How To Organize Camping Gears: 11 Helpful Tips

How to organize camping gears? Here are a few tips for beginners:

If you are a novice camper, there must be quite a few times when you would just dive into the items in search of the one that you need the most.

The story goes like this whereas you will find just the right spot to park your car/van or install the camp, you just explode the area with all the items. It turns out to be a mess where nothing can be found at its place.

You might also find yourself to be packing and unpacking half the time. It will not only take away the fun from the adventure, but you will also have to put in quite an effort.

How to organize camping gears

In this article, we are going to jot down a few tips that you will find helpful in keeping everything organized on a camping trip.

How To Organize Camping Gears: 11 Helpful Tips

1. Colored Dry Bags

It’s obvious that you will be putting things in different drybags. You might be putting in items according to the size of the available drybags, but what you can do is to find the colored bags and put the items according to the categories.

It will give you quick and easy access to all the items that you will need while you are on the camping ground.

2. Multi-Purpose Items

While you are packing for camping, it’s important to find items that can serve multiple needs. It will also be significantly helpful in keeping the luggage light.

For example, you can go for the carabiner where it will serve the purpose of a knife and a matchstick. The pot in which you are cooking can also be used as a bowl.

3. Use Compression Sacks

If you are planning to go camping in winters, keep in mind that most of the space will be consumed by winter gear. It’s obvious that you are trying to find some method that will just keep the storage low-key.

The compression sack shown below is the best one that you can go for. Also, you will find them to be quite lightweight.

Compression Sacks For Camping
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4. Use a shoe rack to store other items

It’s obvious that you will not be carrying multiple pairs of shoes and to make things easier for you, you can make use of the shoe rack. The simplest and the easiest of all is to put all the kitchen supplies in these racks.

The biggest advantage that you will get with this accessory is that it can easily be hung anywhere, be it your van/RV, clothesline, etc.

5. Keep toiletries in one place

All the products which one will use for personal care and answer nature’s call, you should put all the things in one place. What it will do is that you can just grab one bag and go for it.


You will not need to waste any time to find the product you are trying to pick up.

6. Find some paper products

The tote bag that you are keeping ready with all the camping gear should also carry some paper products that are just one-time use and biodegradable.

Make sure that you are using minimal plastic as it will only harm the environment.

To keep the luggage light, you can roll it on the bottles so that you don’t have to carry anything extra.

7. Don’t keep the batteries in

All the electricals that you are using, be it a flashlight, headlamps, etc., should not be packed along with the batteries. You must put the batteries out and only put them in once you are reached there and need to use these items.

What you can do to make things easier is to get a sealed bag to keep the batteries so that they can be stored near the equipment.

8. Clear the sleeping bags thoroughly

Before you pack the sleeping bags, make sure that you are airing them out. Shake it well so that it doesn’t fold any small item with it and you end up searching for that, everywhere.

The sleeping bags that you are using must not be put/hung in the sunlight as the fabric, i.e., nylon will be significantly damaged.

For the cotton blankets, you should give them enough sunlight as the UV rays will disinfect them from inside out.

9. Use separate coolers for food & drinks

You must have been advised of this one. If you are planning to bring just one cooler with you, there are quite high chances that you will find everything to be a mess.

We recommend you getting two coolers so that you can store the meals and liquids, separately. It will also help you in keeping the meals chilled for long.

Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler
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10. Go for vertical spaces

Be it your van or RV, if you are not using it as a home on wheels, there are high chances that you aren’t using the vertical space. To store all the camping gear, you should use the hanging racks to store the items.

The floor should be kept uncluttered so that you can easily navigate without hitting anything.

11. Boots will need air

The boots that you are carrying for the hike or the trek should be given fresh air so that all the dampness or the bad smell can be taken away. For an added effect, you can also sprinkle a few drops of bicarb soda.

Also, not just the shoes, but you must keep everything in such a way that it doesn’t get any moisture.

Final thoughts…

The tips that we have mentioned here are quite simple and if you are a beginner or have just done a few camping, you will find these to be significantly helpful.

The biggest concern while going camping is to manage the space efficiently. While you are planning for the camping trip, make sure that you are implementing these tips attentively.

Above all that, try to find a shaded spot as it will be quite helpful in keeping the food items frozen for a long time. For the coolers, make sure that you are putting in a thin film to separate the occupants and the ice cubes/blocks.

So, these were some helpful tips on how to organize camping gears. I hope you liked the tips and learned a thing or two.

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below in the comment section below.

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