags are also classified by their temperature rating making it much easier to choose one which perfectly matches the conditions which you are going to face.

Linked below is one of our recommendations suited for almost all kinds of extreme weather conditions that you might be experiencing.

NEMO Disco 15° & 30°

Kelty Cosmic Down 20°

3. Be careful while choosing your campsite

Elevated Camp Site

The place which looks the best doesn’t necessarily have to be the best campsite.

Choosing an appropriate campsite requires knowledge about the terrain and behavior of the weather. As you are going to spend your whole night in that place and one small mistake can lead to a chain of problems.

A basic fact to keep in mind is that hot air always rises while the cold air settles below. So you should opt for a place on the lower side as your campsite as the cold winds can have you shivering throughout the night.

The topmost regions are not the best option either, being subject to harsh winds and any sort of weather disturbance such as rain will be affecting that area first.

So an optimal place would be a well-covered area in the middle, if you can find an elevated plane then that’s even better.

4. Have regular meals and stay hydrated

Whichever kind of trip you are having, may it be mountaineering, trekking, skiing, or exploring, your body will be needing lots of energy to function over the course of the day, the minimum requirement being 6000 calories each day.

Be equipped with food rich in fats as they will be providing you with calories that are double the amount of those in normal food items.

They will result in maintaining your body temperature at a warmer level while being on your journey. Another very effective tip is to always be equipped with a Nalgene bottle full of hot water.

The backpacking stove can be utilized in heating the water, then while being in your sleeping bag place the bottle at your groin. This will create an instant rise in your body temperature and that of your bag leading to the most comfortable experience of your trip.

Just be cautious that the bottle is always sealed tight as you would not be wanting that water spilled all over you. Linked below is some equipment that will prove to be necessary for preparing and storing your consumables.

Nalgene Water Bottle (BPA-free Plastic)

Nalgene Water Bottle (Stainless Steel)

AOTU Backpacking Stove

5. Keep on changing your sweaty clothes

After being wearied out from a day full of hiking, the first thing which you would be wanting to do next is to have a good night’s sleep. Stop right there! Sleeping in your wet and sweaty clothes can lead to a lot of problems than you imagine, especially in the long run.

Wet clothes can significantly drop your inner body temperature, which can make sleeping a lot more difficult and uncomfortable.

6. Have tents with air vents

At first, this might appear to be the exact opposite of what you require.

But that’s not the case, air vents play a significant role in maintaining the temperature of your tent. While breathing you will be releasing hot vapors within the tent which tend to collect as droplets on the inner surface of the tent eventually freezing.

This can lead to a miserable situation in the latter half of the night, air vents help in releasing these vapors and provide you with a pleasant sleeping experience.

7. Some extra equipment

With rapid development in technology, upgraded equipment like hand warming gloves, heated gloves, and boots, etc. have made the whole hiking and camping experience a whole lot comfortable than it was before.

Things like these are precisely designed for travelers and explorers which are for adapting to the climatic conditions and provide you with optimal body temperature with no extra effort.

Linked below are some of these gadgets which you can check out for your next camping trip.

Heated Vest for Camping
(Click Image To Check Price)

OROPRO Heated Vest

SkyGenius Heated Gloves

Smilodon Heated Socks

The main goal of information and technology like this is to provide all travelers and explorers around the world with the most comfortable experience while being on your expedition across the globe.

After all, the more prepared and well equipped you are, the more energy and enthusiasm you will have for your upcoming journeys.

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